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NYC Investigating 3 Cases of Legionnaires’ in the Bronx
2018-04-25    0 views
City Health officials are investigating 3 cases
of Legionnaires’ disease in the Bronx.

On Wednesday, they said there were 3 cases
in 3 connected buildings in Co-op City

and that the cases were spread out over a year.

One elderly resident has already died from
Legionnaires’, a type of pneumonia.

The city’s Health Department is testing the internal
plumbing of the buildings for the cause.

The building complex does not use a cooling tower

but it was thought to be linked to
a dozen cases of Legionnaires’ in 2015.

Legionnaires is caused by inhaling the bacteria

For this reason, health officials warn people who are
over 50, on drugs, or in poor health

not to shower or inhale water in the
affected buildings during the investigation.

However, they say the water is safe to drink.

NTD News Ting Ting O reporting from New York
Cortlandt Street Subway Station for 1 Train to Re-Open in October
2018-04-25    0 views
The 1 train Cortlandt Street subway station
is set to re-open in October.

The station was demolished
during the 9/11 terror attacks.

“This sends a powerful message
that New York City cannot be stopped.”
—George Pataki, Former New York Governor

The other Cortlandt St. Station serving
the R & W trains was reopened in 2011.

NTD reporters Tingting O in New York
NYC March Marks 19 Years of Persecution in China
2018-04-21    0 views
Every year around April 25

Falun Gong practitioners

mark the anniversary of the persecution
of the spiritual practice in China.

Falun Gong is a meditation
and qigong practice

that requires adherents to practice truthfulness,
compassion, and tolerance in everyday life.

19 years ago

China’s leaders started persecuting practitioners
of Falun Gong, also called or Falun Dafa.

The persecution continues today

despite it being freely practiced in over 100 countries.

They will be marching in Flushing
on Sunday, April 22 starting at noon.

After the parade there will
be a rally till 3 p.m.

From 6 to 9 p.m., there will be a candlelight vigil
outside the Chinese Consulate in Manhattan.
ICE makes 225 arrests in under a week in NYC, LI, Hudson Valley
2018-04-20    0 views
In 6 days, Immigration and Customs Enforcement
arrested 225 people

in New York City, Long Island,
and the Hudson Valley.

180 of those arrested were once convicted or
accused of crimes

80 of them had deportation orders.

The arrests include:

A 38 year-old Romanian national in Manhattan and lifetime registered sexual offender
A 36 year-old Dominican national in Manhattan, wanted in his home country for homicide, administrative corruption, and accepting bribes
A 39 year-old Ghanaian national in Brooklyn and registered sexual offender who has convictions from 2012 and 2017 for sexual abuse and attempted forcible touching
A 32 year-old Ecuadorian national in Brooklyn and registered sexual offender who has convictions of second-degree rape
NTD reporters Tingting O, Henry Yan reporting in New York
IRS gives taxpayers one more day to file after payment site crashes
2018-04-19    0 views
The IRS is giving people another day to
pay their taxes.

On Tax Day, April 17, an IRS web page
was down for most of the day.

The page allows filers to pay their taxes
directly from their bank accounts.

The page went down in the morning and
became operational at 5:05 p.m. ET.

Taxes are now due April 18.

“This is the busiest tax day of the year, and the IRS apologizes for the inconvenience this system issue caused for taxpayers."
-David Kautter, Acting IRS Commissioner


NTD reporter Tingting O, Henry Yan reporting in New York
New’ technology to blame for subway delays that crippled rush-hour service on March 15, MTA says
2018-04-18    0 views
The MTA released a report on April 17 about the
signal failure from March 15 in Brooklyn.

The report details the causes of and explains how
it will avoid similar incidents in the future.

The signal failure led to serious delays on the A,
C, D, E, F, G and M lines.

The interlocking signal system used at the Bergen St.
station was relatively new.

The signal system was installed in 2006.

New technology in that system is equipped
with enhanced safety features.

When failures are detected by the system, we cannot “force” the system,
which keeps New Yorkers safe but can cause significant delays, to
behave differently.
--MTA Press Release

The MTA said it will use its experience with the
Bergen St. signal to improve its operations.

