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Chinese Student Blasted for Commencement Speech | China Uncensored

Yang Shuping delivered a graduation speech at the University of Maryland that compared the clean air…更多

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China』s Biggest Coverup: Expert Panel Hosted by Chris Chappell | China Uncensored

Chris Chappell travels to Sweden to host a roundtable with top experts about China's biggest militar…更多

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US Spy Operations in China “Crippled” | China Uncensored

18-20 CIA informants in China are either dead or in prison, but Chinese state media claims there's n…更多

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North Korean Hackers Turn On China? | China Uncensored

In training North Korean hackers, China has created a virtual monster. And China itself may be its n…更多

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How Chinese Propaganda Has Infiltrated American Homes | China Uncensored

Over the past two decades, the Chinese Communist Party has been using a combination of propaganda an…更多

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