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LAPD Bodycam Shows Shootout With Carlos Torres Jr.
2019-10-08    579 views
Los Angeles Police Department has released body-cam footage of an officer-involved shooting that took place in Pacoima, on August 19, involving many officers. The suspect was mortally wounded.

LAPD officers responded to a call of domestic violence in the 13000 block of Ottoman Street near Bartee Ave in the Arleta-Pacoima neighborhood at about 4:35 p.m. Officers engaged with a man, identified as Carlos Torres Jr. on the front porch of the house.

Suddenly, Torres pulled a gun, spurring a shootout. He retreated into a house and then ran out of the house and across the street.

Credit: LAPD
2019-10-07    4K views
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homeless subway singer goes viral
2019-10-07    6K views
The subway singer whose voice echoed throughout Los Angeles after a video of an impromptu performance on a Koreatown train platform shared by Los Angeles police went viral last week took the stage for a brief concert during Saturday's Historic Little Italy Sign Unveiling & Festa in downtown San Pedro.

Emily Zamourka serenaded the crowd just after 5:30 p.m. during the festivities, centered at 230 W. 6th Street.

The event, hosted by Los Angeles City Councilman Joe Buscaino, features authentic Italian food, a beer and wine garden, Bocce ball, live entertainment and more to celebrate the designation of Little Italy in downtown San Pedro, as well as the unveiling of the Little Italy sign.

Credit: LAPD
2019-10-06    51 views
Multiple people including firefighters were injured while a second-alarm fire burned
at Octoberfest.

"Peters: We were standing in line waiting to get in. And there was like a ball of flame that came up. And, we thought that it was maybe part of the show. But, then there was another one and my friend grabbed my hand and we just started running. And then there was a thrid one. So, we just thought the whole place was going to be on fire."
Schiff says Trump's request for Ukraine, China to probe Biden was breach of oath of office
2019-10-03    8 views
President Donald Trump's comments calling on Ukraine and China to probe one of his top Democratic rivals in the 2020 election is a "fundamental breach of his oath of office," the head of the intelligence panel said on Thursday (October 3).

"I find, once again, the president inviting another country to interfere in our presidential election repugnant and a fundamental breach of his oath of office. It endangers the security of our elections, and it's a betrayal of the idea that Americans should decide who leads America, not foreign parties seeking to intervene in our affairs," U.S. House intelligence committee chairman Adam Schiff said.

Trump's efforts to have Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy launch an investigation into Joe Biden and his son Hunter were cataloged in a July 25 telephone call released by the White House, and a whistleblower complaint that alleged Trump withheld U.S. aid to pressure Kiev's leader to comply.

Earlier on Thursday (October 3), as Trump left the White House for a visit to Florida, he also said he believed China should launch a probe of the Bidens, alluding to unproven allegations he and his lawyer have made about Hunter Biden's business dealings in China.
Former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko denies knowledge about Biden
2019-10-03    16 views
Former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko denies discussing Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine with Joe Biden and denies firing his prosecutor general for investigating Hunter Biden.

He spoke to CNN international correspondent Matthew Chance on Oct. 2.


Matthew chance, cnn international correspondent: "Did you fire your prosecutor general because he was investigating burisma and biden?"

Petro poroshenko, former ukrainian president: "Excuse me, we definitely did not want to be involved in the political process inside the united states. This is point number one."

Matthew chance: "But you are involved?"

Petro poroshenko: "Point number two, all prosecutor generals should be completely independent from the president of ukraine and under the ukrainian constitution the president has no right to fire the prosecutor general."

Matthew chance: "Did vice president biden tell you his son had business interests in that gas company?"

Petro poroshenko: "We never, ever spoke about any commercial company or any persons neither with vice president biden nor with president obama nor with president trump."

Matthew chance: "Did you send your prosecutor general to meet with giuliani?"

Petro poroshenko: "I knew nothing about it. I absolutely confirm: we never with any american officials spoke about any commercial company except we spoke about the support of american investment with general electric, support of the american investment housing companies, support the pennsylvania coal company, support any other big, reliable american investment. We never, ever spoke about commercial activity but we spoke about the form of the prosecutor general office, created condition for the independence of that and now, unfortunately, by the law adopted now by parliament, the independence of the prosecutor's office was completely ruined. And with this situation, we see the results during the negotiation."

Matthew chance: "Did you know your prosecutor general was meeting giuliani?"

