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Trump Celebrates 'Complete Victory" in Midterms Elections

2018-11-07 23:39
Hello and welcome to the Epoch Times Evening News, I’m your host Angela Anderson. The Democrats have won the house but the Republicans are keeping the Senate and the President, is now backed by a reinforced party of Republicans that support his agenda. [SOUNDBITE: TRUMP, CNN, PO-132WE: “This election marks the largest Senate gains for a President's party in a first midterm election since at least President Kennedy's in 1962. There have been only four midterm elections since 1934 in which a President's party has gained even a single Senate seat.”] Nine of the eleven Senate candidates that the President campaigned for last week have won. And his party’s most vocal critics have been replaced as well. [SOUNDBITE: TRUMP, CNN, PO-126WE]: “This vigorous campaigning stopped the blue wave they talked about, I don't know if there ever was such a thing, but could have been if we didn't do the campaigning, probably there could have been. And history really will see the good job we did in the final weeks in terms of getting some tremendous people over the finish line." The Democrats were able to flip dozens of house seats. Some of those were in suburban districts where Hillary Clinton won in twenty-sixteen. But the Senate was a different outcome. Most of the Democrats who voted AGAINST Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh have lost their seats. [SOUNDBITE: TRUMP, CNN, PO-128WE: “By expanding our Senate majority, the voters have also clearly rebuked the Senate Democrats for their handling of the Kavanaugh hearings. That was a factor. I think maybe a very big factor. The way that was handled I think was - tremendous energy was given to the Republican Party by the way they treated then Judge Kavanaugh now Justice Kavanaugh”] The House is a partial loss for the President, but his focus was always the Senate. A stronger supporter base THERE means the President will get smoother confirmations on his picks for Supreme Court Justices and judges. Meanwhile the President remains hopeful about the Democrats and Republicans working together. Today he praised the Democrat Leader Nancy Pelosi for calling on unity and bipartisanship. [SOUNDBITE: TRUMP, CNN, PO-131WE] “...and I give her a lot of credit. She works very hard and she's worked long and hard. I give her a great deal of credit for what she's done and what she's accomplished. Hopefully we can all work together next year to continue delivering for the American people. Including on economic growth, infrastructure, trade, lowering the cost of prescription drugs, these are some of the things that the Democrats do want to work on. And I really believe we'll be able to do that. And that’s all for today on the Epoch Times, please like and subscribe to our channel. See you next time.