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JetBlue Plane Surrounded by Armed Police After Pilots Stop Communicating With Air Traffic Control
2018-06-27    58 views
Armed police surrounded a JetBlue aircraft on the runway at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York after it lost contact with air traffic control, prompting a security alert on Tuesday, June 26.
Passengers on board the aircraft were left fearing for their lives after the incident at 8pm, CBS New York reported. The Airbus A320, which suffered a radio equipment glitch, subsequently returned to the gate for inspection and passengers deplaned, the report said.
This video of police officers next to the aircraft was taken by a motorist driving past the airport.
Credit: JEEPVader via Storyful
Man and Two Dogs Rescued After Boat Sinks in Lake Bistineau
2018-06-20    0 views
Two Bossier Parish deputies and a Good Samaritan rescued a man and his two dogs after their boat sank in Lake Bistineau on Monday, June 18.
According to information released by the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office, the man, Christopher Burns, called 911 after his boat sank, leaking him and his two dogs treading water.
The two responding officers – Dep. Duane Washington and Sgt. Tim Wynn – enlisted the aid of a neighbor who knew Burns and guided them onto the lake.
Burns was wearing a life jacket at the time of rescue and holding onto a cypress tree and his dogs. His boat was submerged about 50 yards away.
This footage shows the rescue as well as an interview with Burns, his wife Farrah and the deputies.
Credit: Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office via Storyful
Hammerhead Shark Battles Tarpon Off Florida's Anna Maria Island
2018-06-19    10 views
Whitney Phillips Watson captured footage of an epic battle between a tarpon and a hammerhead shark off the coast of Florida’s Anna Maria Island on Sunday, June 17.
The video shows Watson’s boat approach the combatants, as the shark flicks the tarpon out of the water.
Credit: Whitney Phillips Watson via Storyful
Lava Flows Freely at 15 Miles Per Hour From Hawaiian Volcanic Vent
2018-06-19    8 views
Lava continued to gush from a fissure at the Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii’s Puna district on Saturday, June 16.
According to the US Geological Survey on that date, lava fountains from the fissure “pulsed to heights of 185 to 200 feet overnight” and the molten rock continued to flow down a channel to the ocean at Kapoho.
Lava has covered nine square miles since eruptions started in May, Hawaii News Now reported.
Credit: US Geological Survey via Storyful
Aerial Footage Shows Lava Flow From Fissure to Hawaiian Coast
2018-06-18    39 views
Lava continued to gush from the Kilauea Volcano’s fissure 8 in Hawaii’s Puna district on Saturday, June 16.
According to the US Geological Survey on that date, lava fountains from fissure 8 “pulsed to heights of 185 to 200 feet overnight” and the molten rock continued to flow down a channel to the ocean at Kapoho.
Lava has covered nine square miles since eruptions started in May, Hawaii News Now reported.
Credit: TSgt Andrew Jackson via Storyful
Kyoto Commuters Walk in Dark Tunnel After Quake Disrupts Train Services
2018-06-18    8 views
Commuters had to walk along a train track between Kyoto and Shiga after a magnitude 6.1 earthquake hit Osaka and other parts of western Japan, causing disruptions to train services on June 18.
This video shows people walking in a dark tunnel along the Kosei Line, a commuter rail line that runs in Keihanshin metropolitan area. Shinkansen services and local train services in Osaka, Kyoto and other prefectures were suspended due to the quake, Japanese newspaper Mainichi reported.
At least three people, a nine-year-old girl and two men in their 80s, were reportedly killed in Osaka prefecture during the quake, according to the Japan Times.
Credit: Takashi Tokunaga via Storyful
Police Rescue Boaties Stranded Off Gladstone Coast
2018-06-18    57 views
Queensland Police came to the rescue of three men, who were stranded off the coast of Gladstone on Saturday, June 16, in two separate incidents.
Police reported that two men were stranded after their boat overturned on Friday evening south of Rock Cod Shoal, which was around 20 km off that coast of Gladstone. They clung to their vessel until they were found by a volunteer marine unit around 10:30 am Saturday.
Around an hour later, another boat off the coast of Gladstone required help due to mechanical problems. The skipper suffered severe seasickness and chest pain and was taken to Gladstone Hospital.
This video shows both rescue efforts.
Credit: Queensland Police Service via Storyful
Man Arrested For Kidnapping, Sexual Assault of Girl in Newcastle
2018-06-17    245 views
Police arrested a 47-year-old man in Hamilton, New South Wales, after he allegedly kidnapped an 11-year-old girl on June 12 and sexually assaulted her.
According to police, the man approached the girl at Hudson Park in Adamstown Heights at about 9:15 am on Tuesday and told her he had a knife and forced her into his car, taking her to nearby bushland. She was then sexually and indecently assaulted for several hours before the man released her at Kotara Railway Station.
On June 16, police stopped a red Commodore at about 12:15pm and arrested the male driver, seizing the car for tests. The man will appear at Newcastle Local Court on Sunday, June 17, charged with sexual assault, kidnapping and indecent assault.
Credit: NSW Police Force via Storyful
Pinto the Koala Released Into Wild After Remarkable Recovery
2018-06-15    2 views
A koala struck by a car in September, 2017, was released back into wild after making a remarkable recovery, thanks to round-the-clock care from veterinarians at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital.
The zoo said Pinto the koala was found by the side of a road in Mundoolun, Queensland.
“Pinto has been one of our favourite long term patients at Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital because his original injuries were very severe but he had a great fighting spirit,” director of Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital Dr Rosie Booth said.
“He had suffered multiple breaks to his arm, a ruptured eye, shock and internal bleeding. To repair Pinto’s arm, we performed surgery that involved inserting a series of surgical pins into the humerus and stabilised it on the outside with surgical clamps. He also had to undergo months of rehabilitation to build up his strength for climbing”.
A video released on June 15 chronicled the koala’s road to recovery and ended with his release back into the wild.
Credit: Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors via Storyful
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