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‘This Is Definitely a World Class Show’ Says VP From Golden 1
2019-01-15    0 views
Shen Yun wowed Sacramento audiences with five shows over four days. Its mission to revive traditional culture was met with applause at the end of each performance.

Walter Anasovitch, vice president of member care at Golden 1 Credit Union, attended a Shen Yun performance with his wife and daughter on Jan. 12.

“I loved it. I’ve been to other places … and this is definitely a world class show,” said Anasovitch.

“The vitality of everything. The level of experience of the dancers is just beyond compare. They move so gracefully that they just flow. Especially during the first act where there was a lot the fog that was coming and you could see the dancers and the flowing robes and the silk, very, very nice.”

Shen Yun means the beauty of divine beings dancing. According to its website, traditional Chinese dance, which combines athleticism and elegance, gives it the flexibility to portray stories through the expressive art form.

“It’s important because people, they have to have appreciation for culture and arts. It’s part of who we are, humans, humanity. Is very, very important, because it’s down to the soul when you do these things. It’s down to your very soul and your core,” said Anasovitch.

“Love the performing arts, and this is such a privilege and an honor to see such talented people just do what they do. It’s very, very uplifting. Really, an experience of a lifetime. I thank the performers.”

NTD News, Sacramento
‘This Is Definitely a World Class Show’ Says VP From Golden 1
2019-01-15    2 views
Shen Yun wowed Sacramento audiences with five shows over four days. Its mission to revive traditional culture was met with applause at the end of each performance.

Walter Anasovitch, vice president of member care at Golden 1 Credit Union, attended a Shen Yun performance with his wife and daughter on Jan. 12.

“I loved it. I’ve been to other places … and this is definitely a world class show,” said Anasovitch.

“The vitality of everything. The level of experience of the dancers is just beyond compare. They move so gracefully that they just flow. Especially during the first act where there was a lot the fog that was coming and you could see the dancers and the flowing robes and the silk, very, very nice.”

Shen Yun means the beauty of divine beings dancing. According to its website, traditional Chinese dance, which combines athleticism and elegance, gives it the flexibility to portray stories through the expressive art form.
“It’s important because people, they have to have appreciation for culture and arts. It’s part of who we are, humans, humanity. Is very, very important, because it’s down to the soul when you do these things. It’s down to your very soul and your core,” said Anasovitch.

“Love the performing arts, and this is such a privilege and an honor to see such talented people just do what they do. It’s very, very uplifting. Really, an experience of a lifetime. I thank the performers.”

NTD News, Sacramento
Shen Yun Elicits Thoughts of a Higher Purpose
2019-01-14    2 views
New York-based Shen Yun performed at the International Convention Centre(ICC) in Birmingham, U.K., on Jan. 12, as part of its 2019 world tour in which six equally sized companies will travel to over 100 cities. After watching Shen Yun, corporate finance lawyer Gareth John said the performance was “very spiritual.”

“Amazing, absolutely stunning. The colors, the vibrancy, the dancing, really spectacular and very spiritual I think as well,” said John. “I just think the movements so pure and the dance and everything and the music, is quite touching.”
He said he particularly enjoyed the dance story of “Visiting Chang’e at the Moon Palace,” and was impressed how the 3D background integrated into the storytelling.

“I thought it was extremely clever. And also made us think that we’re not just here on Earth, we’re part of a bigger universe. We need to think bigger,” John said. “We’re not just here on Earth, are we? We’re part of a bigger picture. This is fascinating. “It’s a very spiritual performance and makes you think on a bigger level.”

“It’s just an amazing experience, isn’t it? It’s inspiring, to see how much athleticism goes into it and how precise everything is,” said Dave Reece, an automotive industry consultant. “As a business consultant, my job is about process and precision and this is just mirrors everything that I go through in business life. I think it’s great, I mean, this dance and performance is fantastic.”

“It’s wonderful, it’s great to see the movement, the athleticism, and the choreography, just how they’re all together and then shows as one,” said Alan Wisdish, a civil engineer at Atkins. “It’s really brilliant.”

In China, teachings from Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism have been passed down for millennia, forming the basis of Chinese moral philosophy. These ideas include the harmony between man and nature, and divine retribution. Audience members said values like these are as relevant to today as they were in ancient China.

“It’s a good theme,” Wisdish added. “It’s good to show some of the traditional Chinese culture and how Chinese has been for a long time, show some Chinese humor and some of the spiritual they have, it’s fantastic.”

