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U.S. will seek extradition of Huawei CFO from Canada
2019-01-23    0 views
The U.S. Justice Department said on Tuesday (January 22) it will pursue the extradition of the chief financial officer of China's Huawei Technologies Co, arrested in Canada in December.

The United States has accused Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou of misrepresenting the company's links to a firm that tried to sell equipment to Iran despite U.S. sanctions. The arrest soured relations between Canada and China, with China subsequently detaining two Canadian citizens and sentencing a third to death.

The U.S. statement came a day after a report that Canada's ambassador to the United States said the Canadian government was told that Washington planned to proceed.

"We will continue to pursue the extradition of defendant Ms. Meng Wanzhou, and will meet all deadlines set by the U.S./Canada Extradition Treaty," Justice Department spokesman Marc Raimondi said in a statement. "We greatly appreciate Canada's continuing support of our mutual efforts to enforce the rule of law."

Huawei Chairman Liang Hua told media at the World Economic Forum in Davos earlier on Tuesday that the company was following the issue closely and wanted a quick resolution of the case, but had no direct contact with authorities.

The United States must file a formal request for extradition by Jan. 30. Once a formal request is received, a Canadian court has 30 days to determine whether there is enough evidence to support extradition and the Canadian minister of justice must issue a formal order.

Canada has not asked the United States to abandon its bid to have Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou extradited, Canada's Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland said in an interview with Bloomberg TV.

Huawei, the world's biggest producer of telecommunications equipment, faces U.S.-led allegations that its devices present a national security risk. Huawei says such concerns are unfounded.
Maga Man, Native American Calm Exchange
2019-01-23    0 views
Man in MAGA hat holds a conversation with one of the Kentucky peace vigil speakers.
Taliban kill 126, hours before U.S. peace talks
2019-01-22    0 views
A Taliban attack on an Afghan military compound killed over a hundred security forces on Monday. Hours later the militant group announced it had met with the U.S. special envoy to the country. Matthew Larotonda reports.
A car bombing and gun battle with Taliban militants at an Afghanistan military compound has killed over a hundred of that country's security forces, according to a senior defense official.

And, it happened just hours before the Taliban announced that they'd met with a top American diplomat as part of ongoing peace talks.

The official told Reuters that the attackers rammed the car bomb through a checkpoint.

Two Taliban were killed in the following shootout.

The meeting between the Taliban and U.S. Special Envoy Zalmay Khalilzad is said to have taken place over a thousand miles away, in Qatar.

Last week the Taliban threatened to pull out of negotiations because they refused for Afghanistan officials to participate, preferring instead to negotiate directly with the United States.

There has been a marked increase in diplomatic efforts with the Taliban to stop the conflict in recent months, but the fighting hasn't stopped.
Police charge six people over alleged $1m baby formula ring in Sydney
2019-01-21    70 views
A fifth person will now be facing court for allegedly stealing baby formula worth A$1 million ($716,318) after a police raid in Sydney, Australia, last year.

New South Wales Police confirmed that 4,000 tins of baby formula, large quantities of vitamins, and Manuka honey had been confiscated from two homes in Carlingford back in August 2018.

Strike Force Dungv investigators also seized more than A$215,000 ($154,030) in cash from one of the properties, which is claimed to be proceeds from crime.

The tins typically sell for about A$30 ($21.50) in Australia but in China they can fetch more than A$80 ($57.30). The Manuka honey costs about 30 percent more in China compared to Australia, ranging between A$120 and A$150 a kilogram, or $39.10 and $48.90 a pound respectively.
Volunteers Rescue a 12-foot Pygmy Sperm Whale at Zuma Beach
2019-01-21    2 views
Good Samaritans acted fast and rescued a 12-foot pygmy sperm whale that washed ashore at the Zuma Beach in Malibu on Friday.

However, the mammal was later euthanized as it couldn’t be treated in rehab.

Los Angeles County Fire Department said the whale was spotted at the shoreline at 7:45 am.

Attempts by beachgoers to push it back into the sea were unsuccessful.

A video posted on Twitter shows Mammal Rescue Volunteers carrying it to California Wildlife Center for Treatment in a rescue vehicle.

“Yes we did respond to a call regarding a whale in distress this morning at Zuma Beach,” Jennifer Brent, Executive Director of California Wildlife Center confirmed to NTD TV

Jennifer wrote that the decision was made to euthanize since the species does not fare well in rehab and suffered from other problems.

