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Police beat student protesters demanding wages in Wuxi, Jiangsu

2020-03-07 23:05
Location: Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province Date: Feb. 27 Despite the widespread Coronavirus infection, many college students still worked part time during the winter break instead of going home. On Feb. 27, hundreds of police showed up as hundreds of student workers went on strike. Outside of Green Point Technology Co. in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, protesters gathered demanding their year-end bonus. They did not expect to be beaten by police. Xiao Wang (a pseudonym) from Henan told Epoch Times: "A lot of students work during the holiday to relieve the financial burden on their families, because most of us are from rural areas. It's good to earn some allowance ourselves." Xiao Wang revealed that during the Chinese New Year this year, regular employees received an incentive bonus of 3,000 yuan ($432.57), but none of the part-time student workers received the money. The part-time workers have gone to various departments to discuss the issue since Feb. 19. On Feb. 27, a protest began with hundreds of part-time workers gathering at the east gate of the company. The Local government mobilized more than one hundred special police to the scene. Some physical clashes occurred between the two sides, and several students were arrested. In China, most of the students go through labor agencies to get part-time jobs. Oftentimes the agencies exploit the students making unreasonable deductions from their wages and social security, but the student workers often kept silent. As the numbers of victims increased labor agencies were making more and more bad money. A recording at the scene showed the police beating the protesting students. "Police beat people. Show it to the people across the country!" "Why do the police beat people?" In the name of maintaining stability, local governments often serve as the tools to oppress the weak and support the unlawful opportunist.