“If you stop and think and spend the time to think about what is life about,” said Mark Jones, a director at EDM Plus (UK) Ltd. “What do we want in life, then things are fairly basic and simple. We just make life difficult ourselves.”

NTD News, London
CFO Joins Full House to Experience Shen Yun a Fourth Time
2019-01-12    0 views
Shen Yun has arrived in the capital of California. Despite the rainy weather, the wet conditions did not dampen the mood of the Sacramento audience.

"They’re beautiful. I wish that I could dance like that," said Maria Stefanou, CFO at Crestwood Behavioral Health.

Mrs. Stefanou returned to see Shen Yun for the fourth time.

"I've seen it in Washington DC. I've seen it in San Francisco. I've seen it twice in Sacramento ... Always something fresh, something new, really lovely," she said.

"I enjoyed it so much because some of the artwork I could actually, you know, feel it," said Michael Lokteff, CEO at Word of Russia.

Tricia Houston, a business owner in real estate and fitness said the performance was a good opportunity to celebrate her husband’s 50th birthday and let her children experience Chinese culture.

"They were mesmerized the entire time," she said. "The dance is so beautiful, and the colors, the vibrancy of the colors. They couldn’t keep their eyes off of the stage."

"The passion that you can feel that comes off the stage through the dancers was just heartfelt. You can feel the emotion from them in each story that you experience," said Houston.

Under the current Chinese communist regime, traditional morals and faiths have been nearly destroyed. She said she was moved by pieces depicting Falun Gong practitioners holding on to their faith despite the persecution.

"It's sad to us that they can't dance in China, but we are so fortunate and so blessed to be able to have them to come here to be able to experience that to be able to take it in, and to be able to share it with other people and to be able to tell them about what our experience has been here today," said Houston.

"The beauty with which it was portrayed, it just warms your heart," said Greg Vitaich, a private investigator. "It is the divinity ... we are all God's children."

"You are the force that will drive it forward from without or within. It will happen," said Vitaich.

"We need it today," said Stefanou. "Because today we are moving away from culture. And we are just becoming robots."

"And I hope for the Chinese sake and for our sake as well being able to experience this that it is passed down generation through generation," said Houston.

Daniel Holl, NTD News, Sacramento
‘They're Dancing for a Purpose’ Says Statesman Paul Taylor
2019-01-07    0 views
Paul Taylor, a retired businessman who was a candidate for the U.S. Senate in the 2018 California primary elections, attended Shen Yun Performing Arts for the second time on Jan. 4. He had seen the classical Chinese dance and music production before in Long Beach, California. This time, he brought his wife to a San Francisco performance so she could enjoy it, too.

"Oh it's beautiful. It's very beautiful, it's fabulous," said Taylor. "And it's amazing, I don't know they move their legs and dance and jump, and do all that stuff. I'm too stiff and old to do that. But it's very good. And the screen is fabulous. The technology, the music's perfect. I mean perfect music, the orchestra, because I played the trumpet growing up so I know what good trumpets sound like. You got a good trumpet player there."

"One of the things I'm always intrigued on is proficiency, expertise, and excellence. And watching the dancers, I only could imagine how much practice time and how much dedication was required for them to achieve what they did tonight," said Barry Sheckley, a professor emeritus at the University of Connecticut.

Through its colorful displays of dance and an orchestra that uses both Chinese and Western instruments, Shen Yun aims to depict China’s traditional culture and values.

"Part of the culture issue is the rituals that the Chinese have that basically carry the message of what it means to be Chinese, from century to century to century. And it was fascinating here to see how the performers linked in to different dynasties," said Sheckley."The unity and the commonality, and the sense of almost purpose and connection among all the dancers, kind of reflected what I understand to be like the connection among all members of China and the Chinese culture. It permeates at a very fundamental level."

"Oh everything, I can tell that they're dancing for a purpose. They're not just dancing, they're dancing for a message," Taylor said.

He was touched by a dance piece depicting a meditation group being persecuted for their belief, something still taking place in China today.

"I'm aware of the Falun Gong people and the harvesting. And I am opposed to that. And I am vocal about that. And so when I come here, my heart goes out to those people," said Taylor. "I know that they all believe in a higher God and a creator and a heaven, and that's the spiritual thing. And that makes them behave accordingly. The ones that don't have spirituality in their lives live empty lives that are about things that aren't, they're temporal like money and fame and things like that. And there's more to life, it's about people, it's about love, peace, joy, happiness, and all that good stuff. Through music, and through the content of the show that they can learn a few things about that and have compassion, and then start standing up to stop this in China."