Natural History Museum will do a battery of tests on the mammal’s carcass.
Fatal Hit and Run in Long Island 22-Year-Old Taekwon
2019-01-19    266 views
Video of a fatal hit and run in Long Island was released on Wednesday. The family of the victim says that he stayed out of trouble and he loved his skateboard.
Crip Gang Member Shoots FBI Agent
2019-01-18    2K views
On Tuesday, footage was released of a Crips gang member who was charged for the attempted murder of an on-duty FBI agent. Here’s the story:
Trump’s Attorney General Pick Barr Vouches For Mueller, Will Look Into FBI Behavior
2019-01-17    2 views
William Barr is President Donald Trump’s nominee to replace Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. Now he’s facing questions on whether the FBI acted properly during its investigation into alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.
Government Worker Cannot Pay for Insulin Because of Shutdown
2019-01-17    0 views
Its price has more than doubled since 2011, and advocates work hard to lower the price and seek justice.

In the meantime, people like Mallory Lorge have to ration their insulin: their means of survival.
Massive, spinning ice disc forms in Maine river
2019-01-17    377 views
A very unusual and impressive sight took shape in maine this week:

A nearly perfect disc of ice -- forming in the presumpscot river.

The massive ice disc drew curious onlookers to the banks of the river.

It's not clear how or exactly when it formed.

According to an official with the city of westbrook, the disc is roughly 100 yards across and is spinning in a counter clockwise direction.

That same official captured this breathtaking drone footage of the amazing sight.
Migrants depart from El Salvador as new U.S.-bound caravan forms
2019-01-16    47 views
At least 150 Salvadoran migrants departed in a group for the United States on Jan. 16, the latest in a string of so-called 'caravans' that U.S. President Donald Trump has used to build his case for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.
Snowball Fight in DC's first snowstorm
2019-01-14    2 views
Cops in Washington DC took part in a playful snowball fight with some bar-goers late on Saturday, January 12, as a winter storm blanketed the city.

A mass snowball fight broke out in the National Mall in Washington, DC, on Sunday, January 13.

The National Weather Service reported that between 4 and 6 inches of snow had fallen on Washington by 10:15am on Sunday.

The US Office of Personal Management tweeted that federal offices in the DC area would be closed on Monday due to weather conditions. Metrobus tweeted their services were suspended on Sunday due to hazardous road conditions. Some schools and universities would close Monday, according to Washington Post.

Credit: Cassidy Stoughton and Guneev Sharma via Storyful
Sheriff says Wisconsin teen reunited with aunt
2019-01-14    18 views
US authorities say a Wisconsin teen who was abducted during an October home invasion, in which her parents were killed, has been reunited with an aunt and will see the rest of her relatives within hours.

Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald said at a news conference that Jayme Closs was taken back to her hometown of Barron on Friday.
Two Injured in Utah Mall Shooting
2019-01-14    5 views
Authorities say a gunman has opened fire at a mall near Salt Lake City and that three people were wounded.

The Salt Lake Tribune newspaper reported that police officers are searching for the suspects.

The shooting happened Sunday afternoon at the Fashion Place mall in Murray, Utah.

Credit: Why Not Motors via Storyful
Bill on federal workers' back pay in shutdown heads to Trump
2019-01-13    0 views
Congress has passed legislation that will make sure federal workers are back paid after the partial government shutdown is over.

The bill covers workers that have been furloughed or required to work without pay since December 22, 2018.
911 Call: Panic After Comatose Woman Gives Birth
2019-01-12    4K views
Panicking staff members at a long-term care facility scrambled to save a baby born to an Arizona woman in a vegetative state amid their shock to learn she was pregnant, according to dramatic 911 audio released Friday.

The roughly five minutes of audio from the Dec. 29 birth starts with a frantic nurse at the Phoenix facility yelling, "The baby's turning blue! The baby's turning blue!"

"One of our patients just had a baby, and we had no idea she was pregnant," the nurse said.

Since that day, the woman and the baby boy have been recovering at a hospital. Their conditions have not been released.
Second Suspect Charged With Murder In Shooting Of 7-Year-Old Jazmine Barnes
2019-01-11    8 views
A man accused in a drive-by shooting that killed a 7-year-old Houston girl says he wasn’t involved in the attack, his lawyer said Jan. 10.

