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Former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko denies knowledge about Biden

2019-10-03 14:03
Former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko denies discussing Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine with Joe Biden and denies firing his prosecutor general for investigating Hunter Biden. He spoke to CNN international correspondent Matthew Chance on Oct. 2. --SOT-- Matthew chance, cnn international correspondent: "Did you fire your prosecutor general because he was investigating burisma and biden?" Petro poroshenko, former ukrainian president: "Excuse me, we definitely did not want to be involved in the political process inside the united states. This is point number one." Matthew chance: "But you are involved?" Petro poroshenko: "Point number two, all prosecutor generals should be completely independent from the president of ukraine and under the ukrainian constitution the president has no right to fire the prosecutor general." Matthew chance: "Did vice president biden tell you his son had business interests in that gas company?" Petro poroshenko: "We never, ever spoke about any commercial company or any persons neither with vice president biden nor with president obama nor with president trump." Matthew chance: "Did you send your prosecutor general to meet with giuliani?" Petro poroshenko: "I knew nothing about it. I absolutely confirm: we never with any american officials spoke about any commercial company except we spoke about the support of american investment with general electric, support of the american investment housing companies, support the pennsylvania coal company, support any other big, reliable american investment. We never, ever spoke about commercial activity but we spoke about the form of the prosecutor general office, created condition for the independence of that and now, unfortunately, by the law adopted now by parliament, the independence of the prosecutor's office was completely ruined. And with this situation, we see the results during the negotiation." Matthew chance: "Did you know your prosecutor general was meeting giuliani?" Petro poroshenko: "No, I never had any information about that." Pool reporter: "Have you ever met with rudy giuliani yourself?" Petro poroshenko: "Yes, I met with him the year 2001 as the mayor of new york and the year 2017, immediately after the election, we talked about political support, we talked about investment and we don't talk about any other things."