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2018-10-10 20:42
SIEFER says: "I moved her out from under her blanket and she was a different color." FOR JESSIE SIEFER AND KAYLOB HARMON IT FELT LIKE SLOW MOTION HARMON says: "I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy." THE SURVEILLANCE VIDEO SHOWS HOW FAST IT REALLY HAPPENED. THEIR WEEK-OLD DAUGHTER AUDREY HARMON STOPPED BREATHING WHILE THEY WERE AT THE MALL. THEY JUMPED INTO ACTION , A CROWD JUMPED INTO ACTION ... BUT IT WAS THESE GUYS RUNNING TO HELP HER WHO MADE THE DIFFERENCE. RUSSELL says: "We really thought she was dead at the time." ZACHARKIW says: "I just wanted to do whatever I could to give her a chance." THREE CLACKAMAS COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPUTIES HAPPENED TO BE WITHIN ONE BLOCK OF CLACKAMAS TOWN CENTER WHEN THE 911 CALL CAME IN. RUSSELL says: "It's not coincidental." THEY SAY NEVER BEFORE HAVE THEY BEEN IN THIS SITUATION WITH AN INFANT, BUT THEIR TRAINING TOOK OVER. AS A TEAM, THEY HELD HER HEAD UP -- DID C-P-R CLEARED AUDREY'S AIRWAYS AND KEPT HER ALIVE UNTIL THE PARAMEDICS CAME. HARMON says: "It's pretty amazing to be able to hit 911 and have your daughters life saved." ZACHARKIW says: "This call was the most painful and most rewarding call at the same time that I've ever had in my entire life." BABY AUDREY HAS BEEN AT DOERNBECHER'S FOR MORE THAN A WEEK NOW. AND OVER THE WEEKEND, SHE HAD SOME VISITORS. RUSSELL says: "Man I lit up cause she opened her eyes which I was not expecting and she looked right at me." ZACHARKIW says: "I was crying right there with her parents just tears of joy and happiness." HER PARENTS SAY SHE'S DOING A LOT BETTER -- THEY DON'T KNOW YET WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS OR WHEN SHE MIGHT BE RELEASED. BUT SHE CAN EXPECT MORE VISITS FROM HER HEROES IN THE DAYS TO COME. HARMON says: "She wouldn't be here without them… I hope she knows them for the rest of her life." HER PARENTS AND THE DEPUTIES SAY THEY'RE JUST GRATEFUL SHE'S STILL HERE.