Larry D. Woodruffe, 24, is one of two men charged with capital murder in the Dec. 30 killing of Jazmine Barnes, who was in a car with her mother and three sisters when someone in another vehicle opened fire on them, killing Jazmine.

The girl’s family, who are black, told investigators that the shooter was white and in a red pickup truck, but a tip eventually led to the arrests of Woodruffe and another black man, 20-year-old Eric Black Jr. Prosecutors allege that Woodruffe fired the shots from an SUV that Black was driving.
An emotional Andy Murray says he will stop playing tennis this year due to hip pain
2019-01-11    45 views
Andy Murray may retire after the Australian Open, with the severe pain from his troublesome right hip having become almost unbearable for him to play on, the former world number one said on Friday (January 11).

Overcome with emotion, the three-times Grand Slam champion wept at a media conference as he revealed that he had initially planned to quit after playing this year's Wimbledon tournament but now felt Melbourne Park might end up his swansong.

"There's a chance of that, for sure, because I'm not sure I'm able to play through the pain for another four or five months," the 31-year-old Briton, now ranked 230th in the world, said.
Milwaukee Bus Driver Rescues Lost Baby from Freeway Overpass
2019-01-11    874 views
A bus driver in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, sprung into action on December 22 when she saw a baby wandering on a highway overpass.
The Milwaukee County Transit System shared footage of bus driver Irena Ivic spotting the child walking across the overpass. The baby boy was barefoot, wearing only a onesie and a diaper in below-freezing temperatures.
Ivic stopped her bus and ran to pick up the child, bringing him on to the bus. A passenger used her coat to keep the boy warm. The toddler fell asleep in Ivic’s arms just as police arrived on the scene.
Police said that the boy had been left outside by his mother. Besides being cold and scared the child was unharmed, and was eventually reunited with his father.
Ivic said that she was just grateful to be able to keep the boy safe when she found him.

Credit: RideMCTS.com via Storyful
Thousands of Fish Killed in Darling River, New South Wales
2019-01-10    125 views
Thousands of fish were killed in the Darling River at Menindee in western New South Wales over the weekend of January 5 and January 6.

In this video, shared to Facebook by Rob Gregory on January 7, dead fish can be seen all over a waterway.

The NSW Department of Primary Industries launched an investigation into the incident and said the mass deaths could have been caused by ongoing drought conditions and a sharp drop in temperature.
Ashley Judd's lawsuit against Weinstein dismissed
2019-01-10    33 views
A federal judge in Los Angeles has dismissed actress Ashley Judd’s sexual harassment claim against movie producer Harvey Weinstein, but says that Judd could proceed with a defamation claim.

Ashley Judd's sexual harassment suit against Harvey Weinstein has been thrown out.

A federal judge in LA on Wednesday (January 9) ruled that Judd's relationship as an actress with the Hollywood producer was not covered under California law.

However, he's also said that Judd could go proceed with her claims for defamation.

In her suit filed last April, Judd accused Weinstein of smearing her reputation in 1998 after she refused what she said were his sexual advances.

The lawsuit alleges that he cornered her in a hotel room under the guise of discussing business.

She says he retaliated by making 'baseless smears' against her, which she then claims cost her a role in Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings" series.

Judd was one of the first women, in October 2017, to make on-the-record allegations of sexual misconduct against Weinstein, which soon afterwards evolved into the online "#MeToo" movement.

Since then, the Oscar-winning producer has been accused of harassment by more than 70 women.

Weinstein is set to stand trial in New York later this year on five charges, including rape, involving two other women.

He's denied all accusations of sexual assault, saying any sexual encounters were consensual.
Woman breaks into police station, wanted to date cop
2019-01-10    161 views
Police say a woman smashed her way into a closed Pennsylvania police station looking for an officer she’d been sexually harassing ever since he arrested her.

Police say 27-year-old Ashley Keister, of Nanticoke, used a large cigarette butt receptacle to smash glass doors into the West Wyoming police building around 12:45 a.m. Monday. Once inside, she started rummaging through filing cabinets.
Mayor Announces Health Care Program for All New Yorkers
2019-01-10    2 views
New York Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Jan. 8 a health care plan to cover an estimated 600,000 residents, including undocumented residents. The announcement was first made on MSNBC's Morning Joe, and later that same day at the Lincoln Medical Center in the Bronx.

