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Porch licking man caught on camera as children sleep inside
2019-01-09    381 views
A man was caught on home security licking a doorbell in the middle of the night at a California family residence in Salinas as the children slept inside. (Credit:
British Army Advert Aims to Recruit Snowflakes
2019-01-03    2 views
(British Ministry of Defence)
AGP Crew Room1
2018-10-17    113 views
Ryanair flight crew in Malaga airport on Oct 13, 2018
Florida Robbery Suspects Take Off With Victim in Back Seat
2018-10-09    87 views
The Polk County Sheriff’s Office has sought the public’s help in identifying two men after they were filmed driving off with a robbery victim in the back seat of their car on October 8.

Police released footage of the incident, which they said occurred in Voyles Loop in Polk City. The video shows the men robbing a property before the owner returns and confronts them. The victim tried to remove the keys from the men’s car before getting into the back seat to take back the items, police said.

“At this time, the two bad guys stole our victim,” police wrote on Facebook. “They drove away with the victim still in the backseat, and began hitting him while trying to steal his cell phone. They discussed throwing the man out of the car but the victim convinced them that if they stopped, he would just get out…which is what happened.”

Police appealed to the public for help identifying the suspects. “We need to identify these two goons,” police wrote, adding that anyone with information should come forward.

(Credit: Polk County Sheriff's Office via Storyful)
2018-10-04    6 views
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boy walks into court
nats of judge
school exterior
aerials of scene
Armed Robbery of Bookmakers Foiled by 83-Year-Old and Staff
2018-09-17    656 views
The armed robbery of a betting shop in Glanmire, Cork, was foiled on September 15 when 83-year-old Denis O’Connor fought back the would-be thieves.

During the incident, which took place at Bar One Racing, O’Connor wielded a stool against the attackers who were armed with hammers and a shotgun.

CCTV footage shows how O’Connor and manager Tim Murphy held off the thieves, and forced them out of the store.

Speaking to the Irish Times, Garda superintendent Mick Comyns warned against the dangers of intervening in an armed robbery. “It’s good to see that the robbery was prevented but the the consequences could have been a whole lot worse”, he said. “So it is very important that people stay calm and to a degree stay out of it”.

Credit: Bar One Racing via Storyful
Seven Injured as Camel Runs Amok at Pittsburgh Circus
2018-09-17    1K views
Local reports said six children and one adult were injured when a camel ran amok at a circus in Pittsburgh on Sunday, September 16.

Dramatic video taken from the crowd by Aliquippa man Ronald Smith shows the camel bucking and running with a woman still on its back. Handlers are quickly seen getting the animal under control, and removing the woman.

The incident happened at the intermission, when audience members are invited to ride the show’s camels and ponies. What spooked the animal was not officially confirmed, though one witness told KDKA that a child threw a shovel near the camel’s feet, “which startled” the animal.

One child was treated for a broken arm after the incident, and five others for minor injuries. One adult was treated for minor injuries.

Credit: Ronald Smith via Storyful
Huge Pod of Dolphins Spotted Near Pacific Grove, California
2018-09-07    90 views
Staff from the Monterey Bay Aquarium captured magical footage of a super pod of hundreds of dolphins chasing baitfish on Labor Day.

“For the last week, there has been this group of dolphins racing up and down off of Cannery Row as the dolphins work together to corral up schools of baitfish. The event isn’t uncommon per se—it’s a yearly occurrence, we have seen these super pods from the back deck at the Monterey Bay Aquarium this time of year before,” said Monterey Bay Aquarium ‏in a statement released with the video.

“However, it is fairly rare to see them this close to shore and so readily observable by people, these gatherings are often found way offshore. So it’s a very special sighting nearshore of one of the ocean’s magical moments often hidden away from human observation, but to the dolphins it was probably just another Monday.”

Credit: Monterey Bay Aquarium ‏ via Storyful
Burnt-Out, Abandoned Trucks Show Speed at Which New California Fire Spread
2018-09-07    230 views
Burnt-Out, Abandoned Trucks Show Speed at Which New California Fire Spread
Drivers Forced to Abandon Cars as Delta Burns Near California's Interstate 5
2018-09-06    512 views
A fast-spreading wildfire north of Redding, California, shut down Interstate 5 highway, forced motorists to abandon their vehicles and triggered evacuations from several mountain communities on Wednesday, September 5.

