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The Epidemic Is Now Worse Than 911- President Trump

2020-05-13 21:44
On Wednesday, May 6, President Donald Trump expressed that the economic impact of the CCP virus on the United States is worse than the attack on Pearl Harbor and 9/11. Also, several senior Senators proposed bills on May 7 to sanction the Chinese Communist Party and to hold them accountable for the damages. President Trump: “This is the worst attack we have ever had. This is worse than Pearl Harbor. This is worse than the World Trade Center. There has never been an attack like this.” He further emphasized, “The epidemic could have been stopped at the source. Could have been stopped in China.” More than 70,000 Americans have died from the CCP virus. President Trump expressed that this number is real but that he does not believe the number the CCP gave. This suggests that the CCP falsified their death tolls. President Trump: “I don’t believe them from China and I don’t believe them from other countries where I see a very tiny number of people died.” The Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Lindsey Graham, indicated in an interview with Fox News on Tuesday, May 5, that they are going to propose a bill to sanction the CCP and to hold them accountable. Senator Graham: “To sanction China until they let us go into China and go into the lab and find out, with the international community, what happened. They need to cooperate and investigate what happened.” It is understood that the proposed bill might include sanctions such as imposing tariffs on Chinese products. Senator Ted Cruz also proposed a bill to call for economic sanctions against those Chinese Communist Party officials who need to be responsible for the pandemic. Members of both houses of the United States have introduced a series of motions to hold the CCP accountable. Republican Leader of the U.S. House of Representative, Kevin McCarthy, announced on May 7 the establishment of a Republican-led China Task Force aimed at conducting probes and making recommendations to combat threats from China. The Task Force consists of 15 Republican members and will thoroughly investigate a wide range of China-related issues and report with recommendations in October. "They will be looking at a wide range of China-related issues, including influence operations targeting the U.S., including our universities, think tanks and media outlets, economic threats to our government and our allies, efforts to gain the technological advantage and role in the origin and spread of COVID-19,” McCarthy said. “For more than a year, both leaders of the parties have been putting together a bipartisan committee on China with an equal number of Republicans and an equal number of Democrats,” however, the Democratic Party opted not to move forward during the final stages in February. McCarthy said the stakes are too high to sit idly by so the Republican Party has to go ahead with the motion. McCarthy: “I am not sure why (the Democratic Party opted out), but given what has now transpired with this virus, the lies China has down, it’s more important now than ever that they join with us.” He continued: “China’s cover-up directly led to this crisis. The Chinese Communist Party of China hid the seriousness of this disease, led a propaganda campaign blaming the U.S., used their medical supplies to exert influence and continue to refuse international experts to investigate what happened.” Currently, the CCP virus has killed more than 70,000 people in the U.S., causing a huge downturn and plunge in the economy. Congress has called for holding the CCP accountable for this pandemic. Rep. Michael McCaul, the chairman of the China Task Force, advocates a detailed tracing of the origin of the pandemic, holding the Chinese Communist Party accountable, and full-scale countermeasures against its malicious actions.