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San Leandro, Bay Area Cherry Festival 2018

2018-06-06 18:12
June 2, 2018 San Leandro, California - Cherry Festival Ely Hwang I’m Ely Hwang. I’m a Recreation Supervisor for the Recreation  and Human Services Department for the city of San Leandro.  This is the 109th Cherry Festival.  Today is June 2nd. The first Cherry Festival happened in 1909.  It has been years since this has been a city tradition.  San Leandro used to be known as the Cherry City, and that is why this is the Cherry Festival.  We like to think of San Leandro as a really small town. Even though it is not. We have a population of about 88,000 in the city of San Leandro, but we still have that small community field.  A lot of what we take pride during the festival is we have a lot of community organizations that come together and have their booths. Of course we have the kids zone, entertainment, and car shows going on, but really it is the community groups that come together, especially in the parade, as seen earlier this morning.  All of the schools, school districts, marching bands, dance groups, and community just come together to celebrate for the town. The Cherry Festival is known to draw about 35,000 people. With the weather being nice today, of course it is a bit hot, it’s in the 80’s.  We are expecting about 40,000 - 45,000 people today. Come to the Cherry festival when you can every year. It is the first Saturday of June. We love to have you. San Leandro is a great place to be, and a great festival to have. Katie Bowman I’m Katie Bowman. I’m Economic Development Manager here at City of San Leandro.  I work with businesses, residents, and developers trying to support the local economy and bring exciting new businesses in town. I like it. It’s a great event.  A good time to bring together a lot of people to celebrate all the great things about San Leandro and take pride in their community, Our family, we do come. My husband is here with my kids for the cherries. Great cherries of course and to have a nice time in San Leandro. Closing… Do you like cherries? Yeah!