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NASA Says Signs Point To Ancient Ocean Remnants On Dwarf Planet Ceres (썸네일)

2018-05-10 05:32
NASA says there may have been a global ancient ocean on the dwarf planet, Ceres. Scientist discovered widespread minerals that contained a mixture of 'ice, salts and hydrated materials' which indicated that there might have been water on Ceres, reported Dawn at NASA. On a follow up on the first study, the scientist proposes that the surface of Ceres is 'a softer, easily deformable layer beneath [its] rigid surface crust, which could be the signature of residual liquid left over from the ocean.' To prevent contamination of the planet, the researchers used observation by a probe in orbit, to measure the Ceres' gravity to 'estimate its composition and interior structure.' published in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets. NASA reported, the Dawn team thinks most of Ceres' ancient ocean is now frozen and bound up in the crust, remaining in the form of ice, clathrate hydrates, and salts. It has mostly been that way for more than 4 billion years. But if there is residual liquid underneath, that ocean is not yet entirely frozen. What became of that ocean? Could Ceres still have liquid today?