"They really communicated their sense of culture, purpose, and commitment to the principles that they were dancing and performing on," said Sheckley."Anybody that can perform and do anything as excellent as these people do, you have to appreciate it and almost engage and embrace them and thank them for working so hard to achieve the unity that they had on the stage and the perfection of their performance."

NTD News, San Francisco

Shen Yun Inspires Family With Beauty, and Goodness
2019-01-05    4 views
Jennifer Hedgpeth, public relations and partnership manager at The Press Democrat, attended a Shen Yun performance with members of three generations of her family, at the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco.

"It was just lovely it was mesmerizing," said Hedgpeth. "It was so colorful and not a beat was missed. I loved how they would go over those steps and all of a sudden appear on the screen. That was amazing. The placement was so exact. I thought that was amazing and it was just very lovely and harmonious."

"Oh, I loved it. It was so graceful and acrobatic in different ways, harmonious, musical, melodic," said Caroline Hedgpeth Fuller, a real estate broker at SoCo Property. "It was awesome."

"And this combined some knowledge about dance and also history of what they were presenting with precision and grace and beauty. It was lovely," said Hedgpeth.

Mr. Hedgpeth said the performance showed Chinese traditional culture that is now no longer allowed in China under the current regime. But Shen Yun presented hope.

"I’ve been all over communist China. And I’ve been there at a time when I’ve seen people want to be happier."

"My big takeaway from this is not only serenity but the love of your people," said Warren Hedgpeth, principal and design director of Warren Hedgpeth Architects. "This is the great gift, as you’re teaching serenity to those in China, that could be happier."

Wallace I. Levin, a board of trustees member at The San Francisco War Memorial and Performing Arts Center, said he was delighted to learn about Chinese history in a unique way.

"The performers were superb. And the visual effects were fantastic. You know, I was in the theater business half my life, and the visual effects were really fantastic," said Levin. "I think education is the key to everything. Knowledge is the key to everything. I think this show does that, very impressed. Icing on my life cake."

"This show today countered all the poison that I’ve heard during the last year. It was like a counter to it. I feel energized and hopeful that 2019 will be better than 2018. And that the beauty of this show reflects goodness and beauty and hope. "

NTD News, San Francisco
“It was a Very Simple, Beautiful Message” Says One VP of Sales and Marketing
2018-12-31    0 views
Shen Yun Performing Arts held its final two of eleven consecutive performances at the Center for the Performing Arts in San Jose, on Saturday, Dec. 29.

Every performance was to a full house and many audience members voiced they wanted more. So, the theater has already started selling tickets for next year’s performances. They enjoyed experiencing the company’s mission of reviving China's traditional culture through dance and music.

“I would say it was unexpected, unusual, I mean the dancing and the music, it was very beautiful. I particularly like the ones with the sleeves that came out, that was very creative. To see it kind of like the way you use it almost like fireworks shooting out of their hands. I thought that was very beautiful,” said Arno Ledebuhr, Principal Physicist at Lockheed Martin Space Systems.

According to Shen Yun’s website, the core of the company is traditional Chinese dance, which combines athleticism with elegance, making it one of the most expressive art forms in the world.

“I think the art of dance is just a new height of something that I knew about dance,” said Irina Chirashnya, Founder and President at Academy of Fencing Masters. “It's so incredible and inspirational. All these beautiful dancers and [the] choreography is very special. Every dance just touches the soul. Thank you.”

“It’s absolutely breathtaking. The tradition, five thousand year of culture comes across. And I’m kind of surprised that a lot of elements of classical ballet, or at least what I understood to be classical ballet, that I guess originated in China,” said Otto Vejsada, SVP Chief Engineer at Bank of America. “It’s beautifully expressed. And you know, the training must be just insanely rigorous for this, because the synchronicity of the whole movement, and I’m just wondering how these folks have to train and how long they’ve been doing it.….It must be incredibly hard.“

The technical aspects of the performance with the digital projection amazed viewers as well.

“I like the way they fused the video on the screen with the live action. They do some very good, like when the characters came down, you saw them miniaturized in the screen and then they came out live. It was very seamless, it was very nice,” said Ledebuhr.

Shen Yun‘s patented digital backdrop allows performers to interact with the changing scenes shown on screen. This way, audience members can travel between stories and time.