The so-called Delta Fire broke out at around 1 pm near the Vollmers exit on I-5, and quickly grew to more than 5,000 acres in the evening, with zero percent containment.

This footage, shared on September 6, shows the wildfire raging along the highway.
2018-08-28    13 views
large fire broke out on the fifth floor of a Primark store in central Belfast on August 28. The store is located in the Bank Buildings, a city landmark that dates from the 18th century.

A Primark spokesperson told the Belfast Telegraph that the building was safely evacuated.
2018-08-10    4 views
'Time Is Very Short' Warns EU Negotiator on Brexit
2018-06-29    0 views
The chief Brexit negotiator for the EU on Friday said that “huge and serious differences” need to be resolved to avoid Britain crashing out of the trading bloc without a bespoke deal.

Chief negotiator Michel Barnier urged British Prime Minister to produce “workable proposals”, emphasising the lack of time before negotiations need to be wrapped up. 

Hounded by divisions within her own cabinet over which path Brexit should take, May has struggled to provide details of her visions for Brexit to the EU negotiators.

She said on June 29 that a white paper would outline the details of her vision.

Speaking at the end of an EU leadership summit, during which Brexit was put on the back-burner as leaders thrashed out an immigration stategy, Barnier said that time was short to create a deal between the EU and the UK.

Police close investigation into 'Putney jogger' a year after footage prompts outrage
2018-06-28    0 views
CCTV footage released by the Metropolitan Police shows the incident, in which a man knocks the woman into the path of a bus, which has to swerve to avoid hitting her.

Police said that the 33-year-old victim sustained “minor injuries”.

According to police, the jogger returned to Putney Bridge 15 minutes later and carried on jogging, despite the victim attempting to speak to him.

The jogger is described as a “white man, aged early to mid 30s, with brown eyes and short brown hair”.

Sgt Mat Knowles, the investigating officer from Putney Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “The victim was put in extreme danger when she was knocked into the road. It was only due to the superb quick reactions of the bus driver that she was not hit by the vehicle.”
British National Convicted for Taliban Bombs and London Knife Attack Plans
2018-06-27    17 views
Body camera footage shows the arrest of Khalid Ali on April 27, 2017. He was convicted of terrorism offences on June 26 2018.
Ocean Waves Explode Into 'Tephra Jets' as They Hit Molten Lava
2018-06-12    217 views

Lava from Hawaii’s Kīlauea volcano continued to flow into the Pacific Ocean on June 11, creating clouds of steam, hot water and molten splatter.

The USGS Volcanoes division shared this footage of lava entering the ocean, creating “littoral explosions,” which throw spatter (fragments of molten lava) and pieces of solidified glassy lava high into the air.
Fire Fighters Lower Unusual Visitor To Safety From Tree
2018-06-11    97 views
A black bear was lowered from a tree by a local fire department in Denton, Michigan, on June 10.

The Roscommon Township Fire Department was called to assist the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to safely remove the animal, which had climbed approximately 65 feet into a tree after being hit with a tranquilizer dart.

Video posted to Facebook shows the bear being lowered gently to the ground by a rope. Local news reported that the bear would be tagged and released back into its natural habitat.

FB post:

"This morning the Roscommon township fire department was dispatched to assist DNR in the area of 16th street in neighboring Denton township with the removal of a black bear! Here’s a short video of the animal being lowered from its resting place after being darted by the DNR!"
Drivers Step in When Pregnant Elk is Hit By A Car
2018-06-11    11 views

A mother elk was killed when a car hit her in Flagstaff, Arizona, on Sunday, June 10, but she birthed a baby elk that survived. Passing drivers stopped and helped the calf, which suffered minor trauma but was attempting to stand on its own.

The drivers used blankets to dry the calf, and officials contacted wildlife officials for help.
FB post:

"At 0600 Flagstaff Fire E2, R2, and B1 were dispatched to I40 WB at MM 197 for report of a vehicle vs elk. An SUV had struck an elk trying to cross the freeway. There were no injuries to the driver of the vehicle. Passerby’s that stopped to assist found the deceased elk off the side of the freeway. They also found the cow elk had birthed her calf after being struck. The calf had some minor trauma but was attempting to stand on its own. The passerby’s used blankets to dry the calf. DPS contacted Game and Fish for assistance.

UPDATE— The calf is at Bearizona in Williams. Her name is Lucky and they are happy to have her there. She is drinking formula and has been doing well so far."
Dramatic footage shows plane dump water on California fire
2018-06-11    76 views

Colorado firefighters said the Bocco fire ravaging Eagle County covered around 80 acres late on Saturday, June 9, with local residents evacuated due to immediate risk from the wildfire.

