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Eggs 2 ways II

2019-04-11 19:12
1. Put the eggs into a large pot with boiling water, cook for 10 minutes. Remove the eggs. Cool them off under ice water. 2. Gently tap the eggs to crack them evenly all around. 3. In the same pot, cover the eggs with water again. Add lump sugar, Sichuan peppercorn, star anise, black cardamom, Black tea leaves and cinnamon stick. Seasoning with salt and dark soy sauce. Bring to boil and turn down the heat to simmer for 2 hours. 4. Enjoy! 1. Shred the potatoes. Seasoning with cornstarch and salt. Put into the pot with boiling oil. Fry them well and remove. Shape the fried-potatoes into a nest as a bowl. 2. In a large pan, bring it to boil. Add oil, minced scallion and minced ginger. Fry until sauté. Put in diced mushroom, diced celtuce, diced celery, diced carrot and diced abalones. Whisk in abalone sauce. 3. Put the cooked filling into the eggs. Pan-fry eggs to be sunny-side-up. 4. Transfer to the nest bowl. Set aside. 5. Thicken the abalone sauce with cornstarch. Seasoning with soy sauce. Baste on the eggs and serve immediately.