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Shen Yun Enchants Paris Audiences With Colorful Display of Chinese Culture

2019-01-21 22:43
The dancers wore long flowing sleeves that rippled through the air as their bodies extended with each dance movement. This dance vignette was one of the classical Chinese dance pieces performed by Shen Yun Performing Arts in Paris over the weekend. Frédéric Burband, vice chairman of the Regional Company of Statutory Auditors of Paris, said it was how the costumes blended with the spirit of the dance that stood out to him. "I think the show is really great," Burband said. "Everything is beautiful. The sets, the choreography is sumptuous, really it's extraordinary." "Very pleasant, very surprising too," Philippe Glineur, a motion designer and director, said. "There is a kind of harmony in all these colours, these dances, these movements, which is really very pleasant. It is very pretty." "It's the first time in fact that we've participated that we've seen a kind of show," Dragos Barglason, a biologist at CHU Brugman, said. "I think it's unique." Audience members watched the performance at Palais des Congrès in Paris and said they were learning about the history behind China’s ancient culture, as depicted through the stories presented on stage. "Shen Yun invited us on a magnificent cultural-historical-artistic journey," Vincent Mirabel, an author of The history of cinema for Dummies, said. "It's very beautiful, so what I really liked at first was the costumes we're really in a harmony of colors. "Then comes the music, magnificent, which allows us to bridge the gap between our own music and especially Chinese music. And then finally, everything starts to come alive. It's the dance—it's beautiful." "For me, the poetry has dominated this moment and that is almost surprising," said Frédéric Doniczka, managing director of Cedaet. "Because so much work was put in to achieve such perfection—such a burst of colours, such movements—that it is quite magical. It is poetry that dominates." "Already, it transports us to a different world, simply because it is an artistic world and here it allows us to extract ourselves a little bit from our daily lives. And here it is, to travel through the ages," Burband added. "I find it really a very beautiful success." NTD News, Paris, France