Some 1,300 homes were evacuated as the fire continued to grow, according to local media sources. Critical fire conditions were expected to continue throughout Sunday.

This video shows a red fire retardant dropped from an aircraft onto the fire.
Bouncy Rhino Calf Gets A Shiny New Name
2018-06-09    8 views
Chester Zoo surprised the public recently when staff announced that a one-horned rhino was born in their enclosures, and today the zoo announced his name: Akeno.

“Akeno is only the second greater one-horned rhino to ever be born at the zoo,” the zoo reported, “so he is certainly a very special addition to the endangered species breeding programme that is working to preserve their future on the planet.”

His name means “beautiful sunrise,” which came to the researchers after they noticed a strong personality and a cheeky attitude in the rhino, native to Asia.

Video from the zoo shows the young animal scampering around other rhinos.

He's bolshie.
He's cheeky.
He's quite the handful for mum.
He's been named... Akeno! 🦏💙
Houses in Gray Lunar Landscape After Volcanic Explosion
2018-06-07    0 views
At least 72 people were killed and more than 192 others were reported missing after an eruption at the Fuego volcano in Guatemala on Sunday, June 3.

This drone footage, captured by the National Civil Police force on June 5, shows an area in Escuintla Department covered by a thick layer of ash and rubble.

(Credit: PNC Guatemala via Storyful)
Baby Tamandua Gets a Piggy Back at London Zoo
2018-06-01    0 views

England London

Poco, a two-month-old baby tamandua that was born on Easter Monday, recently made her public debut in London Zoo.

Last October, a tamandua male named Tobi moved to London Zoo to join female Ria. Poco arrived five months later on Easter Monday.

“We were confident Ria was pregnant as she’d just started to put on some weight, but we weren’t expecting to welcome a new member of the family quite so soon" said zoo spokesman Steve Goodwin. "They must have got together pretty much on their very first date – Tobi clearly pulled out all the stops!”

The video was posted on the official page for Zoological Society of London, otherwise known as London Zoo. We’ve worked with London Zoo in the past. Clearance for the video was provided in a press release to Storyful.

Credit: London Zoo via Storyful
Indonesia's Merapi Volcano Erupts, Spews Column of Volcanic Ash
2018-06-01    0 views
Indonesia’s Merapi volcano erupted at 8:20 am on Friday, June 1, for about two minutes, the National Disaster Management Authority (BNPB) said.

Merapi, one of the country’s most active volcanoes, spewed a 19,600-foot (6,000 metres) column of volcanic ash to the sky during its two-minute eruption, the BNPB spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said on Twitter.

Shortly after, volcanic ash was reported falling on villages on the slopes of the volcano. The Research and Technological Development for Geological Disaster Agency (BPPTKG), which monitors Mount Merapi, warned that volcanic ash may affect areas northwest of the volcano.

Merapi, which is located on the densely populated Indonesian island of Java, has erupted several times since May 11.

The authorities raised the status level to alert at 11 pm on May 21. An exclusion zone of 1.9 mile radius from Merapi’s peak remains in place.

Credit: Roma Hosanah via Storyful
Baby monkey's head stuck in strange object, but rescuers have to tackle protective mother
2018-05-29    12K views
This baby monkey had to be rescued after getting its head stuck in a small metal pot - for two days.

The inquisitive animal got the small metal drinking pot wedged on its head at a temple in Digras, in the Maharashtra state of west India.

When it was still in place two days later, locals decided to step in and help.

However, the mother was protectively holding the animal and would not let anyone get near her baby.

Officials were forced to temporarily tranquilise the mother with a dart before quickly removing the pot from the infant.

Local resident Pankaj Jain, 62, said: “We thought the monkeys would find a way to free the baby, but when that did not happen for two days, we called the forest officials.”
Passersby Rescues Driver Stranded in Northampton Floodwaters
2018-05-28    15 views

A passersby came to the rescue of a driver stranded in floodwaters in Northampton, England, on Sunday, May 27.

The Met Office issued a yellow weather warning for southern central England and parts of Wales as storms brought dramatic lightning storms, hail and flooding to many areas.

Credit: pro_bungee via Storyful
Six people, a sheet and a net are no match for agile deer
2018-05-28    0 views
This hilarious video shows the moment a deer lost in a British city narrowly avoided capture.

