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Night Survey of Kilauea Region Reveals Spectacular Lava Displays
2018-06-05    2 views
Night Survey of Kilauea Region Reveals Spectacular Lava Displays
A National Guard night survey to show the progress of lava on June 3 revealed spectacular flows and eruptions near Hilo, Hawaii.
The US Geological survey said that by June 4, after 30 days of volcanic activity around the Kilauea volcano, 7.7 square miles of land were covered by lava.
Credit: MSgt Christopher Schepers via Storyful
Helicopter Footage Shows Fissure 8 Lava Flows at Kilauea Volcano
2018-06-04    0 views
New helicopter footage from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) shows ashy smoke churned up by lava flowing from Kilauea Volcano’s Fissure 8 on the morning of June 3.
According to the USGS and Hawaii 24/7, the lava flow was moving at an average of 250 feet per hour towards Kapoho Beach.
Credit: US Geological Survey via Storyful
Man’s Reaction to Rogue Pigeon Discovery Goes Viral
2018-06-04    21 views
Guy's Face Contorts Into Look of Pure Terror When He Spots Rogue Pigeon in His Room
Footage of a Scottish man’s hilarious reaction to discovering a pigeon in his bedroom has gone viral, after it was shared to Facebook on May 31.
Glasgow native Stuart Baillie shared the video of his friend Mark Samson getting a fright courtesy of the stowaway pigeon in his room. Samson’s face shows a look of pure terror as he realizes that he and Baillie are not alone.
The footage had over 400,000 views at the time of writing.
Credit: Stuart Baillie via Storyful
Man Rescues Toddler From Underneath a Train Carriage
2018-05-31    222K views
This is the moment a five-year-old dragged under a moving TRAIN was saved at the last second by a heroic onlooker.

Sachin Pol spotted the danger and leapt into action to save the young girl's life - after she slipped out of her mum's grasp while boarding the carriage.

Only two seconds passed between the girl going under and Sachin pulling her to safety.

He too was nearly dragged under as the train left Mahalaxmi station in Mumbai, India on Friday evening.

The tot's mum had boarded with dad Mohammad Dishaan milliseconds before the incident.

Sachin and the girl suffered minor bruises but given first aid at the station’s medical room.

Mohammad and his wife were on their way back home to Bhiwandi after visiting the Haji Ali shrine when they tried to board.

Pol, who can be seen in the video seated on his desk and watching the couple trying to board the train, reacted with admirable speed.

Mohammd, who has four other children, said his wife is new to Mumbai and does not know how quickly Mumbai trains gain speed.

He added: “I was walking ahead and she was holding our daughter’s hand. The train was stationary when we went to board it, but then it started moving and picked up speed. I will be eternally grateful to the man who saved my daughter’s life."

Pol is a resident of Lower Parel and has been in Maharashtra Security Force’s employment for two years .

He makes £153 a month.

Credit: SWNS
Fast-Flowing Lava Prompts New Evacuation Near Hawaii Fissure
2018-05-28    0 views
The mayor of Hawaii County told residents living near fissure 7 in the Leilani Estates subdivision of Puna to evacuate on Sunday, May 27, due to fast-flowing lava.
The residents were told that shelters were open and pet-friendly.
Earlier on May 27, lava crossed onto the property of a Hawaii geothermal power station, posing a new hazard; however, residents were reassured that no release of hydrogen sulfide had been detected from wells on the site.
According to the Hawaii Tribune Herald, lava has destroyed 41 homes and covered over 2,200 acres of land since the Kilauea volcano erupted on May 3.
This video, from the USGS, shows lava erupt from the seventh fissure on May 27.
Credit: USGS via Storyful
Woman Calls 911 After a Bear Gets Stuck in Her Car
2018-05-24    0 views
A woman from Conneticut made a 911 call after she heard noises coming from her parked car.

Linda Morad was perplexed when she saw her car's lights turn on and off and heard the car's horn beep "like crazy". She saw someone moving inside the car and rushed to call 911.

"I think there's someone in my car," she said in a 911 call released to the media. "The lights on and I went out to kind of check it out and I hear noises there."

But the suspect wasn't a burglar, it was a bear.

When police arrived at her home in Canton, they saw the black bear inside her car, opened the door and it scampered into the woods.