"About 600,000 New Yorkers who do not have any health care coverage at all ... have no where to turn—except the emergency room, which is exactly the last place we want to see people go," said de Blasio at the Lincoln Medical Center.

According to de Blasio many residents are uninsured, meaning they must resort to the emergency room for treatment and the city's money is not well spent for this reason. He said giving people the primary care they need and helping them avoid the emergency room will help the financial burden for patients.

The mayor touted the program as a step toward universal health care.
Saudi teen asylum seeker is in "safe place", UNHCR says
2019-01-09    83 views
The 18-year-old Saudi woman asylum seeker who fled to Thailand saying she feared her family would kill her if she were sent back to Saudi Arabia was moved to a "safe place", the United Nations Refugee agency (UNHCR) told reporters in Geneva on Tuesday (January 8).

The UNHCR said it was investigating Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun's case and that it would take time to process her application for refugee status, before she can seek asylum in a third country, as UNHCR officials continued to interview her at an undisclosed location in Bangkok.

Qunun told the world of her dramatic plight on social media, drawing widespread support and concern, which convinced Thai authorities to back down from deporting her back to Saudi Arabia.

She was finally allowed to enter Thailand late on Monday after spending 48 hours at Bangkok airport, some of it barricaded in a transit lounge hotel room.

The case has drawn new global attention to Saudi Arabia's strict social rules, including a requirement that women have the permission of a male "guardian" to travel, which rights groups say can trap women and girls as prisoners of abusive families.
Seattle Council Discusses Effect of Amazon With New York
2019-01-09    0 views
Talks focused on the $1.5 billion incentives to Amazon, and the corporation’s effect on the workforce.
Hyundai unveils concept for 'walking car' on legs
2019-01-08    0 views
Hyundai has unveiled a revolutionary new vehicle concept with wheels mounted on robotic legs.

The 'Elevate', on show at CES in Las Vegas, is designed to climb terrain other vehicles can't - and the hope is it could one day end up on Mars.
Roger Federer revealed he still mourns the loss of his former Australian tennis coach
2019-01-08    378 views
Tennis superstar Roger Federer tells CNN about his mentor when he started his career, who died tragically before he could witness Federer's big wins.
See-Through OLED Displays and Screens Doubling as Speakers
2019-01-08    0 views
LG Display, a subsidiary company to the electronics giant LG, is showing off a transparent screen at the CES technology show in Las Vegas.

There's also a screen that acts as a speaker with surround sound.
Anastasia Lin – CCP does not represent the Chinese people
2019-01-06    8 views
"I am a Chinese diaspora I grew up in China, and I think I can speak for a lot of Chinese people.

CCP absolutely do not represent the Chinese people, they're a foreign imported alien. Imported to us by the Soviets that/and initiated in Germany. No offence to any German here."
Tuna auctioned at record $3 million at Tokyo's new fish market
2019-01-05    601 views
A Japanese restaurant chain paid over three million dollar (333.6 million yen) on Saturday (January 5) in a record New Year auction at Tokyo's new fish market.

"The tuna looks so tasty and very fresh, but I think I did too much," Kiyoshi Kimura, the owner of the Sushizanmai restaurant chain told reporters after the auction.

The price Kimura paid for the 278 kilograms (613 pounds) bluefin tuna caught off the coast of Japan's Aomori prefecture is double the price he had paid six years ago. In 2013, he set a record for buying a tuna at 1.7 million dollar.

Shortly after the auction, the record breaking tuna was transported to one of the sushi chain's outlets located in Tsukiji, the old fish market.

Saturday's auction was the first New Year bid of the new Toyosu market, after the iconic Tsukiji fish market was closed to make way to provide temporary parking for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics.
Nancy Pelosi wins Speaker title again
2019-01-04    2 views
For the second time in her life, California Representative Nancy Pelosi is speaker of the House.
Officers Join Holiday Flash Mob
2019-01-04    0 views
Mall Flash Mob
Brooklyn Record-Low Crime Rate
2019-01-03    0 views
The Clergy Council's GodSquad and other community organization stood with Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and District Attorney Eric Gonzalez to discuss the successful crime reduction in 2018.