One VP of sales enjoyed the divine aspect of the performance.

“The part that I liked was the idea that we lived with God before we lived this life, and we plan to go back,” said Greg LaPorte, vice president of sales and marketing at Sonnet Technologies. “It was a very simple, beautiful message.”

NTD News, San Jose, California
Spirituality in Shen Yun Resonates With Houston Audience
2018-12-29    0 views
There are some performances that change your perception of the world. John Johnson, a product engineer who attended Shen Yun at the Jones Hall for the Performing Arts in Houston, Texas, on Dec. 26, said it was like a rebirth of life.

"You find happiness, it comes about and the rebirth of ...you know, when you're just down and out, and there's possibility for rebirth and regrowing in something new to look forward to," said Johnson.

At the core of Shen Yun performances is classical Chinese dance. According to its program book, Shen Yun uses dance as well as music to take audiences on a journey through China’s long and vast history.

"I loved the historical perspective on Chinese dance. I loved the little history lessons in between the different music acts," said Angela Branch, human resources director at The Woodlands United Methodist Church. "I loved Orchestra, the dancing was just beautiful, the choreography was amazing. I thought the music was moving. I thought it was inspirational, some of it was kind of strength and power, and some of it was very soothing and meditative spiritual."

"The take-home message was basically, we need to return to the divine values that we were born with," said Scott Weber, a Shen Yun audience member. "And to not be corrupted by some of the bad things in the world. So the dance really brought that out with the beauty of the dance, and the balance, and the precision of the dancers. So that really seemed to bring the message in a figurative way.

"It's very worth it and I did not realize that it's a new show every year," said Lora Doremus, director of Women's Ministries at University Baptist Church. "So I think we need to start coming every year."

NTD News, Houston, Texas
Shen Yun Connects China’s History to San Jose Audience Members
2018-12-26    2 views
Shen Yun Performing Arts started its 9-day run of shows at Center for the Performing Arts in San Jose on Dec. 19. Audiences praised the classical Chinese dance skills by the performers.

"Oh, it’s beautiful. The great choreography, it’s beautiful, and the technology with the backdrop, it’s incredible," said John Vlay, chief executive officer and president of Jensen Corporate Holdings Inc. "Very relaxing, very comforting, and invigorating. The dancing was great."

"I’m loving it. This is just wonderful. It’s everything I was expecting it to be," said Linda Lamb, principal at Lamb Design Group. "The colors, just the vivaciousness of the performance is amazing."

"I found it impressive. They’re remarkably talented, clearly well-trained, practiced a lot, and their movements are extraordinarily refined," said Kevin Mahoney, a financial advisor at Financial Planning Association. "And they love what they do."

According to its program book, the company’s mission is to revive traditional Chinese culture and showcase the inner spiritual core of its tradition, which encompasses the virtues such as benevolence, kindness, and honor.

"You see that connection between Heaven and Earth," Lamb added. "And portrayed in the dance and the music very much so. Wonderful."

”It was great. I learning a lot about the culture, the history, the original divinity coming down from heaven. It’s all put together really well.“ Vlay said.

"I really enjoyed learning so many things about the Chinese history and the customs," said Jeannette Potts, co-founder Vista Urology and Pelvic Pain Partners at Vista Urology. "And I especially love the sense of humor. It’s a very universal appeal."

NTD News, San Jose, California
Shen Yun Gives a Real Spectrum of Chinese Culture, Says Professor
2018-12-24    0 views
The artistry of Shen Yun Performing Arts caught the attention of Mark Nelson, who watched the presentation of traditional Chinese culture at the Hippodrome Theatre in Baltimore, Maryland, on Dec. 22.

"[Shen Yun gives] a deeper understanding of the Chinese culture in a way that I’m just simply not been exposed to through the news," said Mark Nelson, an associate professor at Virginia Commonwealth University.

According to its program book, the company's mission is to revive China's tradition and bring to the audience 5,000 years of culture and legendary stories through classical Chinese dance and music.

"It was fantastic. Absolutely fabulous," said Ciprian Crainiceanu a professor of biostatistics at Johns Hopkins University. "I mean we loved the dancers, the colors ... we absolutely enjoyed it."

"I love the discipline and the artistic expression," said Grady Hillman, author of two books of poetry ("Razor Wire" received the Austin Book Award in 1986) and a book of Quechua Inca translations, "Return of the Inca" (1986). "It was really beautiful. I really enjoyed that."