Petro poroshenko: "No, I never had any information about that."

Pool reporter: "Have you ever met with rudy giuliani yourself?"

Petro poroshenko: "Yes, I met with him the year 2001 as the mayor of new york and the year 2017, immediately after the election, we talked about political support, we talked about investment and we don't talk about any other things."
B-17 bomber crash closes Bradley International Airport
2019-10-02    427 views
A major international airport in connecticut is closed after a b-17 bomber crashed there.

--vo script--

The vintage military aircraft was trying to land wednesday morning at bradley international airport when it crashed at the end of a runway.

Officials say some people involved in the crash died -- although they have not released a number.

Six people were taken to the hospital -- three are in critical condition.

The world war two era bomber -- called a "Flying fortress" -- belongs to the non-profit collings foundation.

That's a preservation group dedicated to promoting civil and military transportation.

The aircraft was scheduled this week for the foundation's "Wings of freedom" tour -- where civilians could buy flights on the plane.

It is not known if the passengers on this flight bought tickets as part of that program.

Bradley international airport is a hub of commercial travel that serves hartford and springfield, massachusetts.

Dennis Meeker
Taiwan bridge collapse caught on camera
2019-10-01    16K views
At least twelve people were injured in a bridge collapse that was caught on camera in northeast Taiwan Tuesday, according to the The Yilan County Fire Bureau. Nine of those injured are foreign workers-six Filipino and three Indonesian. A Taiwanese oil tanker truck driver and two Taiwanese sea patrol team members were also injured. Rescue efforts are still underway to find an additional six foreign workers.

Video posted online shows the Nanfangao Bridge falling into the water in Yilan County Tuesday morning. The bridge collapsed at 9.30am local, hitting three fisher boats and one oil tank truck is on fire during the collapse. The collapse will affect the local economy as fishermen daily operation will be affected. They are still investigating on the cause of collapse, Yilan Suao Township office representatives tell CNN.

The cause of the collapse is still under investigation.
Melania Trump tours NYSE
2019-09-23    40 views
First Lady Melania Trump meets with kids ahead of ringing the opening bell at the NYSE.
Melania Trump helps ring the opening bell on Wall St.
2019-09-23    376 views
First Lady Melania Trump has rung the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange on Sept. 23.

The first lady was at the exchange to highlight her youth initiative, an anti-cyberbullying campaign called 'Be Best.'

The exchange’s first female president, Stacey Cunningham, escorted Mrs. Trump and discussed the exchange’s history with her.

They were flanked by children from the United Nations International School while standing in front of a backdrop promoting Be Best.

Mrs. Trump received applause on the exchange floor and chatted with the children, who looked excited and nervous.

President Donald Trump is in New York for a three-day visit to the United Nations.
The US Navy just confirmed these UFO videos are the real deal
2019-09-20    2K views
The u-s navy has finally acknowledged that videos appearing to show ufos flying through the air ... Are *real.*

They were recorded years ago... By fighter pilots.

Then in 2017 they were made public by the new york times.

And to make this even more out of this world ... They were also released by the ufo research group founded by former blink-182 singer and guitarist tom delonge.

The same guy who wrote their song "Aliens exist."

Well... We can't say that for sure.

More now from cnn's randi kaye.

--reporter pkg-as follows--

Look at that thing! It's rotating!

Images of that 'rotating thing' captured by us navy aircraft... Sensors locking in on the target. Commander david fravor saw it firsthand during a training mission, describing it like a "40-foot long tic tac" manevering rapidly and changing direction.

(commander david fravor/u.S. Navy pilot (ret.)

As we both looked out the right side of our airplane we saw a disturbance in the water and a white object oblong pointing north moving

The object was first sighted in 2004..Then similar objects again in 2015. Footage of the sightings -- declassifiied by the military- weren't made public until december 2017 by the new york times and a group that researches ufos

"My gosh! Look on the s.A. They're all going against the wind. The wind is 120 knots to the west

"Look at that thing, dude!"

(commander david fravor/u.S. Navy pilot (ret.) this was extremely abrupt like a ping pong ball bouncing off the wall. // the ability to hover over the water and go from 0 to 12,000 feet and accelerate in less than two seconds was something I have never seen in my life.

(randi kaye/cnn) the navy says it still doesn't know what the objects are, and officials aren't speculating. A navy spokesman simply confirming to cnn the objects seen in the various clips are "Unidentified aerial phenomena" or uaps.