“We’re guessing he used his paw to open the door,” Police Capain Lawrence Terra said, reported the Hartford Courant. “It looked like he was terrified, by the condition of the car.”

The animal had trapped itself in the car and trashed the interior. The damage it caused was astounding.
Speaking with WFSB-TV, Morad said she was "flabbergasted" when she realized the suspect was a full-sized bear.

"I probably think we both were as scared. Me inside the house wondering what was going on and the bear trying to get out, the poor thing,” she said.

There were no injuries, but the car has been written off by her insurance company.

Mosen Morad, Linda’s husband, said to the Courant that insurance won't cover everything, and noted, "you can't sue the bear."

Morad said the only food left in her Subaru was a banana, which was not taken by the bear.
Man Calls Police for Backup. He Was Being Stalked by a Pig
2018-05-21    0 views
A man called 911 in the early hours of Saturday morning, May 19, asking for backup for an unusual problem—he had a pig problem.

According to the man, he was being followed by a pig, and he didn’t know what to do.

Police in Elyria, Ohio were convinced he was “obviously” intoxicated when they received the call at 5:26 a.m.

“A pig. Riiiight. … He was at least drunk enough to call the police on himself while hallucinating,” the North Ridgeville Police Department wrote in a Facebook post.

Night shift responded to the caller, and upon arrival they found a “very sober” man, and “he was being followed by a pig. Yes, a pig,” police shared.

The man was walking home from an Amtrak train station in Elyria and was spotted being stalked by the pig at Center Ridge near Maddock Rd.

A police officer “managed to wrangle” the animal to the car and eventually return the pig to its owner. They shared about the amusing event and posted a photo of the pig on Facebook.

“Also, we will mention the irony of the pig in a police car now so that anyone that thinks they’re funny is actually unoriginal and trying too hard,” police wrote. “Have a great day.”
Man Calls Police for Backup—He Was Being Stalked by a Pig
2018-05-21    0 views
A man called 911 in the early hours of Saturday morning, May 19, asking for backup for an unusual problem—he had a pig problem.

According to the man, he was being followed by a pig, and he didn’t know what to do.

Police in Elyria, Ohio were convinced he was “obviously” intoxicated when they received the call at 5:26 a.m.

“A pig. Riiiight. … He was at least drunk enough to call the police on himself while hallucinating,” the North Ridgeville Police Department wrote in a Facebook post.

Night shift responded to the caller, and upon arrival they found a “very sober” man, and “he was being followed by a pig. Yes, a pig,” police shared.

The man was walking home from an Amtrak train station in Elyria and was spotted being stalked by the pig at Center Ridge near Maddock Rd.

A police officer “managed to wrangle” the animal to the car and eventually return the pig to its owner. They shared about the amusing event and posted a photo of the pig on Facebook.

“Also, we will mention the irony of the pig in a police car now so that anyone that thinks they’re funny is actually unoriginal and trying too hard,” police wrote. “Have a great day.”
Watch the Royal Wedding Carriage Procession Route
2018-05-19    0 views
The Royal family released timelapse video of the Carriage Procession that will follow the 2018 Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

According to a Royal Family spokesperson, “the couple will travel around Windsor in a horse-drawn carriage, providing an opportunity for members of the public to see them and join in with the celebrations”.

The trip of the carriage, which will leave and return to Windsor Castle passing by several landmarks, was documented in a video released on Friday, May 18.

Credit: Royal Family via Storyful
Knife Crime Rises 22 percent in England and Wales
2018-05-17    0 views
Knife crime surged by almost a quarter in England and Wales in 2017, according to the latest figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS).
Nearly 40,000 offences involving a knife were recorded by police in the year ending December 2017, a rise of 22 percent. The figures also revealed that gun crime went up by 11 percent to 6,600.
Caught on Camera: Burglars Try to Disguise Themselves
2018-05-16    3K views
Three suspects were caught on CCTV peering into a home.

When the trio realized they were being filmed by a security camera from within the property in Nottinghamshire, UK, they hid their noses in an attempt to disguise their faces.

Nottinghamshire Police believe the three men are connected to a spate of car key burglaries in the area.

In the footage, the men are captured looking through the window, as one of them realizes they are being filmed on camera.