"I wasn't aware of their rich Chinese heritage. You know, when I really know of China's, I think stems from my own lifetime, which is more communist China," said Kathleen Adams Pratt, an associate professor at HACC, Central Pennsylvania's Community College. "And this has been marvellous to really explore the rich heritage of the Chinese culture."

"It increased my understanding of the spiritual quality of the Chinese culture and how the Chinese people are very peaceful and loving people, and they're very spiritual and that sort of thing as opposed to what you kind of hear on the news have been historically taught, in particular now with all the stuff within the news about trade secrets and that sort of thing and you think of this war-like thing when in fact it’s not who the Chinese people are historically," said Nelson. "It’s very difficult to gain that understanding possibly outside of the arts."

"It was defiantly about the divine within us and between heaven and our own spirits and trying to connect the two," Hillman added.

NTD News, Baltimore, Maryland
Professor Appreciates Shen Yun’s Presentation of China's Traditional Culture
2018-12-23    0 views
The holiday season is a time for tradition and being thankful for what we have. Belinda Reininger, a professor at the University of Texas, enjoyed the quality of Shen Yun Performing Arts. And said she was grateful for this experience.

"The music, the orchestra is tremendous, and the dancers. I don’t think I’ve ever seen dancers so precisely trained and just enjoying their dance. It’s wonderful," said Belinda Reininger, a health promotion & behavioral sciences professor. "Particularly at our Christmas time when we can get rushed around, this really creates just a sense of calm and beauty, and something to be really thankful for."

"It just amazing how the athleticism and the agility, and the amount of training that must go into doing what they do," said Mark May, Community Information Specialist at McAllen Independent School District. "And it's a spectacular performance. I really enjoyed it.

"They’re amazing. The lighting, the stage presence with the costumes. It’s breathtaking." Reininger added.

Reininger got the University of  Texas Regent’s Outstanding Teaching Award in 2016, which is the Board of Regents’ highest honor. She said she was not familiar with Chinese culture before seeing the show at the McAllen Performing Arts Center on Dec. 21.

"The traditional culture's coming to life, and then the animation, going through the different scenes, the different scenarios, the Ming dynasty, the Mongolian plains," said Reininger. "All of that is just so beautiful."

"China has such a rich history in world civilization, it's great that they offer this gift to the rest of the world. You're never too old to learn more," said May. "I'm grateful tonight to have been here to learn the things that I've learned and to see it in such an entertaining spectacular presentation."

NTD News, McAllen, Texas
Shen Yun Shows Berkeley Audiences the Spiritual Side of China’s Arts
2018-12-17    0 views
New York-based Shen Yun began a five-day run of shows at Zellerbach Hall in Berkeley, California, to a sold-out house at each performance. Audience members were impressed by the artistic level of the dance and music.

"The artistry is beautiful. It’s been really, truly amazing," said Kevin Isbell, executive director at Data & Analytics Services. "Just seeing the costumes, and how that all blends in with the culture. I’ve been really blown away so far.”

According to its program book, what Shen Yun has done is use classical Chinese dance to tell stories from China’s traditional culture.

"I feel like I’m learning more about China, actually. It’s been very interesting to observe the journey and to take that all in. So I’ve really enjoyed it," Isbell added. "You don't just come for the dance, you come for the culture."

"With this show, you feel the spirit, and you feel so many of the core elements of Chinese culture," said Kristen McDonald, China program director for Pacific Environment. "It’s really well done."

"The entire show has a lot of classical Chinese dancing, and music and culture, I really enjoy the storytelling throughout it, the costumes and music have been beautiful," said Teresa Scanlan, a student at UC Berkeley School of Law and Miss America 2011. "It’s really incredible to get a sense of Chinese culture, language, music, and history all in one, so it makes the entire night flow really spectacularly, you feel you really getting a glimpse through thousands of years of Chinese culture."

"I think that's a universal value," she added. "How no matter what hardship we go through, there’s always that place of light that we can look for. It feels like the time has come. And then, I’m just very moved."

NTD News, Berkeley, California
Shen Yun Amazes Berkeley Audiences on Opening Night
2018-12-14    14 views
Shen Yun Performing Arts has arrived in the San Francisco Bay area for the 2019 season in Berkeley. Audience members were inspired after watching the first performance at Zellerbach Hall.

