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Videos of the Day-Trump Welcomes Andrew Brunson Home

2018-10-14 22:16
Trump Welcomes Andrew Brunson Home CNN: PO-50SA [[Donald Trump, US President]] In the Oval Office of the White House I welcomed home Andrew Brunson. Great man from Turkey. He's back with his family. Together with his wife. And he is on American soil. https://apvideohub.ap.org/detail/TrumpcommentsonBrunsonrepatriationatrally/426c08f1447c8fc91182099755f8632f/video 4. SOUNDBITE (English) [[Donald Trump, President]] I want to thank President Erdogan, Turkey, he was terrific, they all worked together. It wasn't easy, wasn't easy, that one wasn't easy. And we don't pay ransom, we don't pay ransom. But I do want to thank the president, I want to thank the people of Turkey and I think we'll probably now really establish a terrific relationship with Turkey, we appreciate it. -------- https://www.reutersconnect.com/all?id=tag%3Areuters.com%2C2018%3Anewsml_WD91WFMMF%3A2&search=all%3Atag%3Areuters.com%2C2018%3Anewsml_WD91WFMMF%3A2 MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM More than 1,000 people set off from Honduras to the United States on Oct. 13. They planned to walk from northern Honduras through Guatemala and into Mexico. Once in Mexico, they planned to obtain refugee status to remain in the country, or a visa to pass through the U.S. border. Just days before, the United States urged Honduras to halt the attempted mass migration. On Oct. 11, Vice President Mike Pence told the presidents of Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador that the U.S. could help with economic development if they did more to tackle migration and corruption. -------- MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM https://app.extremereach.com/Delivery/Detail/198715495?includeCategories=True HED: ARMY VET RESCUES AMERICAN FLAG Chris Ellenburg was driving home from work when something in the road caught his eye. [[CHRIS ELLENBURG, ARMY VETERAN]] I honestly could not believe it. Whenever I seen what it was, I figured it was normal trash, but as soon as I seen the flag open up as it flipped over into my lane, I knew. He immediately pulled over hopped out of his truck and rescued the flag that drivers were running over. It may not have been to war, it may not have been in combat, it may not have flown over a military base, it may have just flown over somebody's backyard, but it's going to be honored for what it stands for. He planned to properly retire the flag that evening (Oct. 11). --------- CNN: KI-46SA HED: SUNDAY IS NATIONAL DESSERT DAY!