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Woman Who Complained about Nasty Quarantine Hotel Asked to Make a Confession

2020-03-10 03:44
Location: China A Chinese woman who just returned to China from South Korea posted a video on WeChat, complaining about the unsanitary and untidy condition of a hotel designated as a quarantine site. The director of the local police department went to her hotel room, and forced her to make a confession by recording a new video praising the Chinese regime. - Woman: I was wrong. Now I must clarify. The government has been kind to me. Director of Police Station: Umm, look at the camera. Woman: Now they have delivered to me the disposable sheet and masks that I have asked for, and they even delivered breakfast today. Whatever I need, they will bring it to me. The front desk always responds to my request. Director: What location is on your household registration? Woman: Tianmen. Director: Ah, Tianmen. Woman: My parents live in Qinghua Village, Tianmen Town, Fangzheng County, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. Director: No need to go to this level of detail. Just say Tianmen. Press your mask here. Where is that video you posted? Woman: It’s inside a Wechat group formed by my fellow townsmen. I just sent them the menu in this hotel. Director: Come record it again. Add me on your WeChat. We must pay attention to guiding public opinion and spreading positive energy. Ah... Woman. Umm. Director: Scan my QR code to add me. I am the director of the local police station. I came just to speak to you. This person is the political instructor of our police station. Woman: Umm. Director: What you just said, the positive things, record it again. You could say you are satisfied. If you have any complaints, you are free to bring them up. Now everyone is busy. Our government has to host too many people, those who come from other countries and other areas. According to the guidelines for coronavirus control, if you come from Japan or South Korea, originally you are not allowed to come back to China. However, it was decided to allow people like you to come back and place you under quarantine for 14 days before you can go home. If you have any issues, you can talk to the front desk. Now you spread the video to the public, it hurts the image of our government. Actually, in this round of coronavirus control, our government is doing very very well, Ah, doing a great job. Woman: I was wrong. I apologize for the video I posted just now and I apologize for the impact it has brought upon everyone. I also want to apologize to our government and our policemen, including those coronavirus control staff. They all treat me very well, really well.