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Athletes Might Have Contracted Virus During Military World Games

2020-05-29 21:56
Many European athletes have previously indicated that they might have been infected by the CCP virus during the 7th Military World Games held on in Wuhan on October 18th to 27th, 2019. On May 25th, a Wuhan visitor told NTD that she had also developed symptoms of the CCP virus last October. She indicated that she had symptoms such as coughing and fever during the time of the Military World Games. The Wuhan visitor, Ms. Wang, said: “I felt like I had the CCP virus. I was coughing and having fever during the time of the Military World Games and vomited blood after 13 days. The symptoms were severe at the time and I went to the hospital after I could not hang on any longer. The hospital was going to admit me as a critical patient but the person who was monitoring me said I could not stay in the hospital overnight.” Ms. Wang was under surveillance by monitors as a result of the appeal. They did not allow Ms. Wang to be hospitalized so she had to stay in the hospital during the day and return to the hotel at night. However, it was difficult to receive treatments this way so she was later admitted to the Wuhan First Hospital, but the conditions of the stay were extremely poor. Ms. Wang explained: “I was hospitalized for 8 days. My lung infection was pretty serious. The nurse was going to give me a suction but I didn't do it because I have a severe heart disease, atrial fibrillation, which does not allow intubation, so I didn't do it. But my inflammation never went away.” As a result of the unpleasant experience during the hospital stay, Ms. Wang filed a complaint against the hospital. Unexpectedly, in January, she received an unusually cordial call from her primary care physician and head nurse. Ms. Wang: “Dr. Huang Ying was my primary care physician from the First Hospital and another head nurse called me asking me to go back to the hospital because I was still sick and also saying that they would pay for my treatments.” At the time, Ms. Wang was still coughing and having a low-grade fever, but she did not go back to the hospital for treatments because she was busy appealing at different agencies. When she arrived in Shanghai from Wuhan on January 18th, she still had a low-grade fever. At the time, she didn't suspect she might have contracted the CCP virus until she saw a CCTV interview with the head nurse who took care of her during her hospitalization. Ms. Wang continued: “A CCTV journalist interviewed the head nurse in March or in April, I am not sure, but I was in shock when I heard her words. She said that their Infectious Disease Unit admitted a person who contracted the CCP virus in the Wuhan Huanan Seafood Market in December last year. Later, this person was transferred to Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital after he was recovered. When she called me to go back to the hospital, the epidemic was still under the wraps within China. She certainly suspected I had the CCP virus and was afraid that I would spread the virus.” According to a report from the CCP, the first confirmed case of the coronavirus was reported on December 8th last year. 30 doctors from Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital mentioned in The Lancet, an international peer-reviewed general medical journal, that the first confirmed case was symptomatic on December 1st. Also, South China Morning Post reported in March that there was one patient in Hubei Province confirmed with the virus as early as November 17th. Ms. Wang recalls that during her hospitalization last October, the availability of beds was limited. NTD reporter: “Were all the beds occupied at that time?” Ms. Wang: “Yes, yes, yes. It was very nerve-racking. There were young people and old people, the majority were old people, and they all had their lungs infected. The availability of the beds was extremely limited and many elderly died. During the Military World Games, no one knew it was the coronavirus, so they all said the death was caused by pre-existing illnesses.”