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Wuhan Today: Homes Turned Into Prisons

2020-03-21 22:49
A man wearing a face mask, riding a tricycle was stopped by police. The man had a calm demeanor with the officers when they attacked him by spraying pepper spray into his eyes. The man then fought back but was pushed to the floor and handcuffed to be taken away. This type of behavior by Chinese police is not uncommon, and in fact approved by Communist authorities. The Chinese Regime permits police officers to act like a gang of thugs by mistreating civilians with abusive tactics like the one seen in the video. Hello, my name is Tatiana Darzi and this is Epoch Times Exclusive. This is the current state of things inside China today. It’s important that we learn from this and share this footage with others in order to help expose the abuses by the regime in China and hopefully, one day, get them to stop this violent behavior toward civilians. People under lockdown in Wuhan feel like they’re in prison. Wuhan residents have come to the realization that in order to kill the epidemic, the people have to be locked down until there isn’t anyone left with the virus. This means, in order to kill the epidemic, people in Wuhan might starve to death. The lockdown in Wuhan is not for a designated period of time, it’s for an undetermined period of time. Some residents, such as in this video, believe that the authorities intend to starve the city to death. This is how the Chinese Regime has chosen to tackle the coronavirus pandemic. Citizens in Wuhan and other cities are not only locked down, but have had their doors welded shut, locking civilians inside their homes. Thank you for joining me today in this Epoch Times Exclusive. Don’t forget to Like, Subscribe, but most of all Share this program with friends and family to keep them informed. See you next time!