The suspects were filmed examining the property at about 2pm on April 30. Nothing was taken from the property.

Detective Inspector Steve Wragg of Nottinghamshire police said, "We’re appealing to the public to help us identify those involved in a large number of car key burglaries and associated burglaries.

"We’ve identified 12 burglaries in Nottinghamshire which we’re connecting and which have been captured under the heading of Operation Ignite."

Nottinghamshire Police have recently created two new dedicated burglary teams that focus on tackling burglary in the city and county.

He advised the public to stay vigilant.

"Make sure your front and back doors and windows are locked even when you’re in and never leave your car keys on show through a window when not using them. Do not leave them in locks, on the window ledges or kitchen/hall tables and never on a hook behind the door or in reach of a letterbox or cat flap," he said.

He added that if you have to park your vehicle on the street or on your driveway, make sure it is parked in a well lit area and nothing of value is left in it.

Video credit: Nottinghamshire Police
Eruptions After Nightfall Seen in Hawaii's Puna as New Fissure Reported
2018-05-15    0 views
The 17th fissure to erupt in recent days near Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano remained active late on Monday, May 14, 24 hours after it first opened.

In footage captured by the National Guard, red lava is seen flickering in the darkness from fissure 17.

Residents in Puna have faced several rounds of evacuations and multiple volcanic eruptions in the wake of an earthquake near the Kilauea volcano on May 4.

The USGS said on Monday that a 19th fissure had been spotted at the east end of Lanipuna Gardens.
National Guard via Storyful
Firefighters Rescue Cat Stuck In Two Inch Gap
2018-05-14    0 views
A hapless cat needed rescuing by firefighters after getting stuck between two garage walls in a gap just TWO inches wide.

RSPCA officers were called to the scene in Willenhall in Walsall, West Mids., after the black and white male became firmly wedged in the tiny space on Friday afternoon (11/5).

The animal charity called West Midlands Fire and Rescue Service who, along with the RSPCA officers, had to dismantle the wall in order to free the distressed puss.

The gap was six inches at one end but tapered down to just two inches at the other end.

The lucky cat was amazingly not seriously hurt and was taken to a local vet surgery for pain relief and fluids before being moved to RSPCA Animal Hospital at Newbrook Farm in Birmingham for further treatment.

The RSPCA said they alerted to the stranded animal when a local resident could hear the cat in distress as she went to her garage.

The officers spent three hours using specialist equipment, including a reach and rescue pole, trying to free the moggy.

The fire brigade was asked to attend to assist the rescue as it became clear the cat would not be able to be pulled out, but part of the garage wall would have to be dismantled to free it.

With the help of a local resident access was made to one of the garages and bricks were removed from the wall.

Animal collection officer David Hollinshead, who attended the scene, said: “The cat was about 15 feet from the wider end, and was stuck in a gap that was less than three inches wide.

“The poor thing was terrified - we know cats are naturally curious but I have no idea how he got himself so stuck.

“I was amazed at quite how tightly he was stuck and I had to be so careful easing him out millimeter by millimeter.”

Eventually ACO Hollinshead was able to get hold of the cat and gradually ease it out from between the bricks.

He is still receiving treatment and is due to have x-rays as he appears to be limping, but it is hoped he will make a full recovery.

RSPCA are trying to track down the cat’s owner, as he was not microchipped.

He is neutered and the RSPCA say he is in good condition, so they believe he has an owner missing him.
London’s Spate of Violence Continues Over Holiday Weekend
2018-05-09    0 views
Found slumped on the sidewalk by police, a 17-year-old boy became London’s latest homicide victim as a surge in violence continued into the bank holiday weekend.

London police are already investigating over 60 murders this year. In February and March, more homicides were recorded by police in London than in New York for the first time in modern history.
Brothers Jailed for Botched Attempt to Blow up an ATM
2018-05-04    1K views
This is the shocking moment a bungling burglar almost blew himself up while trying to steal money from a cash machine.

Brothers David Culshaw, 49, and Michael Culshaw, 51, made two botched attempts at stealing money from an ATM but had to flee the scene after failing to grab the cash.

The brazen brothers attempted to insert a black tube into the ATM before filling it with gas to blow the machine from the wall.

