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Peta slams CCP for dead dogs piled in Xi'an street-warning

2018-08-26 02:02
PETA Asia: Bodies of Dead Stray Dogs Dumped on Xi’an Street 'Cruel ... Ineffective' After a video appeared online showing the bodies of dogs killed in Xi’an, China, dumped in the street, the animal-rights group PETA Asia decried the practice as a “cruel … ineffective” way to control populations of strays. In a post on Weibo, PETA Asia shared footage of what it estimated were 20 dogs inhumanely killed in the central China city. PETA Asia said government departments should provide shelters for the stray animals, and punish the people who killed the dogs. Some puppies seen in the footage appear to still be alive, left near the bodies of their mothers. “Not only is killing stray dogs in this way cruel, it’s also totally ineffective,” said PETA Asia Vice President Jason Baker in an August 13 press release. The statement read: “Animal population experts agree that laws mandating that all owned animals be sterilized to prevent unwanted births – coupled with full-service animal-sheltering programs – are the most effective ways to reduce stray animal populations. Stray dogs – not just in China but all over the world – are poisoned, hit by cars, tortured at the hands of cruel people, or suffer from disease or starvation. PETA asks that everyone does their part to help in the fight against animal overpopulation: always spay/neuter your pets, and always adopt animals from shelters or rescue groups, never buy them from breeders or pet stores.”