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Bali's Mount Agung Erupts, Emitting a Plume of Volcanic Ash
2018-06-13    40 views
Mount Agung, a volcano on the Indonesian tourist island of Bali has erupted, sending a plume of volcanic ash that reached 6,500 feet (2,000 meters) into the air.

Dramatic footage of the eruption was captured by a tourist on Wednesday, June 13 and uploaded to Instagram.

The tourist captioned the footage with "Must admit have been hoping to see an #eruption every time I stay here. Not like the #movies at all, very #peaceful and #quiet. Didn’t #hear or #feel a thing"

Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, spokesman from the National Disaster Management Authority in Bali, confirmed the eruption.

“Mount Agung, Bali, erupted on June 13, 2018, at 11:05 am,” he tweeted, adding that the column of volcanic ash reached 2,000 meters.

He assured the public that Bali remained safe.

Mount Agung previously erupted five times in late November 2017, forcing tens of thousands of people to evacuate and disrupting air travel.

Credit: Ruth Struth via Storyful
Young Boy Sings and Dances Onstage to 'My Boy Lollipop'
2018-06-11    908 views
A young boy known on Facebook as Wee Lochie Bear Bowie entertained a crowd at the Playa de los Pocillos in Lanzarote, Spain, with his rendition of “My Boy Lollipop”.
The boy’s father, Iain Bowie, took this video of his son dancing on stage and singing as loudly, and happily, as he could. The family is originally from Saltcoats, North Ayrshire, Scotland.
Credit: Iain Bowie via Storyful
Bodycam Footage Shows Arrest of Al-Qaeda 'Bomb-Maker' Near UK Parliament
2018-06-08    0 views
London’s Metropolitan Police released police bodycam footage on June 7 showing the moment anti-terror officers swooped in on a suspected al-Qaeda bomb-maker who was carrying three knives close to Downing Street and the Houses of Parliament.
Khalid Mohammed Omar Ali, 27, of north London, was arrested on April 27, 2017, police said. In September, police said he plead not guilty to charges of terrorism and explosives offences related to time spent in Afghanistan, allegedly making bombs in 2012 and earlier.
The footage showed police rushing over to Ali, shouting “Get on the floor,” before bringing him to the ground and placing handcuffs on him behind his back. They then searched Ali, finding three knives. “He’s racking them up,” an officer is heard saying after finding the third knife.
During the trial at the Old Bailey in early June, it was alleged that Ali had spent five years in Afghanistan making bombs and detonated more than 300, The Times reported.
Prosecutor Brian Altman, QC, reportedly told the court Ali had intended to carry out a knife attack in Westminster, while Ali claimed he was carrying the knives for his own protection, the report said.
Ali’s arrest came just over a month after Khalid Masood drove a car into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and Bridge Street, killing five people and injuring dozens.
Credit: Metropolitan Police via Storyful
Spectacular Lightning Strike Caught on Camera in Germany
2018-05-31    102 views
Germany has been battered by heavy storms recently, with one resident catching a spectacular lightning strike on video.
In the footage above, the lightning can been seen striking the ground in Dusseldorf, with a man laughing as it does so.
Other footage shows how streets and buildings have been flooded in the thunderstorms that swept through the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.
According to local media, in Wuppertal a university building’s roof collapsed, with the German Meteorological Office saying the “entire city was underwater,” according to RT.
Big German cities like Berlin and Munich are set to face the wrath of the storms in the next few days.
"It’s going to get loud,” the German Weather Service said, according to RT.
Denver Zoo Trains Primates to Ensure There's No 'Monkeying Around' During Health Checks
2018-05-30    0 views
A video shared by Denver Zoo on May 29 highlights the importance of training its monkeys correctly. The footage shows the zoo’s old world monkeys interacting with their trainers, allowing them to properly give them thorough health checks.
“The training we do with old world monkeys is always done with a mesh barrier to protect the keepers and the animals. It also gives the animals more choice and control,” the video description states.
According to the post, training gives “the opportunity to give voluntary injections, look over the animals’ entire body for health checkups, and allows the animals to interact in fun behaviors.”
The video had over 5,700 views at the time of writing.
Credit: Denver Zoo via Storyful
Western Russia Town Plagued by Mosquitoes
2018-05-18    0 views
Waves of mosquitoes have descended upon western Russia’s Voronezh oblast since May 6, in what local media is calling an unprecedented number of insects.
The mosquito invasion has drawn complaints from the inhabitants of multiple towns, but especially those living in Pavlovsk and its neighboring villages, where local livestock and dogs have reportedly died from insect bites. Residents said they were living in “a state of siege” and that their normal routines had been disrupted, according to
