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2019-02-21 00:38
Known for its majestic Grand Canyon, Arizona welcomed Shen Yun’s New York Company with a full house on opening night in Phoenix. Clifton Moschnik, a senior vice president at Wells Fargo, said it was his first time seeing a Shen Yun performance. He was excited to see a familiar Chinese classic. "The Journey of the West and some of history, that was absolutely, just a beautiful performance, and actually, one of the key cultures that, you know, if you go back and read about China, that is one of the key stories and timelines," said Moschnik. He attended the performance with his fiance, Stacy Fornara, retired co-founder of Bible.com. "It is amazing. The details and the way that the performance is laid out is amazing. It's very true to life," said Fornara. "I've learned that a lot of what is presented is not a lot of what we see in the American history. So this is a nice view from the Chinese perspective of what has really gone on in the past 5,000 years." Lance Renfrow, president of Clear Solutions USA LLC, was a professional water skier. In 2012, he was the recipient of an Award of Distinction at the Water Ski Hall of Fame. As an athlete who competed for many years, he saw the dancers as very good athletes. This is is second year seeing Shen Yun. "The best I’ve ever seen, I’ve seen a lot of shows, a lot of shows, this was very good. I would come back," said Renfrow. "We used to perform on water much like they do there but I think the big thing again were special effects that really were out of this world." "The moon was absolutely amazing," said Moschnik. "That was the best performance by far. It was so incredible. And it's so, you know, just like a dream. It was so beautiful. And when they got to the moon, it looked beautiful. I loved it. NTD News, Phoenix, Arizona