John Hamilton, radio host for KGO radio since 1987, experienced Shen Yun on Dec. 12 and said, he appreciated the dancers and their interaction with the animated projected backdrop.

"The dancing, the choreography is beautiful," said Hamilton. "And the other thing about it, well, besides the costumes, of course, which are…and what they do in the costumes. But I think that backdrop is something sensational. You don’t know what to expect and then all of a sudden, this magical thing happens, so that’s pretty exciting."

"Tonight was an eye-opener," said Robert L. Rossi, Senior Account Executive at CBS Radio. "It was magnificent."

"I can‘t imagine how hard it is to add all breath in each move," said Tatyana Martin, ballet teacher at Bay Area Ballet Conservatory and Product Designer. "It's a lot of training. They're telling a good story with their movements.

“For the man and woman, and they all so extremely talented,” Hamilton added.

As a westerner, Hamilton might not appreciate that China’s culture began thousands of years ago, but he said Shen Yun can help him learn that it’s more than what we see today.

"And I think what you're doing is you're taking this China of stretching back 5,000 years and introducing it to us, in an interesting way that we can understand it because of dance. And I think that's what's important as we reach out all over the world to know more about countries. I thought it was very, very interesting."

Ilene Eng, NTD News, Berkeley
‘It’s Like Being in Heaven,’ Says Congressman Deputy Chief of Staff After Shen Yun Concert
2018-10-18    4 views
Paul Behrends, Deputy Chief of Staff for Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) attended Shen Yun  Symphony Orchestra on Oct. 14, at the Kennedy Center Concert Hall in Washington D.C. He said it felt like paradise.

“It’s like being in Heaven," said Mr. Behrends. “Listening to this music is so impressive, they are very talented. It’s super pleasurable. It’s a great way that they've meshed the Western and the Chinese tradition. Sounds wonderful, fairly pretty.”

“I just thought that the conductor and the entire symphony just did a beautiful job,” said Stephen Rakowski, a political analyst at Stratfor. “Especially at the end with the encores, he was truly having a great time and I think that added even more to the audience having a great time.”

"It's incredible, just incredible," said Bruce Wyman, a psychotherapist. “I used to play the violin so I understand the kind of level of professionalism they’re using here, it’s just amazing. Very touched. The whole orchestra is incredible. It put me in a higher place. Very high place. I saw the ballet [dance performances of Shen Yun Performing Arts] a couple of years ago, and I had the same reaction.”

Ancient Chinese believed that culture and many aspects of it—such as art and words—were gifts from the heavens. This belief played a guiding role throughout society. In the 1960s, the communist regime in China tried to wipe out traditional culture.

According to Shen Yun, the artists value virtue and cultivating self-refinement, in order to create art that can uplift and inspire.

''The evolution of a culture, five thousand years, the development—and it’s so sad that it’s been lost," said Bruce Wyman. "I know that [Shen Yun is] trying to bring it back, which is a great thing. We need more of that in this country.”

“What it does is that it opens up your mind to the idea that China could be a force for good. We are kind of brainwashed here thinking that China is bad,” said Mr. Behrends. “But China doesn’t have to be bad. What we are seeing today is that China could actually be a great and a good thing for the world. It’s just that the ideology [the Chinese Communist Party] right now is not so great. I know that the Falun Gong have very honorable intentions and they are wonderful people. And that’s why I’m here today, because I support that.”

NTD News, Washington D.C.
Psychologist Says Music of Shen Yun ‘Touches the emotionalism of who we are as beings’
2018-10-17    4 views
Boston has been called the "Athens of America" and has long paid tribute to the best of the arts. It has what many regard as one of the top concert halls in the world, Boston Symphony Hall, which welcomed the return of the Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra for its sixth year on Oct. 13.

For school psychologist Frank Colosi, president of FAC Educational Services, Inc., the Shen Yun Orchestra's performance went beyond his expectations.

“It’s very moving, very emotional,” said Colosi. “It can be stimulating, but it also can be very calming too. I think music puts things in order in your brain. It kind of settles your brain, relaxes your brain.”

In traditional Chinese culture, music was thought to have the power to heal the heart and enrich the mind. According to its website, Chinese people have a saying “music before medicine.” Traditional Chinese medicine has a system that looks at the five major organs, and the ancient Chinese pentatonic scale was meant to align with these five organs.

