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Facts Behind the ‘Controlled’ Outbreak in China: Those with Mild Symptoms Are Ignored

2020-03-25 15:43
There is a large number of patients who have not been treated to support the claim that the government is succeeding in combating the outbreak in China. - Reporter: There are many people with symptoms like yours who were turned away by hospital staff. Why did the hospital do that? Xiao Wei: The nucleic acid test was negative and the CT image was inconclusive. Xiao Wei: On January 11, I had the feeling that this disease was as serious and contagious as SARS. I said that people in Wuhan could end up being barred from leaving the city and become persona non grata. Little did I know this would turn out to be true. Reporter: Prior to January 11, no one in your neighborhood paid attention to the disease? Xiao Wei: No, none. The virus was known on January 1 or 2, but we were told there was no human to human transmission. There’s not much to worry about. But on the night of January 18, after I went to a bar, I didn’t feel well. I was nauseous, weak, and panting for breath. On January 20, I had a low fever when I was on the bus. I felt the fever on the left side of my forehead, but not on the right. I felt strange and I tested my forehead with my hand for a long time. After I got off the bus, the fever was gone. But I was short of breath and felt tightness in my chest. It didn’t seem serious. Reporter: What are people like you thinking about when you are in this situation? Your symptoms are ignored by the community and the doctors. Xiao Wei: I told others about my symptoms, no fever, no coughing. People said it’s not the same infection. I told my family that I had the infection, but none of them believed me. Reporter: I see your medicines. Were they prescribed by a doctor or did you just buy them yourself? Xiao Wei: I bought it myself. No doctor prescribed anything. I searched online and bought what was recommended. I have had constant and serious watery diarrhea every day. On the 23rd, I had diarrhea more than 10 times. I also lost my appetite, and my mouth was dry and tasted bitter. There was a guy by the Hankou Railway Station who was a confirmed case while he was in Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital. He told the reporter what he experienced including the symptoms of a dry mouth and bitter taste. I remembered what he said. Reporter: It was said that all patients were released from the local makeshift hospitals. Where are those people now? Xiao Wei: They were sent to other hospitals. A netizen who was recently released from the makeshift hospital near the bridge said he was transferred to a local hospital that facility had no medicine and no tests to monitor his sickness. There’s one person in Qingshan District released from the makeshift hospital. He’s been ill for 40 days. He said his two elderly relatives at home died from the infection. His cousin and aunt also showed mild symptoms. There are many people like me with mild symptoms. A girl from Shanghai was denied treatment or testing. Finally she became very ill and her father took her back to Henan. She was again rejected by the hospitals in Henan. She’s had a low grade fever all this time. I have tried to comfort her. She said she’s thinking about euthanasia. There’s another patient in Beijing. He can only breathe through his mouth now. He and I share some symptoms, including insomnia. The sickness worsens at night and that keeps him awake. For me, I wake every hour all night long. Before I started taking the medicine, it was really hard to fall asleep. It’s really painful. Reporter: People are focusing on the patients with serious symptoms. Those of you with mild symptoms just don’t get treatment or testing. It leaves you and your family in a very difficult situation. You have been ignored or neglected. Xiao Wei: Our symptoms started with constant burping and gas, that is abdominal bloating followed by flatulence. As for the Henan girl, she spent nearly 10,000 yuan ($1414.77) in Shanghai. She wanted to be diagnosed, but the hospital would not test her. She has to be admitted to the hospital to get a test that she would have to pay for. The cost is nearly 1,0