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Video Captures Russian Advanced Stealth Fighter in Syria

2018-02-26 09:26
Video shows two Russian fifth-generation Su-57 fighters making a descent on February 21, reportedly into Russia’s Hmeimim air base in Latakia, with the presence of the stealth aircraft later confirmed by a February 24 image from an Israeli satellite. The Su-57 is the first Russian jet fighter to employ stealth technology, and resembles the US Air Force’s F-22 and F-35 aircraft in role and appearance. This video also shows a brief glimpse of an Su-35 Flanker, an aircraft used to test and modify some of the systems designed for the Su-57. A satellite image released on Saturday, February 24, by an Israeli defense contractor confirms the presence of at least two of the stealth aircraft, scheduled to enter service with the Russian military in 2018. It is not clear whether they will be used in combat in Syria, since the aircraft is still technically in the development phase. The Su-57 was intended to form the basis for a joint-venture between Russia and India to produce an aircraft for that country, a program that has since been called into question. Russia has been using the Syrian civil war as a testbed and showcase for dozens of new weapons, say observers and ImageSat International, which shot the Su-57 image with one of its EROS satellites. Russia’s tech displays in Syria have come with a significant cost to the lives of Syrian civilians. Credit: Wael Al Hussaini via Storyful