“I listen to classical music predominantly. I really believe music like this, as a psychologist, stimulates certain parts of your brain. It really does. I truly believe that, ”said Colosi. “It touches the emotionalism of who we are as beings. Look at all these people performing as one. The appreciation of that is—how that happens is incredible—it’s just something you don’t see normally in life.”

“It’s just incredible music, incredible sounds," he added. "That [Chinese] part of it is what’s inspiring me or really touching me emotionally. It’s wonderful. It’s more than I expected. ”

NTD News, Boston, Massachusetts
Falun Gong March in Zurich Delivers Message of Hope
2018-10-12    11 views
The sidewalks of downtown Zurich were filled with pedestrians who stopped to watch and record the whirlwind of colors from a marching band.

The European Tian Guo “Celestial” Marching Band led a procession on Oct. 5, to help raise awareness of the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) persecution of Falun Gong.

“With this parade we want to show the world and people of Zurich what is actually going on in China,” said Manu Huwyler, Event PR Manager. “For the last 19 years, there has been a persecution of those who practice Falun Dafa.”

Falun Gong was founded in northeast China in 1992. It is a traditional Chinese spiritual discipline that involves slow exercises and teachings based on the principles of truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance.

According to several western media outlets quoting Chinese officials, there were as many as 100 million practicing Falun Gong in 1999. Then-party leader Jiang Zemin felt threatened and vowed to eradicate it. He launched a large-scale persecution of Falun Gong that continues until today.

“They shouldn't be afraid to have their own opinion, and to consider what is valuable in your own life," said Lauren Bouden, a graphic design student.

“I hope for all who are affected by this persecution that they are strong enough to endure,” said Elsa Höhn, a middle school teacher. “What they are doing is simply nothing evil. In general, I would say to Chinese people, stay open, stay alert, eyes open, ears open, and see what really happens. Don't let yourselves be influenced by the talks of the CCP. ”

“Stay strong,  you have to hold on,” nurse Dejcz Megi added.

NTD News, Zurich, Switzerland
Bethesda Audience Amazed by the Vivid Storytelling of Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra
2018-10-12    8 views
Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra left audience members at the Music Center at Strathmore in Bethesda, Maryland, in a state of awe.

Charlene Rivera, a retired professor and former executive director at George Washington University, attended the performance and said it transports the audience to a panoply of destinations, both cultural and spiritual.

“The music is beautiful, it makes you think about the history of China which I don’t know a whole lot about; I know a little bit, but not huge amounts. It was very, very beautiful; beautifully done,” said Rivera. “Also the way the music is described in terms of bringing you to the garden—there are reminiscences of dancers and taking you to the creation scene, and demonstrating all of the different emotions that go through people’s minds, so it's a lovely performance. It just made you feel good.”

According to its program book, the highlights of this year’s program include new pieces, such as “Homage to the Great Tang Dynasty,” which tells the story of Emperor Taizong. He brought the Middle Kingdom to the heights of civilization in what is now considered China’s cultural golden age.

“The picture that it draws, and the connections musically that it makes, different landscapes, and the dynasties—the culture of it is very fascinating. Music always tells a story and that’s what you aspire to hear and understand and listen to,” said Albert Sargenti, a musician. “That’s what the musicians bring to it—their soul, their ability to transcend that music and make it understandable in a way for us, which is a challenge. It’s beautiful.”

“This has been breathtaking, absolutely breathtaking. It’s such a magical blending of both styles of music [Western and Eastern]. I’ve been to regular symphonies before, but you just don’t get this. This is something incredibly special,” said Michael Mobley, senior manager at Hughes Network Systems.

“I was surprised because I didn’t expect you to play Wagner, I didn’t expect to hear ‘Sleeping Beauty,’ and they did a fabulous job. The finesse is perfect,” said Roger Hart, a musician. “The conductor is a pleasure to watch. He’s a fabulous conductor, and the violin soloist was unbelievable.”

NTD News, Bethesda, Maryland
Distinguished Canadian Historian: 'I Thoroughly Enjoyed It’
2018-10-08    2 views
After weeks of touring Asia, the Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra has now returned to North America with a Toronto performance.

The orchestra played its original compositions and timeless masterpieces of classical music at Roy Thomson Hall on Oct. 5—to three standing ovations and two encores.

“I think this is quite wonderful. It is very, very suited to a modern audience,” said Shirley Ann Brown, professor, School of the Arts, York University. “I was very impressed particularly with the new compositions.”

