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Breadth and Depth Inexhaustible

2019-01-16 00:37
Ronald Dent, former owner of Manpower International, a subsidiary of Manpower Group, appreciated the spiritual elements, the common theme of peace and love, and the diversity of culture depicted in the performance. "It depicted so many of the different little differences, between the north and the south and the east and the west, in years ago versus nowadays," said Dent. "That's why it's nice to have it here, so everybody can experience it," he said. "It reminds me of my own religion, I’m Christian and it’s the same thing that we have, we know we have a being above us and we all one day hope that our lives will be pure enough to reach that level." Richard Eng, Vice President of UBS-Wealth Management, felt he learned a lot about traditional Chinese culture through the performance. "Classical dance was, beautiful, wonderful," said Eng. "I like the fact that the music that went behind it, was very good. Everything was tied to heaven. Which I thought was really wonderful." "Well I, I'm already a Christian, and I believe the creator, I believe in Jesus Christ so that was part of what I believe," he said. "I always have God in my nature and I believe everyone should really believe in God and because that's where we came from, I like the fact that you believe that we are all from divine, from heaven." "Well I like the music, and it was very soothing, and especially the Chinese instruments like the and the pipa and the erhu, and I love the individual performance," said Eng. "And the singing by the soprano, I thought was wonderful too." The rich culture and history portrayed in the performance was both wondrous and impressive to the audience members. "I thought it was spectacular, the dancing was wonderful," said Raymond Gambardella, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon. "I was particularly impressed with the orchestra, was just magnificent and the singing pieces, and the piano solos with the vocalist were very, very well done, but just the spectacle of it. It was so beautifully done. And I really think we learned a little something about the Chinese culture today that I'm very pleased to have come and been able to do that." "The depth and the breadth of it, it's just almost inexhaustible to see the ... looking back in the history of the dance and, how it progressed and how it’s still so vibrant, to me was very heartening," said Gambardella. "Go see it. Yes, you won't be disappointed." "If you want to hear and watch classical Chinese dance, combined with music. Attend the show," said Eng.