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Daytona Beach Police Officer Adopts 'Frozen Puppy' Rescued From River

2018-02-10 21:27
A pitbull puppy rescued by animal control officers from under a bridge in Daytona Beach, Florida, amid freezing temperatures on January 18, was adopted by Daytona Beach Police Officer Kera Cantrell on February 5. The tiny canine, named River, was found under Seabreeze Bridge in frigid Halifax River waters, police said. A video showing the moments after the rescue was shared by the police department on February 8. It shows animal control officers John Pearson and James Lee holding the puppy in their arms inside their vehicle, trying to warm it up. The puppy is seen shaking, and heard making whimpering noises. Police said the puppy was nursed back to health at the Halifax Humane Society, and was later adopted by Officer Kera Cantrell. “Officer Cantrell is now River’s new mom and these are two happy girls!” the police department wrote on Facebook. "For the last couple of weeks we've been telling you about River the Frozen Puppy. As you know her story ended happily; she is safe and sound and very loved in the home of one of our police officers. But we wanted to share the moment after River was found and then rescued by our wonderful animal control officers John Pearson and James Lee. And we really want to thank the person, whoever you are, who called and let DBPD know that River had been left to die under the Seabreeze Bridge in mid-January when the temperature had fallen to below freezing." "Remember the beautiful puppy rescued by Daytona Beach's excellent animal control officers under the Seabreeze Bridge during frigid temps? Here she is again. Yes, she is a SHE and her name is River! River has two holds on her for adoption and she is on her way to perfect health, thanks to officers James Lee (in the first photo) and John Pearson. We love River!" "UPDATE ON RIVER THE FROZEN PUPPY: This is the kind of update we love at DBPD. Of course you remember River, the pit bull puppy rescued by DBPD's animal control officers several days ago from the frigid waters of the Halifax River. This beautiful, spunky puppy was nursed back to health at Halifax Humane Society. One DBPD officer kept visiting River while she recovered. That officer, District One's Kera Cantrell, fell in love with this little canine and the feeling was mutual! Officer Cantrell is now River's new Mom and these are two happy girls!"