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Airbnb owner shocked to return home and find home packed, being used for music video

2018-06-13 15:45
By Zack StieberJUNE 12, 2018 The owner of a condominium in Illinois was shocked when he went to check on his condo only to find the house packed and the crowd in the middle of filming a music video. “I never expected something like this to go ahead and happen. It’s just kinda out of the clear blue,” Brian Reynolds told Fox 32. Reynolds said a woman contacted him to rent the condo through Airbnb for May 31, saying she was in town for a graduation party. Reynolds’s listing states that no more than two people can be at his condo but he received a phone call from his neighbor alerting him that he should go by the condo because there were a lot of people there. “I walked through my front door, they had food catering, a bunch of cast members out there. My front door was open half way so I walked in and my whole place was filled. About 30 people in there. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve never had that many people in my place,” Reynolds said. The condo in Chicago Park was also filled with cameras, lights, and film equipment, and the crowd had been filming scenes in multiple rooms, including the bathroom and Reynolds’s bedroom. “They said they had one more scene left to go ahead and film. They said it would take 45 minutes. I said no, you guys gotta get out of here. My neighbors are outside. And I had to look out for their safety first and foremost,” Reynolds said. Reynolds ordered everyone to leave and soon contacted Airbnb to demand an investigation. But the company said that what happened was “not a violation of our terms of service.” However, a representative told Fox 32 that a company official did confirm with Reynolds that a listing should never be used for commercial purposes without a host’s permission. Airbnb said the investigation concluded that a film crew was shooting a music video. It’s unclear if the renters will face any consequences. Reynolds is trying to prevent the videos from being published. “I’ve got pictures of my family up and whatnot and I don’t want this popping up anywhere on the internet” Reynolds said. “It’s definitely a violation of my privacy.”