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Brave Young Woman in Wuhan Demands Her Rights Be Respected

2020-03-24 12:38
A young woman under lockdown in Wuhan confronts the guards at her community checkpoint to exercise her basic right in a legal procedure. Witnessing her act of bravery, many Chinese netizens voice their concern for her safety. - Woman: Hi, I am Zhang Zan, I am at a community checkpoint. I confronted them two days ago. This police officer here threatened me. He threatened to beat me to death. I don't think he really means that. But this is the way they treat their own people, through threats, intimidation, and by terrorizing us. I know many countries have adopted checkpoints and lockdown. But do they all digitalize people with serial numbers? Even regular activities require a pass? And is the control so intense and strict? To my understanding, many of the restaurant owners here are given a red armband. With that, they become volunteers who go in and out freely. But for others who try to make a living and need to take care of their families, they will be rejected. Local assistant staffs are not available. You could try to call him for two days, but it will be in vain. I have tried that too. Under these conditions when information is not made public, there is no freedom of speech, I think this checkpoint is useless. It is simply a bureaucratic show. That includes the so-called zero new infections reported in Hubei. With the questionable report of zero, why do we need checkpoints? In terms of social management, when the relationship between the government and the people relies on concealment and coercion, What’s the use of a public epidemic prevention system? I don’t think it would work. Therefore, I think this control is completely illegal as our basic human rights are not protected. This right to enforce such rulings is itself absolutely illegal. This is what I am trying to demand now. I might not be successful. Hi, I have been here everyday. You are using this public... Man: Step aside (repeatedly) Zhang Zan: You are using this... Zhang Zan: You, you….what?