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33 views • March 2, 2022

【看新聞學英文】企鵝逛水族館太可愛 爆紅成明星還出書|#大千英語新聞

🔊Popular Chicago Penguin Pair to Star in Children's Book 芝加哥一對受歡迎的企鵝成為兒童讀物中的明星 [可開啟中文字幕] There are new tour guides in town at the Chicago Shedd Aquarium, and they are about to star in a children's book. With the aquarium closed to visitors because of the pandemic, the empty halls are an adventure awaiting the penguins to visit some of their fellow inhabitants. 芝加哥謝德水族館出現了兩個新的導遊,而他們即將成為兒童讀物的主角。因疫情而休館期間,謝絕遊客參觀,空蕩蕩的大廳就成為企鵝拜訪其他動物的冒險之地。 "Today, I have Edward and Annie. This is Annie in my lap and that's Edward exploring around. They are two of the Rockhopper Penguins here at the Shedd," said Megan Vens-Policky, Shedd Aquarium Penguin Caretaker. 「今天,我們有愛德華和安妮。在我腿上的是安妮,在四處探索的是愛德華,他們是謝德水族館的兩隻 跳岩企鵝。」芝加哥謝德水族館企鵝管理員 凡斯波莉琪(MEGAN VENS-POLICKY)說。 A video of Edward and Annie went viral as they explored the aquatic world of sea animals at the aquarium. The companions quickly rose to celebrity status. 愛德華和安妮在水族館探索海洋動物的水生世界的影片在網上爆紅。這對企鵝瞬間變成名人。 "It's a regular part of the animals' welfare. Getting out and about, seeing things. They're curious animals, so giving them opportunities to see new things is good for their mental stimulation," said Megan Vens-Policky, Shedd Aquarium Penguin Caretaker. 「讓牠們出去走走、看看,是動物福利的一部分。牠們是充滿好奇心的動物,所以給牠們機會看看新事物,會有助於刺激牠們的心靈。」芝加哥謝德水族館企鵝管理員 凡斯波莉琪(MEGAN VENS-POLICKY)說。 Needless to say, Edward and Annie's notoriety has only just begun. A book titled "Edward 0a 0nd Annie: A Penguin Adventure" is slated to hit shelves in March. 不用說,愛德華和安妮的明星旅程才剛剛開始。一本名為《愛德華與安妮:企鵝歷險記》的書將於 3 月上架。 "It's a story of friendship, of adventure, of learning that differences can be okay, but normal is really good, too. So, there's a lot to learn from the book," said Caryn Rivadeneira, the author. 「這是一個關於友誼、冒險以及認識到有差異也沒關係、正常也很棒的故事。 所以,這本書有很多值得學習的地方。」《愛德華與安妮:企鵝歷險記》的作者 里瓦德內拉(CARYN RIVADENEIRA)說。 The penguins will be the central characters of the book as it highlights the challenges and fun when embarking on new adventures. A portion of proceeds will benefit the penguins at the Shedd Aquarium, and conservations for penguins in the wild. 企鵝將成為本書的中心人物,因為它突顯了開始新冒險時將遇到的挑戰和樂趣。書的部分收益將回饋於謝德水族館的企鵝們,以及用於野生企鵝的保護。 await (v.) 等待;將降臨在(…身上) inhabitant (n.) (某地的)居民,棲息動物 companion (n.) 夥伴;伴侶 be slated (v.) 預計;安排 embark on/upon sth (ph.) 開始,著手做(新的或重要的事情) proceeds (n.)(從事某種活動或變賣財物的)收入,收益 🔠【大千英語新聞】播放清單歡迎+到媒體庫 http://bit.ly/3b9y352 細選自國際上新奇、趣味、具指標性的新聞報導,通過閱讀、收聽與影像記憶等多功能加速學習。短短的影片,讓忙碌的現代人也能通勤學英文,天天練聽力。在台灣迎向國際的浪潮下,看大千學英文培植國際素養,是普羅大眾快樂的好幫手。 🔔請訂閱我們 https://youtube.com/user/NTDAmazingWorld 🆗再開啟小鈴鐺 ✅定時來點正成長喔 官方網站👉https://www.ntdtv.com.tw/program/大千世界
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