Jamie Smith captured the footage which shows the roe deer skip effortlessly between six people, including two police officers and a vet, wielding nets and sheets.

It comes after numerous sightings of the deer were reported, as pictures and video emerged on social media.

It is believed that the deer, on the streets of Plymouth, Devon, was eventually caught on Friday afternoon.

Jamie, 21, who lives in Plymouth, Devon, said: “The deer came somehow in my area and it was scared.

“I heard it was kinda injured and it was hiding.

“A few police cars tried to block the entrances and these other people was tracking the deer.

“They got a vet up to try and slow the deer by shooting it with this sleeping thing but he just bolted and went right over the net in the video.”
National Guard Surveys Lava Flow in Hawaii
2018-05-28    2 views
Lava flow crossed onto the property of a Hawaii geothermal power station, posing a new hazard amid ongoing eruptions and lava flow in Puna on Sunday, May 27.

Residents were reassured that no release of hydrogen sulfide had been detected on the site of the plant.

According to the Hawaii Tribune Herald, lava has destroyed 41 homes and covered over 2,200 acres of land since the Kilauea volcano erupted on May 3.

This video, from Hawaii’s National Guard, shows the lava flow in several areas, including where it entered the sea.

Credit: DVIDS via Storyful

DVIDS said the footage shows magma flowing into the Pacific ocean in Hawaii county. Lava is flowing from Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano through Leilani Estates in Pahoa in the district of Puna.

DIVD said the footage was recorded on May 27. This date tallies with reports of volcanic activity in that region.

Volcanologist Gets Impressive Close-Up of Volcanic Fissure
2018-05-25    6 views
Eruptions of lava were continuing late on May 24 in the active fissure system of the Kilauea volcano’s lower East Rift Zone, the USGS said.

Brett Carr, a research scientist, shot this impressive footage of the otherwordly scene created by the fissures on May 23.

At least 50 structures have been destroyed by volcanic activity on Hawaii’s Big Island since early May.

Credit: Brett Carr via Storyful
Baby goat finding his feet at Oregon Zoo
2018-05-22    2 views
The Oregon Zoo in Portland is celebrating a new arrival — a mountain goat kid. The zoo’s adult mountain goat, Sassy, gave birth on May 19, and the zoo shared footage of the baby goat checking out his new home.

In a video shared on the zoo’s YouTube page, the new resident can be seen climbing around its habitat at only two days old. “While mothers of some species keep their newborns hidden away for several weeks, mountain goat kids are typically on their feet within minutes after birth,” the post stated. As of writing, the footage has over 100 views on YouTube.

Credit: Oregon, Zoo via Storyful
Fancy footwork saves life of armed suspect
2018-05-21    66K views

Police in Columbus, Ohio, have thanked a man named Bill whose “fancy footwork” helped catch a suspect running from them on April 3.

Police said Bill, who appears in footage of the incident with a walking cane, was waiting outside a library when he saw officers chasing on foot an 18-year-old armed male suspect. Bill can be seen sticking out a leg to trip up the suspect, a move which they said “likely saved” his life.

Police recovered a Glock 9mm pistol from the suspect, who had a criminal record and, they said, “went back to jail.”

Credit: Columbus Division of Police via Storyful
Football match abandoned after bizarre pitch invasion
2018-05-21    0 views
A football match had to be abandoned when a 'tsunami' of COWS invaded the pitch.

Thrive Physiotherapy FC were squaring off against Centrals in the final match of the season, and Thrive had the advantage at 2-1.

As the teams entered the second half the play was halted when players heard a loud noise at the corner of the pitch.

All of a sudden, a massive herd of 180 cows broke through a wooden fence and ruined the game.

Both teams, from Guernsey, were shocked by the pitch invasion and some players ran off in fear.

Other players, including Nick Leigh-Morgan, 44, were able to hold onto their nerve, and quickly grabbed the corner flags and began rounding up the cows.

Nick, a company director from St Martin's who plays for Thrive, said: "There was a commotion and noise from the corner of the pitch.

"I looked at it and I saw what I would describe as a tsunami of cows coming towards us.

"They broke through the fence and charged onto the pitch.

"There was 180 apparently, they were quite large and some players scarpered quickly.

"A few of us decided we had to get them off the pitch and picked up corner flags and shepherded them off."

