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Avoid Slips and Falls during Icy Conditions update

2018-12-11 01:23
Be careful with the icy sidewalks. For the elderly and those with osteoporosis, the ice and snow that comes with winter storms can bring more than just inconvenience. According to Doctor Ronan Factora of Cleveland Clinic, people over the age of 65 are more likely to break their bones from slipping or falling on the ice. “Osteoporosis is a condition where individuals have thin bones and they’re at risk for breaking things like their hip or their vertebrae or their wrist, it leads to hospitalization and it’s the number one reason why people end up in nursing homes,” said Dr. Factora. He also advised the elderly and people with osteoporosis to ask someone else for help with clearing driveway and walkway. “And if you have to do these jobs, then just think ahead and make sure that you’re taking extra steps to make sure you’re going to avoid falling, avoiding an injury and avoiding a situation where you have to be by yourself if something like that were to occur,” said Dr. Factora. Dr. Factora suggests wearing footwear with good tractions and taking things slow to avoid injury. He also told Fox News that winter doesn’t have to be confining, but it’s better to have someone come with you when you enjoy the cold fresh air outdoors.