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Shen Yun Connects the World With the Divine, Says Artist

2020-01-06 17:24
For thousands of years, classical Chinese dance was used to express traditional values, which place great emphasis on spiritual self-discipline and respect for the divine. Shen Yun displays these traditional values through its portrayal of Chinese classical tales. "This performance connects the whole world to whatever form you use... It's connecting with the divine," said Jeanine Jackson, a portrait artist, and the president of the Connecticut Society of Portrait Artists. "It moves me to pursue the arts even more as a vehicle to spirituality," Jackson added. "I was in ... like a little heaven tonight. really wonderful," said violinist John Kucer who saw Shen Yun with his son at Stamford on Dec 26. Kucer said he was deeply impressed by the values that were shown through the performance. "Shen Yun has this sense of a world that goes beyond the material world, which is very uplifting," said pastor Peter Samuel Kucer and the President-Rector of Holy Apostles College. "The moral values, it's very evident, interwoven throughout the performance." John from Julliard was also really attracted by the orchestra. "To me, it was so interesting because it's the combination of the old instruments combined with modern instruments and it goes along beautifully," he said. "Which tells you that the past and the present should be enjoyed together, we never should forget the past which signifying the older instruments." "It's a continuity of cultures and the orchestra represents that," he added. The Kucers said they felt uplifted after seeing the performance and said they hope many others go and watch Shen Yun. "It shows everything—goodness, humility, humbleness, and then, at the same time, the confidence of the human being," said John. "I hope that the company will always have good audiences," he added. "Because it's important for the world." NTD News, Stamford, Connecticut.