However, the brothers can be seen on the shocking CCTV running away from flames after the failed theft attempt.

The first incident occurred at around 12.30am on Sunday 24 September in Warrington, Cheshire.

They attempted to break into the machine by causing an explosion using a gas canister but were unsuccessful in their attempts, fleeing the scene empty handed after causing minor damage to the ATM.

In the second incident, at the same cash machine at 4.30am on 16 October 2017, one of the bumbling brothers gets caught up in the flames from the gas canister and almost blows himself up.

While fleeing, Michael Culshaw inadvertently left a black glove and towel behind, which was later traced to him via DNA.

Traces of David Culshaw’s DNA were also discovered on a black tube that the pair used to cause the explosion.

On 30 October 2017 officers executed warrants at the brothers’ homes in Leigh, Greater Manchester, and found equipment that linked them to the two incidents in Warrington and indicated that they were planning further attacks.

The pair were both arrested and subsequently charged with a number of offences, including attempted theft from a cash machine, arson and causing an explosion likely to endanger life .

David Culshaw was also charged with possession of a class A drug.

The brothers appeared at Liverpool Crown Court on Wednesday 2 May, where they were both sentenced to 10-years in prison after pleading guilty to attempting to rob money from an ATM.

Following sentencing, Sergeant Alison Howarth welcomed the sentences stating: “The Culshaws believed that they were above the law, attempting, and failing to steal money from the same ATM machine on two separate occasions.

“I commend the diligence of the detectives involved in pursuing all lines of enquiry to identify them as suspects. The brothers failed to engage with officers during the investigation and denied any involvement. It was down to the tenacity of the investigators who secured the evidence to prove beyond doubt their involvement and build the case which led to the guilty pleas.

“The brothers believed that crime would pay and help eradicate debt, the sentences passed today prove that this isn’t the case and has landed them behind bars”

Detective Constable John Parry, the officer in charge of the case added: “This store was local in the heart of a small tight knit community, and the devastation of these incidents should not be underestimated. Not only did they cause thousands of pounds worth of damage, but they also had a profound impact on other businesses and residents within the local area.

“The substantial sentence handed to the brother’s today recognise this impact and send a clear message to offenders that Cheshire detectives will pursue all lines of enquiry to detect crime that hurts the very heart of our communities and puts innocent members of the public at risk.”

Credit: SWNS
Miss's drunk driving captured by her own dashcam
2018-04-27    39K views
A drunk teacher's own dashcam caught her swerving all over the road and hitting speeds of up to 51mph along residential streets.

The shocking footage showed Louise Willard, 41, who was three times over the limit hitting curbs, going into grass verges and narrowly missing workmen in the road and oncoming traffic during the 20 minute drive.

Her white Vauxhall Corsa ploughed into the back of parked Audi in Bexhill in April.

But undeterred she reversed and drive off in her car which by now had a crumpled up bonnet but stopped a short distance later.

Sussex Police were first alerted at 5.24pm on 4 April by a member of the public who reported the Corsa repeatedly clipping the kerb on the A259 Marsh Road.

Shortly afterwards, a second call was received reporting the same car erratically driving before crashing into a parked Audi A4.

She was found uninjured by officers in her car and failed a roadside breathalyser test blowing 94mcg of alcohol per 100ml of breath when the legal limit is 35mcg.

She pleaded guilty to drink driving and failing to stop at Hastings Magistrates’ Court yesterday and was banned from driving for two years.

Willard of Bexhill was also handed a 12-month community order, requiring her to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work.

She was also ordered to pay £85 costs and a £85 victim surcharge.

PC Nathan Langley, of the Polegate Roads Policing Unit, said: “The scary thing is this isn’t a particularly unusual or extraordinary example of drink-driving; the driver has displayed a number of characteristics which you would typically expect.

“What you wouldn’t expect, of course, is for someone in such a state to get behind the wheel of their car.

“The dangers of drink-driving are well-documented – it can seriously impair your reaction times, concentration levels, and judgement of other road users and hazards. But a lot of people may find this difficult to visualise.

“Now, through the release of this footage, we can show you exactly what it looks like to drive under the influence of alcohol, and you can see just how shocking it is.”

“We hope by releasing this footage that people will take note. If you’ve ever considered drink-driving, think again.

