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Chinese Military Order: “Be Combat Ready” | China Uncensored

Xi Jinping is attempting to modernize China's military and make its commanders loyal to himself. But…更多

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Could North Korea Start a Nuclear War? | China Uncensored

Under pressure from President Donald Trump, North Korea failed to carry out a nuclear test for Kim I…更多

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China』s Ban on Reincarnation | China Uncensored

The Chinese government has issued a ban on reincarnation! Tibetan monks are forbidden from reincarna…更多

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Chinese Internet Goes Nuts After United Passenger Removal | China Uncensored

China fans the flames of racial tension on the internet.Sign the petition: http://www.chinauncensore…更多

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Trump vs Xi: Who Won the Summit?! | China Uncensored

President Donald Trump and Xi Jinping went head-to-head at The Donald's Mar-a-Lago estate. So who ca…更多

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