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Chinese Communities in US to Hold the CCP Accountable for Pandemic and to Demand Compensation

2020-05-13 17:39
As countries around the world file lawsuits against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for causing a global pandemic, many chinese communities in the United States are following suit, holding the CCP accountable and demanding compensation. As of April 28, a lawsuit for compensation has officially entered the judicial process. Chinese-Americans from several communities in the United States have formed a group to sue the Chinese regime and its leader Xi Jinping for the spread of the CCP virus. The group expressed that the CCP should be held accountable for “deceiving foreign and domestic nationals, covering up the truth, as well as incurring irreparable losses in human lives and economics.” The group said that “Chinese nationals have no freedom of speech, and the CCP’s actions in arresting doctors to dispel rumors have consequently caused the spread of the CCP virus.” It also demanded an end to CCP’s one-party rule. The group currently has more than a hundred members, and has hired Berman Law Group to represent them. Previously, a number of countries had already sued the CCP over the virus outbreak, including lawsuits from two U.S. state governments, and class-action lawsuits filed by approximately 10,000 people from 40 countries within the United States, the UK, India, Africa, etc. China expert Zhang Jian believes the sharp increase in lawsuits filed by different entities will impose a lot of pressure on local governments to support the lawsuits against the CCP. But during this process, the CCP will put up a show (to continue lying in order to shift the blame) and people will see its true nature, Zhang said. The president of the Chinese-American organization Humanitarian China, Zhou Fengsuo, said that the CCP knew about the virus when it first broke out. However, the Chinese authorities did not make a public announcement in a timely manner, which not only victimized the mainland Chinese, but also caused a global pandemic. Zhou said, “There are two aspects to why we call this virus the CCP virus. The first aspect is factual because the CCP caused the pandemic. The other aspect is that the CCP’s totalitarian ideology has spread everywhere as a result of globalization, which have threatened all of mankind.” Zhou pointed out that through this plague, the CCP has shown its dangerous side to the entire world. The death toll in the United States alone has exceeded that of U.S. military fatal casualties of the Vietnam War. The World Health Organization (WHO) has acted as a puppet for the Chinese regime. The Visual Artists Guild, a Chinese-American society in Los Angeles, questioned the WHO after reviewing its report in the medical journal The Lancet. The president of the Los Angeles-based Visual Artists Guild, Liu Yaya, said: “According to the Lancet report, 44 onset symptoms had been recorded from December 1 (2019) to January 2 (2020). However, among these cases, many people (infected patients) have not been to the market (Hua Nan seafood market). This proved that during that period of time, they (the WHO) already knew the virus is capable of spreading via human-to-human transmission.” Liu questioned why the WHO’s medical team only spent half a day in Wuhan during their 15-day visit to China from February 10 to 24. Liu also wondered why they didn’t spend more time visiting doctors and patients in the city, the epicenter of the outbreak. Zhang Jian commented: “As we can see from the role the WHO played during this virus outbreak, it has become a puppet of the CCP. No matter what it has said, what it has done, or what it has investigated, it has gotten no acceptance from the international community. If this continues in the long run, these organizations within the United Nations will become merely empty shells.” Zhang also pointed out that the CCP has infiltrated many U.N. organizations. The organizations will stick to the scripts written by the CCP, and this has sounded the alarm around the world, he said. Zhou Fengsuo thinks the reason that SARS in 2003 did not become as bad as the CCP virus is because the WHO played a