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Shen Yun Concludes Berlin Tour With Four Curtain Calls

2019-04-10 20:05
Eight of the nine performances at the Deutsche Oper Berlin and the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin were sold out. Among the audience members who were touched by Shen Yun Performing Arts was Dr. Thomas Bley. He watched Shen Yun at the Deutsche Oper Berlin on March 16. Dr. Bley served as Chief Risk Officer and Member of the Board of Managing Directors at Hypothekenbank Frankfurt Aktiengesellschaft from 2009 to 2013. "I really liked the performance, it was fantastic! The colors, the dance, the expression, and how touching it was—it was a fantastic evening," said Dr. Thomas Bley, a financial expert. "In the various scenes and in how this was portrayed, the points you just mentioned were expressed in such a way that it made sense—I could understand it completely." Ancient Chinese people believe their culture was given to them from the heavens. From emperors to the common man, one believed in living in harmony with Heaven and Earth. These ideas permeated history and the stories are told through classical Chinese dance by Shen Yun. "Yes, it was an absolute delight, and I enjoyed it very much," said Stephan De Haar, a customer experience manager. "To be honest, I use the internet quite a lot, and that's where I heard about this show—and that it was coming to Berlin. So I thought to myself, I definitely have to come here with my wife and just enjoy this beautiful show...these joyous colors and the athleticism—it gave me a great deal of inspiration." "So far it’s been very colorful, with lots of variety, and I found it really exciting to learn so much about Chinese culture and this kind of dancing," said Ruben Bednorz, a management consultant. "Well, I find it really, really great for us to learn about it here in Europe, but also in the rest of the world,"  De Haar said. "China has such a huge population with a long history, but if you listen to the media, you always tend to hear just one particular view of Chinese culture. That's why we know so little about it—far too little! And so it's very interesting for me to get to know this culture, and to get an impression of how Chinese culture presents itself and is manifested in music, in dance, in expression, but also in its mythology and its history...so from that point of view, it was very nice that Shen Yun could perform here.“ "The theme of 'hope' was expressed quite wonderfully in one part of the play—where they made reference to what's happening right now in the People's Republic of China. That although they are oppressed, this theme of liberating oneself there...if we can only relate this to ourselves, to experiencing our own independent freedom...I found that very moving," he added. NTD News, Berlin