The ufo reports were first investigated by a secret 22 million dollar program- part of the defense department budget - that investigated reports of ufos.

The program has since been shut down, but it was run by a military intelligence official who told cnn they found compelling evidence that we quote "May not be alone."

Randi kaye cnn new york.


Credit: Department of defense
Trump Departs Mountain View for LA
2019-09-19    3K views
Pres. Donald Trump boarded Air Force One on Sept. 17 afternoon en route to a fundraiser in Los Angeles.
Cars submerged as floods wreak havoc in southeastern Spain
2019-09-13    936 views
Floods wreaked havoc and caused severe damage across various locations in southeastern Spain on Friday (September 13), after a heavy spell of wind and torrential rain lashed the region, claiming two more victims and taking the total death toll to four.

In the city of Orihuela in the province of Alicante, the overflowing of the River Segura caused difficulties for those leaving or entering the region, according to local police.

One man died in the Andalucian city of Almeria after trying to cross a tunnel by car, mayor Ramon Fernandez Pacheco said, whilst another person died in Granada after being trapped in their vehicle. Two siblings also died on Thursday (September 12) in the region of Castilla La Mancha, when torrential rain dragged their car.

The mayor of Castello de la Ribera, Oscar Noguera, said he was worried about the effect the floods would have on agricultural land and that an estimation would be carried out once the floods had subsided and some time had passed.

Heavy rainfall in the regions of Valencia and Murcia swept away cars and debris and forced the evacuation of hundreds of people, including from flooded highways.

Two airports, local train networks and dozens of roads were closed, and tourists were also left stranded in Alicante airport.

Credit: FORTA
Elephants in a religious parade stampeded through a crowd, injuring at least 17
2019-09-10    26 views
More than a dozen people were trampled by elephants during a parade in sri lanka saturday.

One of the elephants was spooked during the procession -- which startled another animal.

17 people were taken to the hospital -- the extent of their injuries isn't know.

The parade continued after the incident.

For the past 119 years the area has held a procession in honor of the sacred relic of the tooth of buddha.

Credit: Ada Derana
Elephants in a religious parade stampede through a crowd
2019-09-10    114 views
Seventeen people were injured when two elephants at a Sri Lankan street pageant went on a rampage on Saturday (September 7), local media reported.

TV footage of the parade shows one of the elephants bolting from a group of people before trampling bystanders as it ran down the road.

Starting from a 600-year-old Buddhist temple, the annual street pageant or Perahera, sees dancers and elaborately decorated elephants parade through the streets of Kotte.

According to local media reports, the injured are receiving treatment at the Kalubowila Teaching Hospital, the Colombo General Hospital, and the Sri Jayawardenapura General Hospital.

Credit: Derana TV
Aerial footage shows the major damage Hurricane Dorian left behind on Great Abaco Island, Bahamas
2019-09-03    45K views
New video shows massive devastation from hurricane dorian in the bahamas.

--vo script--

This is a footage from great abaco island, which dorian slammed into as a category-five storm.

Many buildings took heavy damage - while large swaths of land are under water.

Some survivors have been clinging on to their roofs and attics, because their homes are flooded.

While others residents are using their personal boats and watercraft to rescue them.

The storm surge was strong enough to push boats ashore and pick up cars.

Dorian is the strongest storm to ever hit the bahamas

At least five people have been killed.

The hurricane slowed down to a crawl after making landfall - and pummeled the islands non-stop for more than 30-hours.

By the time it moves on to the eastern united states, forecasters say it will dump more than 30-inches of rain on some areas.
Hurricane Dorian: Vivid scene of water hitting the windows
2019-09-03    3K views
Minister of Agriculture and Marco City MP Michael Pintard, who lives on Grand Bahama, shows frightening footage of his home during the passage of Hurricane Dorian.

Bahamas minister for agriculture Michael Pintard shows flooding affecting his house in Grand Bahama during passage of Hurricane Dorian.

In the video, he could be heard saying: "That's water hitting my front window which is extremely high. Of course I'm already completely flooded out. That's my kitchen window that water is hitting and that has to be a minimum of about 20ft above the ground. This is water by my back door that came from the canal that height has to be 20-25 ft above sea level. This is what I'm facing at the moment. I have neighbors who are in a far worse position than me and my family. That's my bedroom water hitting there."

