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Wuhan Residents Express Hopelessness Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

2020-03-10 03:35
Location: Wuhan City, Hubei Province Background: A group of residents in Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak in China, came out to soak in the sun at a small community park. As the city is still under strict quarantine, coronavirus control staff approached them and tried to persuade them to go back home and not risk catching the virus. They complained that they were unable to afford the skyrocketing food prices, and will either “starve to death” or die of the virus. Many residents feel that they have no hope and no future. As a result, they no longer fear death. Staff: You guys are really fearless. Quite a few residents in the Oriental Grace community were found to have been infected. Three were sent to the hospital just yesterday. Hurry up and go back home! Be responsible for your lives. We don’t have the authority to control commodity prices. Our duty is to protect people’s lives. Woman: No more money left. What’s the point of protecting lives! Staff: Go back home! Go back. Look, you are even smoking, and not wearing a mask. Don’t ever do that. Go back! A while ago, many went to the Zhongbai Warehouse Store for grocery shopping. Now the store is sealed and is being disinfected. All employees of the store are under quarantine. That tells us, we should stay safe. No more gathering. Go back now! Man: The government has ordered stores to sell meat at regular prices, but no vendor is selling meat at regular prices. Woman: Lean pork should be 12 yuan ($1.73) per pound, ribs should be 18 yuan ($2.6) per pound. Staff: Regardless of how much it should be, go back home to protect your life. Woman: Why the hell should I go back? I will starve to death anyway! Staff: Those of you who do not fear death can stay. Those who do—go back now. Go home! Don’t ever do such a thing. You don’t even know the health condition of the person next to you. Listen to me. Go back. You don’t even wear a mask. Woman: Isn’t it great to starve an old woman to death? Staff: Go back home. Don’t ever do this again.