“Or, if you have done it before, don’t even think about doing it again; the next time could be your last.

“Every year, people’s lives are destroyed by drink-driving. In Sussex in 2017, a total of 13 people were killed and a further 65 were seriously injured in drink-driving related collisions.

“The law around drink-driving is in place for a reason – it is there to keep you safe and to deal robustly with those who compromise the safety of themselves and others by driving while under the influence.

“Remember, drink OR drive; never both.”

Credit: SWNS
A Botched Burglary Caught on Camera
2018-04-20    40K views
A pair of thieves were unsuccessful in their attempts to rob a cafe at Burnside Heights on March 3, instead just making a mess before driving away.
Footage released by police shows the pair driving up to the Tenterfield Drive premises, before one thief jumps out, clad in black, and takes to the glass security door with a hammer. He gives the door a few smashes before dashing back to the car, fumbling at the door before having his accomplice unlock the door, and driving away empty-handed.
Investigators believe that the pair were also involved in a home invasion the previous night, March 2, where two cars were stolen and one was used in an armed robbery at a local hotel.
Credit: Victoria Police via Storyful
Strong Winds Blow Off Roof on to Car
2018-04-18    15K views
Intense winds in Denver, Colorado, caused part of a roof to be blown on top of a parked car in downtown on April 17.