Credit: Michael Pintard
Hurricane Dorian on its way to the US after battering the bahamas
2019-09-02    1K views
The strongest hurricane this year, Dorian, is approaching to the US after leaving catastrophic damage across the


- Various shots of severely destroyed houses and fences

Credit: Twitter / Vernal Cooper
Hurricane Dorian batters the windows and the door of Florida House Rep. Shevrin Jones
2019-09-02    0 views
Hurricane Dorian batters the windows and the door of democratic member of the Florida House of Representatives
Shevrin Jones.


- Interior shots of house of House Rep. Vernon Jones.


Democratic member of the Florida House of Representatives Shevrin Jones posted a video sent to him by his family in the Bahamas which shows Hurricane Dorian battering the windows and the door of their two-storey house. He said his family is doing well but suffered a lot of damage. "Praying for my family and others in the Bahamas," he said in another tweet.

Credit: Twitter / Vernon Jones
Hurricane Dorian leaves numerous houses and cars flooded and cause catastrophic damages
2019-09-02    0 views
--video shows--

- various shots of flooded town of bahamas

- various shots of numbers of homes and card half-underwater.

--vo script--

Hurricane dorian is the strongest storm anywhere on earth this year.

The category-five hurricane is continuing to batter the bahamas.

It has caused extensive damage there--

And bahamian news media are reporting-- an eight year old boy has died by drowning.

It's unclear whether dorian will make landfall on the eastern u-s coast--

But people there are preparing for the worst.


Credit: Mathew Hynes
Italy’s Stromboli volcano erupts anew, spewing fiery lava
2019-08-29    887 views
A volcano on the Italian island of Stromboli erupted on Wednesday (August 28), unleashing a dramatic plume of smoke in its second explosion in less than two months.

An explosion of "high intensity" was recorded at 1017 GMT, the National Institute of Geophysics and Vulcanology (INGV) said.

No casualties or damage were reported, but residents and tourists were scared regardless.

"I had so much fear, I had a panic crisis", Francesca said. "I spent three hours in a church with my children because rocks were falling. It was a tragedy. It was all black...my house is covered with ash."

Firefighters used four Canadair aircrafts to put out fires caused by the unexpected eruption, Italian media reported.

"We saw a big explosion, a big eruption and we heard a very loud roar. A lot of smoke came out immediately and we saw the lava flowing, it was really impressive", French tourist Jean-Francois Avril said.

Tourists often climb to the 924-metre (3,000-foot) summit of the volcano and peer into its crater.

According to the geology.com website, Stromboli is one of the most active volcanoes on the planet and has been erupting almost continuously since 1932.

The Stromboli volcano, located in southern Italy off the Sicilian coast, erupted in July releasing hot trapped magma in a powerful explosion, killing one person and enveloping the popular tourist destination in ash.
Trump Says NBC Worse than CNN
2019-08-22    50 views
President Trump told reporters that NBC has less credibility than CNN.

As Trump fielded questions from reporters, he weighed in on the state of major media outlets, particularly commenting on NBC and The New York Times.

The NBC reporter asked Trump about things he said regarding Democratic presidential candidate frontrunner Joe Biden.

“This guy is the most biased reporter—NBC. You know, I made a lot of money for NBC with “The Apprentice,” and I used to like them, but they are the most biased,” Trump responded.

Trump then gets further into why he feels NBC is biased, and what this reporter is doing in particular to confirm this.

“Peter is such a biased … You should be able to ask a question, same question, in a better way. You are so obviously biased, and that’s why the public has no confidence in the media.”
Dale Earnhardt Jr Plane Crash
2019-08-15    14K views
Witnesses capture the immediate aftermath of a fiery plane crash involving Dalre Earnardt Jr. and his wife.
Father of the 1-year-old twins who died in a hot car arraigned
2019-07-28    4K views






2019 Washington DC rally to end the persecution of Falun Gong live stream promo
2019-07-16    41 views
2019 Washington DC rally to end the persecution of Falun Gong live stream promo
Attorney General Bill Barr plays bagpipe
2019-06-26    0 views
U.S. Attorney General William Barr, displaying a little-known talent, played "Scotland the Brave" on his bagpipes on Wednesday, joining in with the New York City Police Department's famed Pipes and Drums of the Emerald Society.

The performance by the band, set up by U.S. attorneys in Maryland and Virginia as a surprise for Barr, occurred at a Justice Department conference in Washington.

Barr, named attorney general by President Donald Trump and confirmed by the Senate in February, is a competitive bagpiper.

