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Schoolteacher Leaves $1 Million to Her Students After Death
2018-06-16    18 views
A special needs teacher in New Jersey, who passed away in 2011, is leaving $1 million to her students in her will.
Schoolteacher Leaves $1 Million to Her Students After Death (Preview)
2018-06-16    2 views
A special needs teacher in New Jersey, who passed away in 2011, is leaving $1 million to her students in her will.
NASA rover data shows Mars had the ingredients needed for life
2018-06-08    30 views
A NASA rover has detected a bonanza of organic compounds at the surface of Mars and seasonal fluctuations of atmospheric methane in findings released on Thursday (June 7) marking some of the strongest evidence ever that Earth's neighbor may have harbored life.

Credit: NASA TV / NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS Via Reuters
New Yorkers Gather to Capture Manhattanhenge on May 30
2018-05-31    0 views
Credit: Scootercaster & A Random Minute via Storyful
Clouds Block Manhattanhenge
2018-05-30    0 views
On May 29, New Yorkers were greeted with Manhattanhenge—if only it was not blocked by a cloud, in an otherwise cloudless sky.
Tiny Chick Rescued From Storm Drain in Tampa Florida
2018-05-24    0 views
A tiny chick had to be rescued on May 23 after falling into a storm drain in the historic Ybor City neighborhood of Tampa, Florida.

This footage shows Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office facilities supervisor Jorge Rodriguez open the drain with a crowbar to recover the chick. The bird was later named Little Ricky and was transferred to BluePearl Veterinary for rehoming.
Avicii Song Rings Out From Utrecht Church Bells in Beautiful Tribute
2018-04-25    0 views
Malgosia Fiebig, the city carillonneur of Utrecht, used the bells at the Dom Tower to pay tribute to renowned electronic dance music figure Avicii, following his death on April 20.

In a tweet on the evening the death of the artist was announced, Fiebig posted an image showing the musical notes to Avicii’s Hey Brother, saying she would perform a tribute featuring a trio of songs from the artist at 11 am the following day.

Local woman Tineke Tijhuis-Boot posted footage from the city on April 21, with Fiebig’s musical tribute ringing out from the Dom Tower.
Kiwi Soldiers Perform Haka at London Anzac Memorial
2018-04-25    0 views
Kiwi Soldiers Perform Haka at London Anzac Memorial
Kiwi soldiers marked the end of the Anzac dawn service on April 25 in Hyde Park, London with a powerful haka in front of the New Zealand War Memorial.
Wednesday was the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Villers-Bretonneux, a key battle where Australian and British troops liberated the French town of Amiens from the Germans during the First World War.
Credit: British Army via Storyful
CHEEKY BURGER - Hilarious holiday video shows schoolboy being mugged of his burger - by a hungry iguana
2018-04-24    0 views
This is the hilarious moment a British schoolboy was mugged of his lunch on holiday – when a hungry IGUANA snatched his burger.

Nine-year-old Max Mannion was relaxing with his family on a Mexican beach when the 2ft-long critter leapt onto his sunbed and grabbed the snack.

The brazen lizard then sprinted away across the sand with the burger bun in its jaws.

In the video, Max’s is heard yelling: “Get off me burger!” before the cheeky reptile dashes off to enjoy its free lunch.

Max’s mum Lindsey, 43, filmed the bizarre incident while the family were on holiday in the Riviera Maya resort during the Easter holidays.

The accounts manager, from Derby, said: "There was eight of us in total, four kids and four adults.

"We were all screaming on the sunbeds.

"The hotel is set in the rainforest in the middle of nowhere.

"There was signs everywhere saying ‘do not feed the animals’ because it destroys the ecosystem, but they just nick the food.

"There were loads of iguanas roaming the beach.

"Their bins all have the lids on and they came out from nowhere, knocked the top of the bin off and they were in the bin nicking hot dogs and stuff.

"It was the funniest thing.

"They are obviously wise to it, I don’t know how you stop them from eating it.

"My little girl Nancy was screaming, ‘mummy!’

"We were oblivious until he jumped under the umbrella ready to pounce.

"I just moved my foot.

"He looked at Nancy - that’s why she was screaming - but she didn’t have any food.

"Max was trying to guard his burger and it jumped up and ran off with it.

"Max loves his food and he won’t let anyone near his food but an iguana cleared off with his burger.

"All the kids thought it was hilarious."

The footage was captured while the family enjoyed a two-week holiday at the Grand Sirenis hotel on March 28.
Stolen Pony Returns Home After Thieves Paint Its Hooves in Failed Disguise Effort
2018-04-23    35 views
Stolen Pony Returns Home After Thieves Paint Its Hooves in Failed Disguise Effort
A Dublin-based animal sanctuary has celebrated the return of a stolen Shetland pony which had its hooves painted a different color, and a distinctive marking on its head damaged in an attempt to disguise the animal.
Videos from April 21 and 22 from My Lovely Horse Rescue (an organization which takes its name from a classic Father Ted episode), show the pony, named Polly Pockets, being returned to their care having gone missing on April 10.
After a number of social media posts asking for help in finding Polly, an April 21 video from the organization announced she had been spotted. A call from the Irish Horse Rehoming Programme had informed My Lovely Horse Rescue that a woman had seen a pony that looked like Polly in Cloneygowan, County Offaly, in a wood.
“They went back to where she was seen and there was our girl, barely recognisable as her distinctive mark was plucked from her face and her white hooves painted black.” A microchip scan confirmed that the pony was indeed Polly. The post added that the matter has been reported to police.

Credit: My Lovely Horse Rescue via Storyful
Crews Work Through Night to Douse Big Pine Key Brush Fire
2018-04-23    0 views
Fire crews were still working on hot spots of a brush fire in Big Pine Key, Florida, in the early hours of Monday, April 23, the local sheriff’s office said, but no evacuations had been ordered.

Power was cut for a period for almost 2,000 customers. One person on Facebook reported that transformers were “blowing up because of the fire”.

However, Keys Energy said that most people affected had their power back by 10 pm local time.

One home was reported by the Munroe County News to have been destroyed.

There were no injuries reported; however, people were urged to avoid certain areas.

Credit: Freehold Real Estate Solutions via Storyful
Sick British Passenger Airlifted From P&O Cruise Ship Off Spain
2018-04-12    0 views
A British national was airlifted off a P&O cruise ship as seen in dramatic aerial footage released on April 10 by Spanish maritime rescue agency, Salvamento Maritimo.

The footage shows several people working on the winch before a person on a stretcher is attached to it and airlifted.

The Daily Mail reported that the rescued person was a man with dual British and Irish citizenship.

P&O Cruises provides a tracking service that shows that the ship continued with its journey and was in Madeira at the time of writing.