It is unclear what factors have caused the insect invasion, but RIA Novosti reported that the Voronezh region has suffered from similar problems in the past, especially in 2013, and that flooding this year may have led to an especially large increase in the mosquito population.
This footage, described as filmed in Pavlovsk, shows a glimpse of the mosquitoes.
Credit: elfxax via Storyful
Explosives Trigger Controlled Avalanche in British Columbia
2018-05-03    0 views
Footage released by British Columbia Transportation gives a panoramic view of explosives triggering a controlled avalanche on Morrissey Ridge near Fernie on April 26.
BC Transportation said the controlled explosion prompted snow deposits to come within 100 meters of a nearby highway, which was closed at the time.
The safety procedure follows two fatal skiing incidents in the area in January.
This video shows the explosives prompting an avalanche.
Credit: BC Transportation via Storyful
Seven-Pound Puppy Is Hit-and-Run Victim But Still Can't Take the Smile Off Its Face
2018-05-02    16 views
A seven-pound dog was left with a broken pelvis and fractured leg after she was hit by a car in a hit-and-run incident in New York.
Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs shared a clip to Facebook on May 1 of the cheery seven-pound, named Cashew, attempting to walk in the organization’s New York premises following her accident.
According to the post, Cashew’s owner never came looking for her and she needs help to get to the ER so she can be operated on.
“It will take money to pay for her surgeries. We are the rescue that is willing to help little Cashew but we need the funds in order to do that,” the post reads.
The clip of Cashew had earned over 14,000 views at the time of writing.
Credit: Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs via Storyful
Aerial Footage Shows Interstate Pile-Up in Nebraska
2018-05-01    0 views
One man was killed following a pile-up on Nebraska’s Interstate 80, near Goehner, on Monday, April 30.
This aerial footage shows numerous overturned trucks and cars on the Interstate 80.
Winds of up to 58mph prompted dust to rise, skewering visibility, causing the multi-vehicle collision at around 5:15pm.
Images of the incident show extensive damage caused to vehicles.
Credit: Nebraska State Patrol via Storyful
Pilot Lands at Saudi Arabian Airport Despite Sandstorm
2018-05-01    0 views
A dramatic sandstorm swept over Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Thursday, April 26.
This video was captured by plane passenger Sherif Nagy Tanamly. It shows a Saudi Airlines aircraft safely landing at King Khalid International Airport despite poor visibility.
Motorists were advised to take caution on the roads during the sandstorm, according to local news reports. Intense rainfall was forecast to accompany the sandstorm.
Credit: Sherif Nagy Tanamly via Storyful
Australian Workers Use Excavator to Free Kangaroo Stuck in Landfill
2018-05-01    0 views
Council workers in Bundaberg, Queensland, helped free a kangaroo stuck in the mud at a waste facility on April 30.
The marsupial was rescued after Bundaberg’s Regional Council waste and recycling team used heavy machinery to carefully remove mud trapping the kangaroo.
Once the kangaroo was free, it took great interest in the council’s machinery and began inspecting the apparatus that rescued him.
The footage of the rescue shared to the council’s Facebook page had earned over 20,000 views at the time of writing.
Credit: Bundaberg Regional Council via Storyful
Oklahoma Police Officer Investigates Why the Chicken Crossed the Road
2018-05-01    0 views
Fowl Business: Oklahoma Police Officer Investigates Why the Chicken Crossed the Road
Why did the chicken cross the road? An Oklahoma City police officer is still trying to find out after he watched it wait at a pedestrian crossing on April 29.
A clip shared to the Oklahoma City Police Department Facebook page shows Officer Cook as he encountered a chicken lining up at a busy intersection on 10th Street and North Portland Avenue.
“Just because we’re in the city doesn’t mean that we don’t have small town problems,” Cook said. According to police, their investigation didn’t reveal why the chicken crossed the road. “We tried to interview the chicken, but she lawyered up,” the Facebook post noted.
The clip had earned over 118,000 views at the time of writing.
Credit: Oklahoma City Police Department via Storyful
Dashcam Footage Shows Cow Chase Texas Deputy
2018-04-30    0 views
Dashcam Footage Shows Cow Chase Texas Deputy
A Texas deputy constable probably wasn’t expecting to have to dodge an angry cow when he arrived at the scene of an accident on April 26.
The collision, it turned out, was between a car and the cow, with the bovine unharmed – though clearly rather annoyed. Dashcam footage shows Deputy Andrew Ries forced to run like a rodeo clown as a cow charges at him; the occupants of the other vehicle, meanwhile, are forced to scramble to avoid the beast.
Constable Sherman Eagleton of Harris County posted the footage, and said no one was injured during the incident. A comment below the video said the cow was last seen disappearing into a woods.
Credit: Harris County Constable Sherman Eagleton via Storyful
'Crazy Times' in Tesco as Suspected Shoplifter Has Aggressive Encounter With Staff
2018-04-27    0 views
A fight broke out between two members of the public and a Tesco store worker after staff tried to detain an alleged shoplifter in north London on April 26.