Barr said afterward that when he learned of the pipe band's appearance, despite the attorneys' efforts to keep it under wraps, he decided to do them one better and join in.

“I’m very proficient at, dare I say the word, spying," he said, in a joking reference to comments he made earlier this year at a U.S. Senate hearing when he testified that intelligence agencies spied on Trump's 2016 campaign.
Google Pushing Political Agenda Into Products to Prevent Trump Reelection, Insiders, Documents Say
2019-06-25    82 views
The company has cloaked its political agenda in the veneer of “fairness,” but in reality, it means promoting the company’s political worldview at the expense of others’. It also is raising voices of those aligned with its worldview at the expense of those that oppose it, or that just aren’t aligned with it enough, according to internal documents obtained and employees speaking out or being caught on hidden camera by Project Veritas.
Hong Kong police violently beat and arrest man on the street
2019-06-12    0 views
Warning: The following video contains disturbing footage

Hong Kong police violently beat and arrest man on the street.

Tens of thousands had gathered peacefully outside the Hong Kong’s legislature in protest of a controversial extradition bill that would allow mainland China to seek extradition of suspects wanted by the Chinese regime.

Local police used pepper spray, tear gas, rubber bullets, and bean bags in an attempt to remove protestors from the streets.
Kung Fu Master-Traditional Martial Arts Focus On Virtue
2019-06-09    6 views
Many westerners probably learned about kung fu from the movies and TV, and who hasn’t dreamed about beating down a bad gunman with quick kicks and bare hands?

But to reach the higher realm of traditional Chinese martial arts, it will be hard to succeed if one puts his effort simply on physical strength, fancy techniques, and a mindset of beating people down. kung fu master Youfu Li said one must instead cultivate his martial virtue.

As abstract and mysterious as it may sound, martial virtue involves simple principles. In Li’s words, “Martial virtue (“Wu-De”) is to stop the evil and promote the kind. It is actually to be a good person.” Traditional Chinese martial arts is never about aggression, but to defend the vulnerable and the kind.

Li is the chairman jurist of the 2019 NTD International Chinese Martial Arts Competition, a platform aimed at preserving and presenting traditional kung fu since 2008.

During the competition’s recent European Regional Preliminary in Dresden, Germany, Li talked with NTD Television about the martial arts values that the competition is trying to bring back.
Tank Man-The Photo That Shocked the World
2019-05-31    0 views
Standing on a hotel balcony on the edge of Tiananmen Square in China, photographer Jeff Widener didn’t realize what he was about to capture would become one of the most iconic images in the world.

Almost 30 years on, he recalls how his “Tank Man” photo almost didn’t happen.

The photographer, who was shooting for The Associated Press, had suffered a blow to his head from a rock the night before, as he covered the violence and killing unfolding in Beijing.

“I was nervous, I was scared from the previous night,” he said.

The Chinese regime turned violent against student protesters in Tiananmen Square in June 1989 and civilians were killed en masse.

“I wasn’t thinking clearly, because I was hit with a rock the night before. I waited for them to shoot him, but they didn’t shoot him. Waiting and waiting and waiting.”
At least 4 dead after two planes collide in flight in Alaska
2019-05-14    2 views
At least four people are dead after two floatplanes collided in flight Monday afternoon near Ketchikan, Alaska, according to a news release from the US Coast Guard.

The passengers on both planes were from the Royal Princess cruise ship, which is on a seven-day cruise.

The Coast Guard, which is leading the investigation, told CNN it is still looking for two people.

In an earlier statement to CNN, Princess Cruise Lines said five people were dead and "one guest still unknown."

The crash took place around 1 p.m. (5 p.m. ET) when a small floatplane -- an aircraft with pontoons or floats that allow it to land on water -- operated by Taquan Air was flying a shore excursion. The flight, sold through Princess Cruises, was returning from a tour of Alaska's Misty Fjords and was carrying 10 passengers and a pilot, the news release said.

The second plane involved was carrying four passengers on an independent tour, the release said.

Nine of the passengers on the Taquan Air plane were rescued and received medical attention with one passenger's condition still unknown, the release said. The release did not state the condition of the pilot on that plane.

"We are deeply saddened to report this news and our thoughts and prayers are with those who lost their lives and the families of those impacted by today's accident. Princess Cruises is extending its full support to traveling companions of the guests involved," the company said.

Taquan Air, a regional airline based in Ketchikan, released a statement saying it was "in the midst of an active crisis response, and our focus is on assisting these passengers, the pilot, our staff, their families and loved ones, and first responders."

