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These Self-Flying Taxis Are Taking To The Skies

2018-03-16 18:43
These flying taxis are taking to the skies. Kitty Hawk, accompany that develops flying vehicles just released their latest aircraft. The “Cora” is a self-driving air taxi that’s being tested in New Zealand. Cora is all electric so there are zero emissions. It can go up to 3,000 feet in the air and fly for roughly 62 miles, reaching speeds of 110 miles per hour. It takes off vertically, like a helicopter then flies through the air like a plane. Kitty Hawk is pretty confident its technology will reshape transportation. “At Kitty Hawk, we know the technology is feasible because we are already doing it.” Cora has a few fail safes for its trusting passengers. Its rotors work independently, so if there’s an issue with one you won’t go into a nosedive. It uses 3 flight computers that work together to get you where you need to go safely and a parachute to catch you if all else fails. Kitty Hawk want Cora to be a flying service much like an airline or a ride-sharing service, so you can’t buy one. But flight tests are already underway. It might not be long before you can ride you to get where you need to go.