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2020-01-16 19:38
A performance audiences say go deeper than just a beautiful display, "transcendent just transcending. Its mind body spirit, everything. Just kind of like wow, I mean, it was just a lot of the fact that it was bringing in sort of the physical what the dancers were doing but also visually with the, what the projections were bringing out it just it sort of transformed it into this whole other plane." ÔÇťAmazing beauty, I got chills all over my body, moved to tears. The dance scattered endless energy, and the slender figure burst out with an immeasurable amount of energy. While most performing arts groups that stick to traditional techniques struggle to survive in the modern age, Shen Yun expanded from six to seven dance companies this year, that travel simultaneously around the world. With one mission: Reviving the traditional values that were once the core of ancient Chinese Culture. "There's something about this culture that resonates, I think deeply in people all over the world, because it's the same values. And it's the same foundational idea. And these principles that we're depicting on stage. And when people see the show, they reconnect with it." Ancient Chinese culture placed emphasis on divine and virtue. For thousands of years, classical Chinese dance was used to express those values. "The values and history of a country I think are important for young people too. Young people must know history and have all these things, know them and be able to also practice them." "I thought that was a really beautiful mission that the situation the mind-body, spiritual mission, part of it that seems to have maybe been kind of squelched over the years that they were wanting to bring that back. I think that's very important. It's a crazy world we live in and, you know, I think we all need to remember that, at the heart at heart, we're all the same. You know, that there But to keep your culture is so important because you don't want to lose that part of what makes each culture unique" And this performance, connecting people, and cultures, around the world.