Thanks to the quick thinking of Nick and the other players the pitch was quickly clear of cows, but not in a good condition.

He continued: "There were deposits all over the pitch, everyone found it very amusing.

"We all agreed it was ridiculous to carry on and shook hands and called it a draw, before heading to the pub.

"I've played football for 30 years and seen some strange things on the pitch but I've never seen any thing like that."
School puts surfing on curriculum after head makes amazing discovery
2018-05-21    2 views
A school in a stunning seaside resort has put SURFING on the curriculum - after discovering some pupils had never been to its beach.

The unusual classes have been introduced at Goonhavern Primary School in Perranporth, Cornwall.

Perranporth is a few miles south of Newquay and has a three-mile long golden beach overlooking the Atlantic.

But headteacher Mark Lloyd said he found it ''utterly unbelievable'' after he discovered some of his own pupils had never been taken there by their parents.

They have now started lessons on the sands including surfing, beach cleaning and ocean safety.

Mr Lloyd said: "I find it utterly unbelievable that some parents who live some close to the sea have never taken their children to the beach.

"We've made it our responsibility to take these children to the beach.We've only done it twice so far, but seeing the change in some children is amazing.

“They show fantastic resilience and it has truly helped improve their self confidence.”

Surf enthusiast Mark Thorn, who’s five-year-old daughter Nancy is a pupil at the school, loaned wet suits and equipment to pupils for the classes.

Pupils aged four to 11 years old will have the opportunity to have ten weeks of lessons, which are a day long.

The school has now secured £18,000 in pupil premiums from central government to help ensure surf lessons for pupils become part of the curriculum year-on-year.

Year 4 teacher Lydia Davis said: "I've definitely seen the children's confidence grow.
Some have been scared at first but have loved it once they got on the boards.

"It has given them such a confidence boost. The children are doing things out of their comfort zone.

“I see the difference in their behaviour between being here on the beach and when they are in the classroom."

Despite being only two miles from the sea, some pupils had never been to the beach.

Businessman Mr Thorn said: "If you live in Milton Keynes it's probably OK not to know anything about the sea and the beach, but if you live here it seems criminal not to.

"If you visit the beach on a Wednesday evening at 6pm and you come back the following Wednesday at the same time, the beach will be different because of the tides.

“There might be rock pools or there might be big waves.

“It's about helping children question things around them such as how the tides work, or what animals live in rock pools.”

Children will see for themselves the impact plastic pollution has on the oceans by taking part in a litter pick run by Plastic Free Perranporth Surfers Against Sewage.

Michelle Sanwell, from the Perranporth Surf Life Saving Club, said: "It's not about regurgitating lessons to them. It's about making it fun through play.

"We want them to have a better understanding of their environment and where they live.

“Plastic is an issue. Winds and tides are important. It's about understand the wildlife too."
Fountain of Lava Spews at Fissure Near Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano
2018-05-21    0 views
Lava from the Kilauea volcanic fissures in Hawaii’s district of Puna reached the ocean late on Sunday, May 20.

The lava traveled from the Leilani Estates to the coast, with part of highway 137 closed off, potentially affecting residents trying to evacuate, Hawaii News Now reported.

One man was reported to have sustained serious injuries after he was hit in the leg with a lava splatter on May 19, becoming the first person to be seriously injured since eruptions began earlier this month.

This video shows lava fountains beside a dark molten landscape at fissure 20 on May 19.
Quick-Acting Deputy Saves Life of Unresponsive Baby
2018-05-11    5K views
Dramatic footage showing a sheriff trying to revive and unresponsive baby went viral after it was shared on Facebook.

Fishing Trip with Grandpa Gets a Very Friendly Visitor
2018-05-10    0 views
A curious dolphin surprised a man and his grandson during a fishing trip on the Wando River in South Carolina on May 6.

Bill Roettger said he was on a Sunday fishing trip when the dolphin swam up to their boat and began interacting with them. Video shows the dolphin raising its head above the water and responding to them clapping, clearly enjoying the attention from his new friends.

he video is described as being filmed on May 6. The uploader also posted a photo described as being taken on that date. However, due to the limited nature of the footage, it was not possible to confirm this.

The video is described as showing Wando River, which is located in South Carolina. Due to the limited nature of the video, it was not possible to confirm this. However, Roettger tagged Lisa Roettger O’Keefe in the post, whose profile states that she lives in Charleston, South Carolina, where the river is located.

Credit: Bill Roettger via Storyful
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