Alli Lacey was at home when she began to notice that it was a bit more windy in Denver than usual. She went out on her balcony and much to her surprise, there was part of a roof being blown down the street. Lacey took out her phone and was able to capture the roof as it was lifted by the wind and brought down directly on a vacant, parked car.
Credit: Alli Lacey via Storyful
Police Officer Helps Mother Duck and Her Chicks Cross Road in Louisville
2018-04-16    0 views
A police officer was spotted helping a mother duck and her chicks cross the road during rush hour in Louisville, Kentucky on Friday, April 13.
This video of the cute interaction was captured by eyewitness Israel McCullough. It shows Jeffersontown police officer Diane Lewis helping the ducks cross eight lanes of traffic.
Sharing the post on Facebook, McCullough wrote: “Today I watched a J-Town police officer help a mother duck and her babies cross traffic during rush hour. This was so awesome!”
Credit: Israel McCullough via Storyful
Driver’s Lucky Escape From 1,600 Tonne Train
2018-04-14    0 views
A man who avoided warning signs and recklessly drove his vehicle onto a level crossing has been handed a prison sentence.
(British Transport Police)
Roma Fans Celebrate Champions League Win Over Barcelona
2018-04-11    0 views
Rome’s Stadio Olimpico erupted in cheers on Tuesday, April 11, as Roma advanced to the semi-finals of the Champions League with a 3-0 victory over Barcelona.
Five-time Champions League winners Barcelona were the favorites going into Tuesday’s game after winning the first game at the Camp Nou 4-1 but Roma were able to claw back a win with defender Kostas Manolas scoring in the final eight minutes of the match.
This video shows the reaction in the press box.
Credit: Paul Rogers via Storyful
New York Subway Worker Drags and Kicks Sleeping Passenger
2018-04-09    0 views
An employee of New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) was filmed trying to wake a sleeping G train passenger by dragging and kicking him on the evening of Saturday, November 4.
Claude Harris recorded the incident after taking the G train to its final stop at Church Avenue in Brooklyn.
Harris told the New York Daily News that he tried to wake the passenger but failed, and left the train once the doors began closing. It was then, Harris said, that an MTA worker tried to wake the man, knocking him to the ground and dragging him up the carriage.
The video shows the worker dragging the passenger along the floor of the carriage toward an open door, before kicking him to try to wake him up, and saying: "Come on. Get up there! I don’t got time for this shit.”
Another employee appears outside the open door, in front of where Harris is filming, and calls his co-worker “Jenkins.” The sleeping passenger then gets up from the floor, disorientated. The second MTA worker says, “Amigo, over here,” prompting the passenger to leave the train, at which point the video ends.
According to the New York Daily News, MTA spokesman Shams Tarek described the footage as “disturbing” and said the employee had “been removed from service” while the incident was being investigated.
Credit: Facebook/Claude Harris via Storyful
CCTV Footage Shows Man Launch a Bizarre Attack in a Bar
2018-04-06    81 views
A pub in Lymm, Cheshire, thanked those who helped out on April 3 after a bizarre incident in which paint was thrown over its premises and customers.
Emily Clare, the owner of the Venue bar, said that two men approached the premises, with one throwing red paint on the outside and one man entering and throwing a tin of paint over customers and furniture. Clare said she was “very disheartened,” but thanked those who “got stuck in” to start cleaning up before the paint could dry.
The Venue posted CCTV footage showing the man who entered the bar, and customers getting doused with the paint.
“The amount of help and support was unreal it’s actually really overwhelming, thank you,” Clare said.
Cheshire Police said 20 people were left covered in paint, and that they were investigating.
Credit: The Venue Lymm via Storyful
Virgin Galactic Completes First Powered Test Flight Since Fatal 2014 Crash
2018-04-06    0 views
Virgin Galactic Completes First Powered Test Since 2014 Crash
Richard Branson’s space company Virgin Galactic on April 5 successfully completed the first powered test flight of its VSS Unity spacecraft following the deadly crash of a prototype in 2014.
This video shows the rocket-powered spacecraft being launched from its carrier aircraft, The White Knight II, to the edge of space and its safe landing at Mojave Air and Space Port, California. Virgin Galactic’s plan to launch tourists into space suffered a major setback when an earlier version of its spacecraft broke apart killing one of its two pilots during a test mission in 2014.
Credit: Virgin Galactic via Storyful
Hundreds Evacuated From Homes After Brush Fire Spreads in Grand Junction
2018-04-03    0 views
Hundreds Evacuated From Homes After Brush Fire Spreads in Grand Junction
At least 300 residents were forced to evacuate their homes in and around Grand Junction, Colorado, on Monday, April 2, after a huge fire ripped through the area.
Officials believe the blaze started as a brush fire, according to the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel.
It sparked at about 8 pm local time and was still ablaze at 11 pm, according to 9News.
Credit: Megan Simeone via Storyful
Dramatic Video Captures Two Skiers Tumbling Down Mount Washington
2018-04-03    0 views
Two skiers took a hard fall from Tuckerman Ravine on Sunday, April 1, after one of them lost their footing near the top of the Mount Washington gully.
David Lottmann captured video of the incident and said one of the skiers lost their balance on a turn and slid into their partner. Neither of the skiers were injured in the fall, according to Mount Washington Avalanche Center.
The ravine located on the flank of Mount Washington in New Hampshire is a popular destination for skiers and hikers but has a deadly reputation. Mountain guide and ski instructor Lottmann warned in a blog post released with the video that skiers who wanted to tackle Tuckerman Ravine needed to check the weather conditions and come equipped with a helmet, ice axe and crampons.
Credit: @NortheastAlpineStart via Storyful
Black Bear Emerges From Hibernation