"Taquan Air has suspended all scheduled flights and is cooperating fully with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and other authorities to examine every aspect of this event," the Taquan Air statement read.

The NTSB tweeted Monday night that it was launching a "go team" to investigate the collision.

The Royal Princess cruise ship is scheduled to arrive in Anchorage on Saturday, the news release said. Part of the voyage, the company's website said, included "scenic glacier viewing" with stops at Juneau, Ketchikan and Skagway.
Illegal immigrants pay up to $20,000 to cross border, border patrol says
2019-05-09    29 views
Illegal immigrants pay up to $20,000 to cross border, border patrol says
Migrant ‘rents’ boy to cross border as fake family, says DOJ
2019-05-08    16 views
A Guatemalan man allegedly paid about $130 to “rent” an eight-year-old boy after he was told it would be “easier to get into the United States with a child.”

Guatemalan migrant Maynor Velasquez Molina allegedly paid an additional 1,000 quetzales, or $130 USD, to have a false birth certificate made for the boy, according to a criminal complaint.

Velasquez was interviewed by a special agent with Homeland Security Investigations, where he admitted the boy was rented in Guatemala. He was indicted on human-smuggling charges by a federal grand jury on March 27.

Anthony Porvaznik, Border Patrol Chief of Yuma, Arizona: "And so those are kids that are being rented for lack of a better word, to an adult to format a fraudulent family unit so that they can be released into the United States. And then that child be recycled back to its country of origin - Usually Guatemala in our case here in Yuma."

The DHS said there had been a 315 percent increase in the number of fraudulent family unit cases between October 2017 and February 2018.

Under a new pilot program from President Donald Trump’s administration, the DHS will next week begin administering DNA tests to migrant families, to prove family status.
Trump and First Lady Spend Morning of St Patrick’s Day in Worship
2019-03-18    3K views
President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump spent St. Patrick's Day morning worshipping at the "Church of the Presidents" near the White House on March 17.

The first lady turned heads when she stepped out in a snow-white coat.

The president and the first lady joined parishioners for Sunday's 11 a.m. service at St. John's Church, a historic yellow church across from the White House and Lafayette Park.

Every president since James Madison, who served in the 1800s, has attended a service at St. John's, according to the church.

The Rev. W. Bruce McPherson greeted the Trumps after the short drive from the White House.

The Trumps returned to the White House after the hour-long service.

The Trumps last attended religious services in December at Washington National Cathedral. Trump had skipped spending the holiday at his Florida estate and stayed in Washington during the government shutdown.
New Zealand Shooting Suspect Briefly Appears in Court
2019-03-16    10K views
Suspect in Christchurch mosque shooting is brought into court.
With Sold-Out Shows, Extra Performance Added in Sydney
2019-03-13    0 views
Shen Yun Performing Arts continues its 2019 World Tour in Sydney from March 6 to 10. Due to popular demand, an extra performance has been added on Sunday night.

Peter Cousens, an Australian actor and the artistic director of the Talent Development Project was impressed after watching Shen Yun.

"It’s wonderful. Quite superb and quite fascinating," said actor Peter Cousens. "It was pretty extraordinary. And the fact that it has influenced a lot of Western ballet and Western movement, and Western contemporary ballet as well. And also I think I like the mythology of the stories."

"I would say this is a magnificent production," said David Flint, an Australian legal academic. "I am very impressed and I would like to very warmly congratulate the artistic director for such a superb achievement."

"I think also the projection is really wonderful," said Cousens. "The way they've been able to fit that into perspective that actually seems very fluid the way it translates to coming from the projection onto the stage. It’s fantastic."

Established in 2006, New York-based Shen Yun revives 5,000 years of Chinese civilization through the performing arts.

In less than ten minute segments, Shen Yun dances recount ancient myths, bygone heroes, or celestial paradises. Whether set in the past or in contemporary China, every dance embodies traditional Chinese values.

“History, culture, as mankind, humankind have progressed, music, dancing … these are things that refine and uplift the human soul. These are things that make us different from the animal kingdom,” David John Clarke, member of the legislative council said. “We’re created by God and I think that that program emphasizes that theme—that everything stems from God.

"I think we have a lot to know and see from that and this gives us a glimpse of what traditional culture is like. I think it is so important that this be preserved and this be shown to other people across the world."

NTD News, Sydney