Next month, we’ll release our five-year modernization plan.
The computer-based interlocking system at Bergen Street was the first of its kind installed in New York City, and we have gathered great learnings over the past twelve years that are now informing our modernization plan and our procurement requirements moving forward.

NTD TV Tingting O New York News
TSA Marks Milestone with Stronger Carry-on Screening at all U.S. Federal Airports
2018-04-14    1K views
The TSA announced new rules April 12 on its official
website ahead of the summer tourist season.

The security agency will implement more stringent
screenings for all carry-on baggage.

TSA staff may now require passengers to remove
food, powdered items, or anything that obstructs
the X-ray machine's clear display of images.

Any item unable to be identified at a checkpoint
will be forbidden from entering the cabin.

TSA’s efforts to strengthen security measures
began in the summer of 2017.

As more stringent security inspections increase,
travelers will notice that procedures will

also take longer when leaving or entering
the United States.

Our security efforts remain focused on always staying ahead of those trying to do us harm and ensuring travelers get to their destination safely.
-TSA Administrator David Pekoske

NTD reporter Tingting O, Henry Yan reporting in New York
MTA Testing New MYmta Commuting App Ahead of Release
2018-04-13    0 views
The Metropolitan Transport Agency (MTA)
will launch the mobile application "MYmta."

The app will allow commuters to see in real time
the status of trains and elevator outages.

as well as locate nearest stations and bus stops.

The MTA asked two of its current employees to
test out the app ahead of its launch.

MTA spokesman Jon Weinstein says the app
will be available to commuters within weeks.

[[Michelle, New York Commuter]]
All I know is about the bus right now. So I don’t know about
any train apps yet. So yeah, that’d be good. Yeah, I think that’d be

Some commuters think the MTA should focus
on improving current services before offering
new ones.

[[Gervine Terry, New York Commuter]]
I have been stuck in Manhattan on the F for more than 45 minutes.
The 7 is a problem most of the time in the morning. They have
a lot of signal problems. We need a lot of repair. But they’re
constantly working on it. But I can't see the results.

NTD reporter Tingting O, Henry Yan reporting in New York
Authentic Vietnamese Food Comes to New Jersey
2018-04-12    0 views
A new Vietnamese restaurant opened in
New Jersey this year, called Mayman.

The restaurant says it offers authentic
Vietnamese food

prepared by a native Vietnamese cook.

"I don't generally like noodles, but here it’s really yummy,
so I can enjoy it."

Children: "This is my favorite noodle place to eat."

[[Ha Nguyen, Head Chef, May Man ]]
"Beef bones, beef brisket, beef flank. Everytime we use almost
100 pounds bone and meat."

Bruce Lim, May Man’s owner, worked
and lived in Vietnam for 3 years.

He said that after his first bowl of authentic
beef soup in Vietnam

the flavor remains unforgettable.

He opened Mayman this year to bring the
authentic taste of Vietnam to the United States.


NTD TV Tingting O, Henry Yan United States
Use VR ride a bike travel to Taiwan in Times Square
2018-04-12    0 views
The Metropolitan Transport Agency (MTA)
will launch the mobile application "MYmta."

The app will allow commuters to see in real time
The status of trains, elevators; as well as locate
Nearest stations and bus stops.

The MTA asked two of its current employees to
Test out the app ahead of its launch.

MTA spokesman Jon Weinstein says the app
Will be available to commuters within weeks.

(New York commuter Michelle)
I think it will be helpful because I only know that there is a bus
application and I don't know if there is a subway application,
so if anything, it will be very helpful and useful.

(New York commuter)
At the very least, there is this App. You don’t need to wait in the
street for a long time. You can go to the supermarket or to eat
something. The bus will be there anytime.
You don’t need to stand there anymore. It's convenient.

Some commuters think the MTA should focus
On improving current services before offering
New ones.

(New York commuter Gervine Terry)
I tried to get stuck in the F car in Manhattan for more than 45 minutes.
Line 7 is a big problem.
Usually there is a signal problem during the morning rush hour.
They need to be solved. They have been repairing, but I didn't see results at all.

NTD TV Tingting O, Henry Yan United States