The footage, which can be seen above, shows a man and woman arguing with staff at the store entrance. The man throws a shopping basket at a staff, who can be seen picking another one up and approaching the woman.

She can then be heard shouting “Don’t [expletive] hit me.”

Rebecca Herridge, who filmed the incident, told Storyful, “She was caught by staff members taking a sandwich, she got super defensive and aggressive.”

She added, “The man got involved defending her, don’t think they were together at first, think he just joined in. Really scared a lot of people in the store, people were in tears.”

The alleged shoplifter can be heard shouting throughout the video and swearing extensively.

Toward the end of the footage she can be heard asking whether it was all worth it for £3 ($4.20).

Credit: Rebecca Herridge via Storyful
Japan's Sakurajima Volcano Erupts
2018-04-27    171 views
Japanese Volcano Sakurajima Erupts
Japan’s Sakurajima volcano erupted late Thursday night, April 26, another in a series of explosions from the Kagoshima Prefecture peak in recent years.
Credit: Japan Meteorological Agency via Storyful
Attempted Robbery Suspects Smash Stolen Car Through Storefront
2018-04-26    0 views
A stolen truck has smashed through the front of a Cedar Rapids store in an attempted burglary, police said.

Cedar Rapids Police Department are appealing for help to find the two suspects in the incident, which was captured on video and released by the police.

Police said significant damage was inflicted on the Sprint store by the vehicle in the April 19 incident. The entire front store frame and glass had been pushed backwards and there was glass shattered across the ground, they said in a Facebook post.

Police did not reveal additional details about the crime, but said it was challenging to identify the two occupants of the truck.

Credit: Cedar Rapids Police Department via Storyful
Ice Pane Forms Across Car Window in Freezing Michigan Temperatures
2018-04-16    0 views
Ice Pane Forms Across Car Window in Freezing Michigan Temperatures
Warnings for hazardous weather and flooding were in place for parts of Michigan on Monday, April 16, with power outages reported across the state.
Numerous schools were closed following freezing conditions over the weekend which dropped between 0.25 and 0.50 inches of ice accumulation across the lower part of Michigan.
This video, said to be recorded in Muskegon County, Michigan, shows a man roll down the window of a car revealing a pane of ice. He moves his head through the ice causing it to shatter.
Credit: Hannah Hoppus via Storyful
Robbers Drop Cash
2018-04-16    5K views
Police have released CCTV footage after two hapless robbers dropped stolen cash in Droylsden.

Shortly before 1pm on Saturday 17 March 2018, two men went into a travel agents on Queens Walk.

They demanded money from members of staff inside, asking them to open the safe and secure doors.

The duo then stuffed cash from the till down their trousers, before fleeing from the shop.