“We are regular opera listeners. We go to concerts [pretty frequently]. The sound was wonderful. The orchestra is truly dynamic, and one can only admire the incredible discipline that it has,” said Michael Herren, distinguished research professor emeritus, York University. “And the energy that it puts into every piece that I heard—it was beautifully conducted and every section had virtuosos. I wouldn’t want to single any of them out but they were all beautiful. As a musical performance, I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

They were also thrilled with the erhu solo. The two-stringed, 4,000-year-old erhu is nestled into the orchestra right beside the violins.

“It comes closest to the human voice I think. And I’m an amateur singer so that’s something I appreciate,” said Herren. “You can feel somebody singing when you listen to the erhu.”

“The sound [of erhu] is ethereal. And then when I read there were only two strings on each instrument that’s where my piano playing came in, you know, lots of strings in the piano, and when I realized that there are just two strings and all that range of melody and range of sound, there is no sound like it. It’s quite incredible,” Shirley Ann Brown added.

NTD News, Toronto, Canada
Julie Nesrallah on Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra: 'It’s Just Perfect'
2018-10-08    8 views
“It was my first time, and it was perfection. I thought the orchestra played with so much warmth, nuance, and passion, said mezzo soprano, host of CBC Radio Julie Nesrallah. “I thought the conductor was brilliant. I thought all the soloists were absolutely dazzling.”

This is just some of the praise mezzo soprano, host of CBC Radio Julie Nesrallah had for the Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra’s performance at Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto, Canada, on Oct. 5.

Julie Nesrallah is a singer, actress and broadcaster. In 2013, She was awarded the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal for her cultural contribution to Canada as the host of CBC Radio 2's national classical music program, "Tempo."

“The singer [Haolan Geng, soprano] had a voice that was so strong and compelling, and the whole presentation was just superb, just perfection. I loved it. When she opened her mouth, it was so powerful. She’s so small, and this voice that came out, it was shimmering like silver,” said Nesrallah. “It carries all the way—so much strength that carried all the way to the end of the hall. The sound of her voice was just very powerful. A very unique voice, lots of silver in her tone which I like. I like it very much.”

“It is important to keep that bel canto technique alive because it is quality, and I think people, even if they don’t know what bel canto is, will feel quality. They know it when they hear it,” she added.

Among the pieces showcased in the orchestra’s new program are classical music favourites as well as original works from Shen Yun Performing Arts.

“It was a brilliant combination of the East and the West. Shen Yun played the Tchaikovsky [The Sleeping Beauty], ”Carmen Fantasy,” Wagner [Kaisermarsch WWV 104], interspersed with the Chinese compositions, which was amazing,” said Nesrallah. “They had a little bit of this, a little bit of that, very different layers and flavors. Just a perfect, beautiful night out, I would recommend it to anyone, it’s just perfect.”

“I liked that [piece Homage to the Great Tang Dynasty] very much because you could feel the energy of the title, of something being created in the universe,” said Julie Nesrallah.“It was very effective. [D.F.] is really excellent. It was all beautiful.”

NTD News, Toronto, Canada
TV Actor and Host Moved to Tears by Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra
2018-09-27    2 views
"It brings tears to my eyes because it's just so well performed," said Tien Wen Chung, a retired Taiwanese TV actor and host. "We should carry the good deeds forward."

As a retired Taiwanese TV actor and host, Tien Wen Chung takes pride in Taiwanese culture and was excited when he saw Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra showcase it. He said the skill and control of the artists, combined with every note at the beginning and the end of each piece, was incredibly moving.

"I have been watching since the very beginning. My eyes were glued. I enjoyed every single part and every section of the orchestra, it's just extremely stunning to watch," said Tien Wen Chung. "Everyone in the orchestra is at the top of their skills, their commitment to music is very, very deep, especially the conductor Milen Nachev, he is fabulous."

"They're so powerful. I think the conductor is the soul of the orchestra," said Ou Li Fei, a harp artist. "Everyone is so close to the heart, everyone is playing the same movement. For a musician, I think the most touching part is the resonance of the soul."

Chen Shun Sheng, honorary vice president of Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, also enjoyed the performance with Chen Shui-bian, the former president of Taiwan, at Kaohsiung Cultural Center on Sept. 17.

"Shen Yun is unexpectedly good. Very touching," said Chen Shun Sheng. "This is a rare opportunity to witness such a performance because Shen Yun integrates Chinese and Western music instruments in an orchestra. I’ve never seen anything like this before."

NTD News, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
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