2018-03-30    1 views
Bears in Montana’s Glacier National Park began waking from hibernation in March, and people have been able to watch via a webcam.
The National Park Service posted a video on Thursday, March 29, taken from the webcam, showing a black bear poking its head out from a tree as it wakes up from hibernation. The park service said a bear was first observed in the tree on March 23 and had been seen most evenings since.
According to the park, black bears usually wake from hibernation as the weather warms and food becomes available in early to mid-March. Most black bears will leave the vicinity of the den within a week after waking up, but females with newborn cubs may remain in the area for several more weeks, the park said.
Credit: National Park Service via Storyful
Burglar Dresses as Employee to Rob Walgreens Store
2018-03-29    0 views
The safe at a Walgreens store in Memphis, Tennessee, was robbed by a man dressed like a store employee on March 23.
Security footage shared to Facebook by the Memphis Police Department shows the criminal dressed in a Walgreens uniform, entering the store while talking on the phone. According to the post, the suspect then produced a gun and demanded employees give him the keys and the codes for the manager’s office — where the safe is kept.
The footage shows the thief opening the safe and removing cash. He then fled through the back doors, according to the post.
The footage had over 1,700 views at the time of writing.
Credit: Memphis Police Department via Storyful
Intense Flooding Lifts Manhole Covers in San Antonio
2018-03-29    0 views
Flash floods hit San Antonio on Wednesday, March 28, after severe thunderstorms swept over the south Texas city.
According to local reports, flooding was forecast to impact various San Antonio suburbs including Bexar County, which reported the temporary closure of 53 roads. Hail was also reported in Alamo Heights.
These videos show floodwaters lifting up the cover of a manhole.
Credit: Jay Sanchez via Storyful
Former University Building Demolished in Downtown Austin
2018-03-29    0 views
A 44-year-old building came tumbling down in seconds on Sunday, March 25, to make way for a new skyscraper in downtown Austin.
Around 400 pounds of explosives were used to bring down the 10-story Ashbel Smith Hall, which was once the administrative offices for the University of Texas, according to the Austin Fire Department.
A 36-story, 670,000-square-foot mixed-use building will take its place and is expected to become the tallest building in Austin. Its construction is scheduled to begin in the summer.
Credit: Battalion Chief Randell Nations, Austin Fire Department via Storyful
Helicopter Team Rescues Unwell Crewman Over Choppy Seas
2018-03-28    2 views
The combined efforts of the Coastguard teams at Newquay, Torbay and Salcombe on Tuesday, March 27, allowed for the rescue, in averse weather conditions, of an unwell sailor some 14 miles off the coast of Start Point, England.
Rescue services were called at about 7 am when the man became “unwell after extinguishing a fire” on board a fishing vessel, the Coastguard reported. The man was airlifted by helicopter to Derriford Hospital.
Credit: Maritime & Coastguard via Storyful
Pile of Adorable Puppies Helps Bring a Smile to Terminally Ill Girl's Face
2018-03-27    0 views
A young girl with terminal cancer has been comforted by a visit from a literal pile of puppies, with photos and video shared on March 26.
A litter of miniature bull terrier puppies was brought to Holly’s bedside to gently play with her, and some of the pups took the opportunity to peacefully take a nap beside her.
The organisation Pile of Puppies shared images and video from the day, writing, “Pile of Puppies is here to show that grace, suffering, beauty, pain, joy and light can all come together in our last days on this planet. Puppies allow the heart to stay open even when it is breaking apart. Pile of Puppies is more than a pile of puppies….they truly are a healing salve in a time when a glimmer of light is so needed.”
Credit: Pile of Puppies via Storyful
Waterspout Spins Over Still Waters Over the Gulf of Mexico
2018-03-27    0 views
Dramatic Gulf Waterspout Spins Over Still Waters
Instagrammer Eric Stenderup captured this view of a waterspout spinning over the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday, March 25.
Credit: Eric Stenderup via Storyful
Avalanche Engulfs Cars ar Ski Resort in Russia
2018-03-27    0 views
An avalanche from Mount Elbrus buried several cars in a ski resort parking lot on Saturday, March 24, in the southern Russian region of Kabardino-Balkaria.
The Ministry of Emergency Situations for Kabardino-Balkaria Republic said in a statement that 15 cars buried in the avalanche had been dug out and no one was injured in the incident. Video from Russian social media users show the avalanche roll into the parking lot near the El’tur Hotel close to Russia’s border with Georgia.
Credit: Vladislav Kazakov via Storyful
Kent Power Station Chimney Implodes During Demolition
2018-03-23    2K views
The Kingsnorth Power Station, the chimney of which had long been a prominent feature of the Hoo Peninsula, was demolished on March 22, as workers past and present looked on.
Rochester and Strood MP Kelly Tolhurst pressed the button and triggered the demolition, Kent Online said.
According to the local blog Upchurch Matters, the chimney was “the second tallest structure in Kent after the TV Transmitter Mast at Dover”. Locals from all over the area posted images and videos of the demolition.
Credit: Upchurch Matters via Storyful
Truck Driver's Carelessness Damages Level Crossing
2018-03-21    26K views
A man was handed a fine after his reckless driving caused a level crossing to be broken, as shown in the video above.

British Transport Police released the footage of the truck in March 2018 as a part of an appeal after the man was sentenced.

The driver struck the barrier in Enfield, London, on November 11, 2017.

"How not to use a level crossing..." BTP wrote in a tweet.

It added, “Last week, the truck driver responsible for this careless driving was sentenced. Please never obstruct a level crossing, it puts you in danger and heavily disrupts the network.”

Credit: British Transport Police via Storyful
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