As they were running down Craven Street, notes started dropping out of their trousers, which caught in the wind.

After trying to pick up some of the escaped notes they’d stolen, the men then got into a silver car which sped off towards Fairfield Road.

Detective Constable Phil Scargill of GMP’s Tameside borough, said: “This duo threatened innocent people working in the travel agents and should know their actions are utterly unacceptable.

“They took every step to secure the money in the shop, but left the stolen notes in their wake as they fled from the scene.

“I’d urge anyone who saw the two men, or caught sight of them dropping notes as they ran from the travel agents, to please get in touch with police and share what you know.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 0161 856 9262, quoting incident number 1122 of 17/03/18. Reports can also be made anonymously through the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.
Flooding Causes Road in Indiana to Rip Apart
2018-04-06    0 views
Flooding Causes Road to Rip Apart in Liberty, Indiana
Indiana resident Zach Wildman captured video of a road being torn apart in Liberty by flooding due to thunderstorms and severe weather in the area on April 3.
The National Weather Service issued a flash flood warning for multiple regions in Indiana and Ohio. The severe weather conditions that include heavy rain, hail, and strong winds are expected to continue until Wednesday afternoon.
Brittany Wildman told Storyful the video was shot on Kitchel Road.
Credit: Brittany and Zach Wildman via Storyful
Seagull Snatches Bacon From Shopping Trolley in Scotland
2018-04-05    0 views
A seagull did its own bit of shopping outside an Asda in Elgin, Scotland, on April 3, swooping in to bring home the bacon as a woman was unloading her trolley.
Ashley Aitken filmed the theft. “Poor woman at Asda Elgin as seagull goes off with her bacon,” she said.
Credit: Ashley Aitken via Storyful
Huge Fire Rips Through Waterfront Homes in Perryville, Maryland
2018-04-02    0 views
At least four people were injured and 24 lost their homes after a huge fire broke out at a waterfront condominium complex on Sunday, April 1.

The blaze ripped through the 18 unit building in Owens Landing Court on the Susquehanna River just before 3 a.m., according to ABC News.

The fire caused an estimated $2 million of damage after it took almost four hours for firefighters to get the flames under control, the report said.

Resident Trisha Vaughn told ABC, “My building was right here on the top. There was steps right there so when we came down the steps ashes and ambers were going everywhere.”

She added, “All I could think about was to grab some wet cloths to put over our face. Then we went down the steps and when we went down the whole building all the way across was just engulfed in flames.”

The cause of the fire is unknown at this time.

Credit: Susquehanna Hose Co via Storyful
Motorist Slows to Watch Wild Horses in the Mist
2018-04-02    0 views
A motorist captured a hauntingly beautiful sight as wild horses crossed the mist-covered road in front of her.

Tessie Oritz slowed her car so she could film the unusual sight along the Casa Blanca Road in Maricopa, Arizona on Sunday, April 1.

Wild Horses have been roaming free in Arizona for centuries and are protected by State Law.

One herd along the Salt River has been growing at a rate of around 12 percent a year, according to the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group.

The group managed to stop the herd’s roundup and removal in 2015 after a public outcry.

Credit: Tessie Oritz via Storyful
Opposition Group Fills Kosovo's Parliament with Tear Gas to Prevent Border Vote
2018-03-22    0 views
Opposition MPs in Kosovo's parliament released tear gas in an attempt to stop a vote on a border with Montenegro.

Three tear gas canisters were used by the Self-Determination Movement party on Wednesday, March 21 just before the vote. As a result, all politicians had to leave the hall.

The Movement party believes Kosovo could lose 20,000 acres of its territory to Montenegro, reported the Independent.

Nataliya Apostolova, the European Union's ambassador, said on Twitter, "Appalled by tear gas release in Kosovo Assembly! Shocked that members of a parliament in Europe are resorting to dangerous tactics pulling Kosovo backwards.”

Montenegro has already approved the deal, which has been required by the EU to enable Kosovans to travel freely in the Schengen area.

Later in the day, and despite the tear gas, the deal was also approved by Kosovo, with the 120-seat parliament voting 80-11 to endorse it.

Credit: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty via Storyful
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