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Taiwan to Announce Humanitarian Assistance Plan to Support Hong Kongers

2020-06-15 17:50
While a year has passed since Hong Kong’s anti-extradition campaign, the CCP is speeding up its push for the Hong Kong National Security Law. Meanwhile, the President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-Wen, has proposed a "Hong Kong Humanitarian Assistance Action Plan", coordinated by Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council. Media sources reported that the proposal has been sent to the Executive Yuan, and an announcement is expected to be made on Thursday after its approval by the Executive Yuan. Facing the draconian national security laws, the people of Hong Kong continue to protest on the streets. Taiwan has been planning a rescue plan for Hong Kongers, which is said to be announced this Thursday. According to media reports, the "Hong Kong Humanitarian Assistance Action Plan" will be implemented by the Taiwan-Hong Kong Economic and Cultural Co-operation Council. This year's budget will be paid for by the Mainland Affairs Council’s emergency relief expenses, and next year's budget will be officially included in the Mainland Affairs Council's budget, which is reportedly expected to triple the size of this year's budget. President Tsai said on May 27: “We will provide them with the necessary assistance, so that they can come to Taiwan to stay, to live and to work. Our heart and our determination to care for the people of Hong Kong remain unchanged.” According to media sources, when Hong Kongers travel to Taiwan to apply for asylum, Taiwan will ask Hong Kong human rights lawyers to write legal assessments to help verify their identity. Taiwan's National Security Agency and Investigation Bureau will assist in checking the identity of the case to avoid Chinese infiltration. The housing services are in two types, "self-housing" and “group-housing". The care services include providing basic living, psychological counseling, medical insurance, as well as schooling and employment assistance if granted permission to stay. Citizen Front Taiwan Spokesperson, Chiang Min-Yen said: “Young people want to leave Hong Kong not because they want to give up Hong Kong, but because they would be the first ones to be targeted against or even purged after the Hong Kong National Security Law comes into effect. I hope that moving on with the project will be the formation of a supervisory committee made up of citizens and the government, that can ensure the project's long-term viability.” The "Hong Kong Humanitarian Assistance Action Plan" has a two-month notice period for implementing the rules, but the plan will be implemented after the Executive Yuan approves of it on Thursday, which would apply to Hong Kongers who are currently applying for political asylum but have not yet passed the screening process.